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Vaccine Shippers Market Overview

Vaccine Shippers are temperature-controlled storage containers used to transport the vaccine from one place to another place all over the world. Vaccine shippers ensure the protection of vaccines against temperature changes and physical damages during transit. These are very useful in the pharmaceutical industry for sending vaccines across the world which in turn allows the companies to expand their business.

Vaccine shippers are temperature controlled hence the wastage or damage of the vaccines can be minimized. Shipping vaccines is very critical because of the logistical challenges posed by temperature, volume, safety, and other important factors.

Vaccines are to be stored and transported to avoid any vulnerability and reach the end-user without any hindrances. Primary packaging is the first level of container for the vaccine and the secondary packaging is the box of primary packages. The third level of packaging is the outer insulated shipping unit. Vaccine shippers are the tertiary level of packaging which will ensure the safety of the vaccines.

The vaccine shippers are further segmented based on product type, packaging type, usage, duration, end-user, and region.

What are the Key Factors Influencing the Growth of the Vaccine Shippers Market?

With the outbreak of new diseases all over the world and the rapid spreading of diseases, there is anticipation for vaccine necessity in the coming future; this is going to fuel the need for more advanced vaccine shipping packaging. With advancements in the healthcare sector, the need for effective shipping packages is also increasing.

Each vaccine is unique and requires different storage containers and they have to be maintained at different temperatures. This provides an opportunity for the vaccine shipper manufacturers to come up with new products and technologies that will cater to the different requirements of the vaccines.

Remodeling of vaccine transport and storage conditions with the latest technology to meet the demand which in turn affects the market growth and generates more revenue for manufacturers. With more investments in research and development activities, new varieties of products are produced and the production capacity is also increased to meet the increasing demand.

Apart from this, new investments by pharmaceutical companies and increase in health care budget by governments across the world are accelerating the market growth. Demand for vaccines from underdeveloped and developing countries due to the spread of diseases will impact the demand for vaccine Shippers.  

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What are the Opportunities to Increase the Market for Vaccine Shippers?

As Covid vaccines require low temperatures, the demand for heat-sensitive shippers will increase. The demand for more heat sensitive and freeze sensitive shippers is increasing due to the variety of vaccines that are being produced and shipped across the world, this provides scope for new developments in the Vaccine shippers market.

Research and development organizations and other pharmaceutical companies are investing in the development of new vaccines this will increase the demand for different vaccine shippers.

Improvement in healthcare infrastructure, extensive research and development activities drive the market growth further. Previously companies incurred losses due to the damage occurred during the transit; hence companies should start investing in developing more robust vaccine shipper to eliminate any vulnerability to minimize losses.

The demand for ease and convenience vaccine shipping is providing an opportunity for vaccine shipper manufacturers to develop new products and increase their revenues.

Parcel Shippers or Pallet Shippers, Which type of Shipper will have More Demand?

The demand for pallet shippers is expected to increase as the vaccines require more safe and durable container which can withhold extreme temperatures and for a longer period. The pallet shipper size in the US is 1200mm x 1000 mm, the Euro pallet size is 1200mm x 800mm and the height should not exceed 1600mm.

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Ismail Sutaria

Principal Consultant

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Which Region will have Major Demand for the Vaccine Shippers?

Based on the region, the North America and APAC region will see a steady increase in demand. European market demand for vaccine shippers is also increasing owing to the vaccination drive which is going on. Asia region is expected to register the highest CAGR in future. Demand from the African region is also expected to increase as the government is investing in healthcare.

High Performing vaccine shippers are required to hold the subzero temperatures.  Pallet shippers with larger dimensions will see an increase in demand as larger quantities of vaccines is being transported.

Competitive Landscape

Few Key players in the Vaccine Shipper market

  • Softbox Systems
  • Envirotainer
  • Intelsius
  • Amerisource Bergen
  • Marken
  • Kuehne+Nagel
  • Pelican Biothermal
  • DHL International gmbh
  • Geodis
  • Sonoco Thermosafe
  • Cold chain Technologies
  • Sofrigam
  • Tempak

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Key Developments by Major Players

  • Amerisource Bergen developed a product named Cocoon which is a cost-effective passive solution for transporting temperature-sensitive materials. It has 168 hours of temperature stability which will increase access to global markets.
  • Sonoco thermosafe is building a product called Pharmaportal using blockchain technology to keep a track of the vaccine shippers during transit and storage.
  • Pelican Biothermal has announced deep-frozen temperature-controlled packaging options with temperature ranges from -80°C to -20°C to meet the need for deep-frozen temperature ranges along with increased payload capacities.

How did Covid-19 Impact the Vaccine Shipper Market?

The demand for vaccines increased all over the world with the outbreak of covid-19, which in turn increased the demand for vaccine shippers. As many countries are open to trading vaccines, the upliftment of rules and regulations increased the demand for vaccine shippers.

People started believing that vaccination is necessary to be safe from contracting the virus, and the government's focus on vaccinating people has increased the demand for vaccine shippers. All countries are focusing on the complete vaccination of their people and also help other countries; this will be a contributing factor for the continuous rise in the demand for vaccine shippers.

Key segments of vaccine shippers

Based on Product:

  • Parcel shippers
  • Pallet Shippers

Based on Temperature:

  • < -2°C
  • -2 to -8°C
  • 15-25°C
  • > 25°C

Based on Usage:

  • Single-use Vaccine shippers
  • Reusable vaccine shippers

Based on Duration:

  • Up to 96 hours
  • Up to 120 hours
  • Up to 400 Hours

Based on Region:

  • North America
  • APAC
  • Europe
  • MEA
  • Latin America

Based on End-users:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Research and development organizations

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