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Vaccine Transport Carrier Market Overview

Vaccine carriers are used to maintain cold temperature for heat-sensitive vaccines and make transportation easy from one site to other. These are widely used by health care workers during vaccination drives as they are very convenient to handle because of their compact size. Vaccine carriers are very useful during immunization programs in remote areas. Cool packs are used to maintain the cooling inside the carrier according to the instructions provided.

The global vaccine transport carrier market is expected to grow at a rapid rate for the next few years. Technological advancement in vaccine storage equipment and rising support from the government for research activities and clinical trials, and focus on immunization programs is a major reason for the growth in the Vaccine transport carriers market.

What are the Factors that Influence the Market Growth of Vaccine Transport Carriers?

With the growth of many diseases all over the world, the need for transport and storage of vaccines to remote sites has increased; this fuels the vaccine transport carriers market. With the growing prevalence of infectious diseases, the reach for vaccines is increasing along with awareness about immunization among the people. The covid-19 pandemic has fueled the need for immunization which increased the demand for vaccine transport carriers.

The increasing number of pharmaceutical retailers and manufacturers along with the investments by biotechnological industries in the Research and development of new vaccines is driving the market growth. The major drivers of the market are reliability, efficiency, durability, and compactness provided by vaccine transport carriers for effective transportation of vaccines even to remote areas.

A large percentage of Vaccines produced around the world are temperature-sensitive, they require the ambient temperature to retain its quality. Vaccine transport carriers are the right solution to maintain the right temperature to avoid staggering losses.

To reach the population living in the remote parts of the world where there are no proper storage facilities healthcare workers require effective vaccine transport carriers. The vaccine carriers are also helpful to avoid high costs that might incur to discard the vaccines that are damaged.

Research and development of different vaccines also provide scope for the development of different transport carriers. Due to investments in the vaccine research and development activities by the government, the vaccine market is expected to grow at a rapid rate which will generate demand for Vaccine transport carriers. The rising focus on immunization among the population also added to the Vaccine transport carrier market growth.  

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Vaccine Transport Carrier Market: New Opportunities

The type of Vaccine carrier required depends on the type of vaccine being transported, the number of vaccines, the cold life required, and means of transport. Each vaccine is unique and is produced using different chemicals and technology, so there will be the requirement of Vaccine carriers with different specifications.

If a large number of vaccines are to be transported then a larger size carrier is required and the number of ice packs required will also increase. This will generate demand for a new variety of vaccine transport carriers and more revenues for the manufacturers.

Which type of Vaccine Transport Carrier will have more Demand in the Market Based on Segmentation?

The passive cooler vaccine transport carriers have higher demand when compared to the active vaccine transport carriers and is expected to increase over the next few years. The demand for mobile transport carriers will increase as they are easy to transport and compact models.

With the increase in demand for vaccines even from the remote parts of the country, safe mobility of the vaccines will become more important which accelerates the demand for mobile transport carriers.

Vaccine transport carriers using 2 ice packs are used mostly because of their smaller size and less weight which makes it easier for a health care worker to carry from one site to another site for immunization sessions. Demand for Vaccine transport carriers that are effective for a long duration will increase.

Based on the End users the demand from Hospitals, ambulances, and other medical facilities may increase in the coming future as the need for immunization is increasing among the population. A high cost that may incur to discard the damaged product is also a contributing factor.

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Which Region will have more Demand for Vaccine Transport Carriers?

North American region dominates the vaccine transport carrier market. The demand for vaccine transport carriers is expected to grow in the Asia Pacific region majorly from India and China because of the large population that is to be vaccinated. They are not widely used in Middle Eastern and African regions.

The demand from the Middle East and African regions is also expected to increase as the government is focusing and investing in the health care sector. Demand from the European region will also increase in the coming years because of an increase in demand for various vaccines from different places.

Key Players in the Vaccine Transport Carrier Market

  • Sintex Plastic Technology
  • Cyro Scientific Systems Pvt Ltd.
  • Blowkings India
  • GPC Medical Ltd.
  • Apex International
  • B medical systems
  • Panasonic Healthcare
  • American biotech supply
  • Thermo Fischer scientific
  • Arctiko global
  • Qingdao Leff
  • Intelsius

All the major players are focusing on developing new products that can withstand the low temperatures required for the vaccines. Their major focus is to develop a sturdy carrier that is easy to carry even to remote areas.

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How did the Covid-19 Pandemic Impact the Vaccine Transport Carrier Market?

The demand for vaccine transport carriers accelerated during the pandemic and is expected to further increase in the coming years. Due to the vaccination drive that is going all around the world the need for transport carriers is more than ever.

To make the Covid vaccine accessible to all the remote places the vaccine transport carriers are playing a major role. Vaccine manufacturers along with local government are trying to reach the maximum number of people. Thus the demand for vaccine transport carriers will continue to rise.

Key Segmentation of Vaccine Transport Carriers

By Product Type:

  • Active coolers
  • Passive coolers

By The Type of Pack Used:

  • Passive carriers with frozen ice packs
  • Passive carriers with conditioned ice-packs
  • Passive carriers with cool water packs
  • Passive carriers with warm water packs

By Performance:

  • Long Range-30 hours
  • Short Range-15 hours

By Number of Ice, Packs Require:

  • 2-4
  • 4 & above

By Mobility:

  • Stationary Vaccine transport carriers
  • Mobile vaccine transport carriers

By Region:

  • APAC
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • MEA
  • Europe

By End-user:

  • Hospitals & clinics
  • Ambulances
  • Research centers & Medical laboratories
  • Pharmacies
  • Blood banks



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