Boron Carbide Market

Boron Carbide Market: Powder Segment by Product Type to Hold Maximum Value Share Throughout the Forecast Period: Global Industry Analysis (2012–2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017–2027)

Powder segment is expected to witness faster growth as compared to grains and paste segments in the boron carbide market during the forecast period

Boron carbide powder is used in many end-use applications, from the resistance furnace test to electric arc furnace production. It is high in quality and superior in composition with chemical and physical properties such as those of diamond. A major share in the overall global boron carbide market is occupied by powder and grain product types. The powder and grain product types are widely used in industries for gridding, sintering of hard metals and polishing. Powder and grain are the pure forms of boron carbide. Allied industries of powder and grain form of boron carbide are concentrated in regions, such as Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and North America. By product type, powder and grain segments together is likely to grab more than 80% market value share in 2017. The paste form is used in the automotive sector for lapping and gridding.

Use of composite materials for defence application is trending the global boron carbide market

Nanoparticles of boron carbide have robust applications in hard metal industry tools. Researchers are striving to develop new composite materials for defence applications, especially for tanks and bulletproof jackets. Scientific research is underway to develop better composition of boron carbide in order to stop the swelling phenomenon in nuclear reactors.

Further, various researchers and market players are also involved in technological developments for utilizing boron carbide in nozzles for slurry pumping, grit blasting and water jet cutters.

New research and innovations in the biomedical industry are demanding precise solutions, which is leading to new discoveries. The use of boron carbide in various biomedical instruments and brain cancer treatment is trending these days. This trend is expected to gain traction across the global market and will create tremendous opportunities for boron carbide in the market.

Increased demand for new advanced energy sources and the requirement for cleaner sources of energy in future are expected to contribute towards tremendous growth in the nuclear industry. Furthermore, the industry is anticipated to grow at a rapid rate on account of rising energy demand, which could accomplish the need generated by growing infrastructure without having an adverse impact on the environment. This will lead to the establishment of new nuclear plants in Western Europe in the upcoming years.

Prominent market participants are investing heavily in R&D, which is intended to create new fields of applications of boron carbide. The introduction of new technologies to their products is further fuelling the use of boron carbide goods among consumers in the global market. Advancement in automobile, chemical, constructions & aerospace divisions has impelled the manufacturers to produce boron carbide products, which have a longer life and can be used in many applications on different materials. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) also intend to stay updated with new technologies and inventions so that they can upgrade their product portfolios with it. Investment in research and development is expected to increase the efficiency and operation life of boron carbide products.


boron carbide market


Global Boron Carbide Market: Forecast and Analysis

The global boron carbide market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.4% over the forecast period, i.e. 2017–2027 to reach a value of more than US$ 170 Mn by 2027 end. The market is likely to grow close to CAGR of 4% in terms of volume over the forecast period. The global boron carbide market is estimated to be valued more than US$ 100 Mn in terms of value and 8,394 Tons in terms of volume by 2017 end.

Before coming up with this brand new report on global boron carbide market, the analysts in Future Market Insights have inspected the global as well as regional markets in detail. One of the most important aspect of this report is, our expert team of analysts who are working extensively in the chemicals domain have focussed on forecast factors and have offered the unique perspective and assumptions on the market force. Pricing analysis, value chain analysis and list of active key participants are some of the other features of this recently published report titled, “Boron Carbide Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012–2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017–2027).”   

To present a crystal clear picture of the market to our clients our analysts went extra miles to give detail information about market size, forecast, drivers, restraints, trends and opportunities of all the seven regions that have been covered in this report. Apart from regional insights, we have also given comprehensive information on various segments and its sub-segments. For the better understanding of the entire market, we have divided the market based on grade, application, product, and region segments. 

Report Structure

This report includes global boron carbide market overview which consists of market size and forecast, Y-o-Y growth and absolute $ opportunity.  The analysts have taken 3600 views of market dynamics and have also taken a glance at various micro-economic factors, supply and demand side drivers, restraints, opportunities and key trends which are affecting the global boron carbide market. Another section of the report consists of market definition and taxonomy. Product-wise Weighted Average Selling Price (ASP) has been considered to deduce market values. Top-down approach has been used to assess market numbers for each product category, while bottom-up approach has been used to counter validate the market estimations. All the currencies are converted to US$ at an average conversion rate of 2015. We have taken help from sources such as World Bank, various companies’ annual and financial reports while inspecting this report.

The analysts have understood that market splits have been deduced from survey and primary research. For instance, the market shares may not arrive at the total due to rounding off. At the end of the report, Future Market Insights has provided the key strategic recommendation for both existing and new market players to emerge sustainably profitable.

Market Segmentation

Grade Type


Product Type


  • Abrasive Grade

  • Nuclear Grade

  • Abrasives

  • Nozzles

  • Armour/Nuclear

  • Other

  • Powder

  • Grains

  • Paste

  • North America

  • Latin America

  • Western Europe

  • Eastern Europe

  • APEJ

  • Japan

  • MEA

Research Methodology

Each interview is thoroughly analysed and average market volume is deduced and reconfirmed prior to incorporating in the report. The price of boron carbide is deduced on the basis of the chemical type, where the average price of each boron carbide type is inferred across all the seven assessed regions. The market value of the global boron carbide market is thus calculated from the data provided by the average selling price and market volume.

For the 10-year forecast of the global boron carbide market, various macroeconomic factors and changing trends have been observed, giving an idea about the future of the market. Other important factors considered to arrive at market forecast are the size of the current market, inputs from the supply side and the demand side and other dynamics shaping the scenario of the market. In the compilation of the report, the forecasts are conducted in terms of CAGR, while other important criteria such as year-on-year growth and absolute dollar opportunity have also been incorporated presenting the client with crystal clear insights and future opportunities as far as the global boron carbide market is concerned.