Aseptic Packaging Equipment Market

Aseptic Packaging Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis 2015 - 2019 and Opportunity Assessment 2020 - 2030

Market Overview

Aseptic Packaging Equipment Market: Overview

Aseptic packaging was able to satisfy all these criteria, thus increasing the shelf-life of selected items without refrigeration by an average time span of six to twelve months. Aseptic packaging equipment is a tool that is used sterilely to fill different items such as tonics, pastes, talcum powder, capsules, granules and others.

Reducing human effort and manual errors are the prime advantages of filling equipment.

Aseptic Packaging Equipment Market: Dynamics

Growth in Generic & Biopharmaceutical market to boost the Aseptic packaging equipment market

In the coming years, the global pharmaceutical market is expected to witness a healthy growth due to rising healthcare expenditure, due to the introduction of new drugs and the increasing prevalence of chronic disease.

In recent years, a substantial number of blockbuster drugs have lost their patents, with more to follow in the coming years. It would encourage cheaper generic equivalents to reach the market and are likely to increase the number of drugs sold.

This growth in production volume is expected to drive the generic drug production by aseptic packaging equipment market, especially in countries with low-cost manufacturing facilities across Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Increasing demand for prescription drugs is expected to increase the need for efficient aseptic packaging systems which will in turn push the automated aseptic packaging equipment market to ensure high-speed packaging production.

Refurbished equipment’s to constrain the market growth of aseptic packaging equipment

Refurbished equipment is a viable option for manufacturers to new tools in cases where time (taken to produce and set up new machinery) and expense (new tools being comparatively high-priced) are concerned.

This is especially evident in low-cost production sites in the APAC region, where regulatory guidelines are comparatively mild. The procurement of refurbished equipment will save about 40–45 percent of the costs incurred in the purchasing of new machinery, thus reducing the capital investment needed for the creation of a new production line.

The global aseptic packaging equipment manufacturing market currently experiences a strong influx of refurbished packaging machinery.

Many smaller players have these machineries for packaging. Refurbished equipment suppliers also provide a wide variety of pre and after sales facilities for refurbished aseptic packaging equipment they are selling, such as presentation of equipment and service-life track records, installation, on-site system testing, and delivery of copies of operating manuals originally supplied with the equipment.

Other resources include preventive maintenance, overall efficacy of equipment (OEE) systems, training for technicians, troubleshooting, and line start-ups. Aseptic packaging equipment’s suppliers of used or refurbished equipment must provide professional advice to purchasers to ensure the aseptic packaging equipment is a good match for their continued manufacturing and packaging requirement.

Aseptic Packaging Equipment Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific accounts for more than expected market growth for aseptic packaging equipment and is expected to be the large contributor to this sector. Rising demand for packaged food and beverage products is expected to have a positive effect on aseptic packaging equipment industry growth due to growing customer lifestyle and increasing purchasing power among Asian consumers.

Manufacturers from the developed economies are likely to move their manufacturing facilities in the region to tap the growing demand from end users which would have positive impact on market growth of aseptic packaging equipment market.

India is expected to be a key market player with prime demand in the food and beverage sector over the projected timeframe. As, demand for natural products in the area with no additives like liquor, juices, and flavoured milk is expected to have a positive effect on the growth of the aseptic packaging equipment industry over the forecast period.

Aseptic Packaging Equipment Market: Key Players

  • Krones AG
  • Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc
  • OPTIMA packaging group GmbH
  • Aseptic Technologies SA
  • Coveris Holdings SA
  • IC Filling Systems
  • Oystar
  • Schuy Maschinenbau
  • DS Smith PLC
  • GEA Group

COVID-19 impact on Aseptic Packaging Equipment Market

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic aims to rewrite the essence of global civilization, and with it customer perceptions and behaviours now and for the near future. Nevertheless, the immediate effect on the fears of consumers about viral infection and the hanging questions about the capacity of the virus to live on surfaces will drive a much long lasting market for new aseptic packaging equipment and products that effectively exhibit antiviral and antibacterial properties by aseptic packaging equipment as well. Additionally, current customer concerns about handling and cleanliness will be aggravated across the supply chain of aseptic packaging equipment, eventually leading to a new age of communication and confidence building to reassure customers that they are safe to use the products.

It obviously has an important influence for Pharmaceutical Sector. Medical supply is already a cause of anxiety because of the stresses of current buying panic and empty shelves. Despite customers seeking to practice the required 'social distancing,' they still must manage the supply of goods they purchase and carry home, with no 100% awareness of who or what those items came in touch with before. This can influence product choice based on consumer risk assessment of a given item, form of packaging, etc. This will have impact on aseptic packaging equipment market as well.

Novel coronavirus provides a turbocharged boost to market anxiety, but also the breakthrough potential associated with the phenomenon of the Sterilized Society. There is a wider concern for other groups and styles of packaging; UHT products in heat-treated aseptic packaging equipment will vent their credentials as part of a standardized and sterile manufacturing process and final product. In addition, work is underway into antibacterial and antiviral polymers and packaging biopolymers – materials that are enhanced with effective active drug elements and display low toxicity in aseptic packaging equipment.

Aseptic Packaging Equipment Market Segmentation

Globally, the Aseptic Packaging Equipment Market is divided on the basis of material, application, & End-Use Industry

Technology type

  • Fully-automatic Filling Machine
  • Semi-automatic Filling Machine

End-Use Industry

  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
  • Automotive Parts
  • Food and Beverages
  • Others

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