Services and Utilities

Services and Utilities Industry Analysis

Advancement in technology and globalisation has heightened the expectations of consumers. Consumer experience has thus become a strategic asset for many industries. The services and utilities industry such as business services, consumer services, tourism and leisure, electricity, and financial services stand to immensely benefit by laying an emphasis on improved consumer satisfaction.

FMI conducts brief surveys or full-scale research studies to determine current and emerging consumer and market trends. Our research data helps enterprises focus on enhancing their offerings for better consumer retention in a cost-effective manner.


The service industry or the tertiary sector provides a range of services (intangible goods) to different industries such as consumer services, financial services, legal services, and business services. This industry also provides other services such as tourism and leisure and oilfield services.

Currently, the services industry is the largest sector of the economy in the western market, and is also the fastest-growing sector. Companies in this sector rely on intellectual leadership and a skilled workforce from the boardroom to the classroom. FMI provides key insights to enterprises in the services market to ensure enhanced consumer experience and retention with cost-effective solutions.


Future Market Insights’ (FMI) energy consultants and analysts help clients in the utilities sector improve performance across the industry value chain for generation, transmission, trading and storage, distribution, and retail. FMI represents a wide range of sectors such as water utilities, electric utilities, waste and recycling.

FMI supports clients with key insights to overcome challenges in this industry such as securing fuel and energy supply, optimizing operational efficiency, enhancing customer services, and addressing changing consumer trends at reasonable rates. Backed by FMI’s data on market forecasts, consumer trends, technology trends, competitor analysis, etc., clients can take informed and tactical business decisions.