Airway Management Devices Market

Airway Management Devices Market: Product Recalls and Safety Concerns to Restrict Revenue Growth: Global Industry Analysis 2013 - 2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018 - 2028

High Demand for Airway Management Devices in Anesthesia Administration

Insertion of airway management devices such as supraglottic airway devices (laryngeal mask and endotracheal tube) is essential during the administration of general anesthesia. The airway management device market is expected to grow at a significant rate as they are very important and widely used during anesthesia procedures. In half of the general anesthetic procedures supraglottic airway devices are used.

They play a dynamic role in difficult airway procedures, emergency medicine and pre-hospital use. Increasing number of surgical procedures such as cardiac surgery, brain surgeries, bariatric surgeries, and organ transplantation is expected boost the demand for airway management devices.

New Product Launches and Approvals Boost the Demand for Airway Management Devices

Currently, manufacturers of airway management devices are consistently making changes in their product category and technologies in order to enhance the capabilities of the devices. This is expected to enhance their sale and increase the market share for a long term.

For instance, Teleflex Incorporated launched LMA Gastro Airway a laryngeal mask with Cuff Pilot Technology, a first laryngeal mask designed to facilitate esophageal access and promote airway control during endoscopic procedures. Moreover, Smith Medical introduced Protex Bivona FlexTend TTS tracheostomy tubes for newborns and pediatric patients in its standard product line.

Acquisitions and Mergers Will Create Lucrative Growth Opportunities

Acquisitions and mergers are expected to create enormous growth opportunities for the players operating in the airway management devices market to expand their product portfolio and global presence. In Oct 2017, Teleflex Incorporated acquired certain assets from Airway Medix S.A. by which company added CSS Technology for airway management. Besides, Ambu acquired ETView Medical Ltd., a manufacturer of single use airway tubes.

Increasing Use of Disposable Laryngeal Masks in Pre-hospital Settings

Pre-hospital airway management is an important part of emergency medical services as well as a difficult task in the management of trauma patients. Disposable laryngeal masks avoid cross-infection risk and are easy to insert as compared to endotracheal tubes. Disposable laryngeal masks reduce the incidence of gastric aspiration–a safe method for airway management.

The LMA-Proseal laryngeal mask with an esophageal vent is developed to minimize the risk of aspiration and regurgitation. Increasing adoption of disposable laryngeal masks in pre-hospital setting is expected to creating lucrative growth opportunities for the airway management devices market over the future.

Introduction of Next Generation Single/Double Lumen Endobronchial Tube

Introduction of single/double lumen endobronchial tube with camera offers a promising solution in thoracoscopic lung surgery and also beneficial in robotic surgery. Single/Double lumen endobronchial tube with camera provides continuous real-time monitoring during placement and single lung ventilation. Companies such as Ambu A/S offer VivaSight-DL double lumen tube with an integrated high-resolution camera that makes placement of double lumen tube fast and effective.

VivaSight-DL offers continuous visual monitoring throughout the procedure. This next-generation technique is beneficial for robotically assisted thoracic surgeries with reduced recovery time and hospital stay. The launch of single/double-lumen endobronchial tube with the camera is expected to provide the huge opportunity for airway management devices market growth.

Advancement in Pediatric Airway Management Techniques Drive the Growth of the Airway Management Devices Market

Pediatric patients have different anatomical and physiological structure compared to adults. Besides, the assessment and management of pediatric airway is challenging. But recent advancements in tools and technologies will provide ease in pediatric airway management.

Product such as ‘Classic laryngeal mask airway’ and ‘proseal LMA’ are gaining traction in the market for pediatric airway management. Classic LMA has 95–98% efficiency in achieving adequate ventilation in children. Advancement in airway management technology for management of pediatric airway is expected to boost the growth of airway management device over the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape

This section of the report features profiles of the key players operating in the airway management devices market based on their market shares, differential strategies, product offerings, marketing approach, and company dashboard. Examples of some of the key players featured in this report include Medtronic Plc., Cook Medical Inc., Teleflex Incorporated, Smiths Group plc. Ambu A/S, Intersurgical Ltd, VBM Medizintechnik GmbH., SunMed, Vyaire Medical Inc., Karl Storz SE & Co. KG and others.

Many companies in the airway management devices market are aiming on development of new products and to gain FDA approvals. The manufacturers are mainly focusing on acquisition and collaboration activities to expand their product portfolio in the airway management devices market.


Airway management devices are used to prevent and relieve airway obstruction during medical procedures. Airway management devices are the primary tools in the field of anesthesia, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency care, and intensive care. Airway management devices are inserted when patients are asleep and taken out after the operation, basically, these devices are used for maintenance and restore ventilation in patients.

Airway management technique is basically categorized into supraglottic airway management, infraglottic airway management, and surgical methods. The most commonly used supraglottic airway management devices include laryngeal mask, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal tubes. Endotracheal tube is a flexible plastic tube that is placed through the mouth into the trachea to help a maintain airway patency, and prevent aspiration into the lungs.

About the Report

The company conducted a research study on the airway management devices market for the forecast period 2018 to 2028. The report offers a comprehensive evaluation of the business opportunities prevailing in the airway management devices market along with insights on the market dynamics, market trend and opportunities, regulatory scenario, and others. The report elaborates the macroeconomic factors influencing the dynamics of airway management devices market and its futuristic potential.

Additional Questions Answered

Some of the additional questions addressed in this report on the airway management devices market-

  • What is the revenue potential of the airway management devices market across regions of North America and Europe?
  • Who are the key competitors and their product portfolio and strategy in airway management devices market?
  • What are major challenges influencing the growth of airway management devices market?
  • What are major trends in the airway management devices market?

Research Methodology

The airway management devices market has been estimated based on market share analysis. The market was first calculated based on manufacturer annual sales for airway management devices in different region/countries. The airway management devices product volume was estimated based on the adoption of airway tube & mask in different procedures and annual sales of these products in top 20 countries globally.

Other qualitative factors analyzed launch of new airway management devices, adoption of new technology, regulatory policies related to airway management devices. This information is further validated with rigorous primary research (including in-person interactions, viewpoints of seasoned analysts, interviews and surveys) and secondary research (including verified paid sources, authentic trade journals and resourceful databases).

The research study on airway management devices market also includes top trends and macro as well as microeconomic factors shaping the airway management devices market. With this approach, the report on airway management devices market anticipates the industry attractiveness of every major segment in airway management devices over the forecast period.


The report offers a comprehensive taxonomy of the airway management devices market based on product type, usage type, end user and region. By product type, the airway management devices market is segmented into laryngeal masks, tracheostomy tubes, endotracheal tubes, endobronchial tubes, nasal airway tubes and oral airway tubes. By usage type, the airway management devices market is segmented into single use/ disposable and reusable segment.

By end user, the airway management devices market is segmented into hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and specialty clinics segment. The airway management devices market has been analyzed across five regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC and MEA.

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Airway Management Devices Market