Security Screening Market

Security Screening Market: Smart Security Screening Technologies Witnessing Impressive Traction: Global Industry Analysis (2013-2017) & Market Forecast (2018-2028)

Top Factors Shaping the Global Security Screening Market

Adoption of smart technology in security screening systems

The rapid adoption of smart technologies pertaining to security screening in developing countries is expected to register new growth opportunities for the security screening market during the forecast period. In the upcoming years, security screening technology is expected to boom and provide new innovative technologies such as the development of a web-based application to support the higher operational availability of equipment, decrease in the size of equipment, and to support mobility & flexibility.

This is expected to increase the uptime of systems & detection capabilities, and reduce the overall lifecycle costs. These benefits offered by security screening systems are expected to boost the security screening market during the forecast period.

Increasing threats in security risk-related activities

In the present scenario, a new threat is introduced in the world every day, especially to the security of infrastructure. Railway stations, airports, tourist attractions, borders, and others, are highly susceptible to illegal activities, terrorist acts, as well as drug dealing & other illegal activities, which can be prevented with the usage of automatic security screening systems.

Thus, the installation of security screening systems at such places is increasing at a significant rate. Therefore, the security screening market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period.

Increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT)

Advancements in technology are creating new options to integrate infrastructural security with IoT. The significant benefits of incorporating security features with IoT is to ensure safety and security by enabling authorized access to real-time data, which assists in the overall security management and monitoring. These benefits of IoT are expected to contribute to the growth of the security screening market during the forecast period.

Security Screening Market Structure Analysis

  • Some of the top participants in the global security screening market include American Science and Engineering, Inc., Analogic Corporation, Argus TrueID, Aware Incorporation, Digital Barriers, Mangal Security Systems Ltd., OSI Systems, Inc., Smiths Group plc, LAXTON GROUP, NEXT Biometric, Aratek, NEC Corporation, and Cognitec Systems GmbH.
  • Some of the key providers of security screening platforms in the global security screening market are focusing on providing automated security screening systems with advanced features.
  • The manufacturers of security screening systems and integrated service providers are working together for the installation of security screening systems to provide security to infrastructure.

Security Screening – Moulding Under Impels of Smart Tech and Multi-Modal Biometrics

The security screening landscape is under the transformation phase where smart technologies are enabling improvisations in uptimes and detection capabilities of these systems, while cutting down overall lifecycle costs. Multi-modal biometric solutions are fast replacing the unimodal systems, in light of their enhanced matching performance, indexing capabilities, and population coverage.

Market Set to Grow 2X between 2018 and 2028

Innovative advances abreast the surge in new product launches, such as the advanced biometric identification system (ABIS) that secure data in financial, government and business & retail environments; and the dual view x-ray inspection systems that enable automatic detection of explosives at security checkpoints, are key propulsions that continue to buoy the security screening landscape.

Why Emerging Markets are Centre of Attraction?

The efforts of emerging economies on developing public as well as industrial infrastructure are currently at a record-high level. This, along with surging number of projects in the aviation and military & defence sector in these economies, allude a cascade of opportunities in emerging markets for security screening solution providers.

Highlighting Application Scope of Security Screening

Security screening system sales are expected grow at a relatively higher rate in private office buildings, where protection of voluminous sensitive data is a prime objective. Border check points are crucial areas where security is an essential requirement, with continuous flow of materials and goods that are at high risk of theft and destruction. Public recreation areas, including malls and shopping centres, will also remain attractive for security screening applications.

Key Segment

By System

  • X-ray Screening Systems
  • Explosive Trace Detectors
  • Electromagnetic Metal Detectors
  • Liquid Scanner
  • Biometric Systems
    • Face Recognition
    • Voice Recognition
    • Fingerprint Recognition
    • IRIS Recognition

By Application

  • Airport
  • Government Buildings
  • Border Check Points
  • Educational Institute
  • Private Office Building
  • Malls
  • Others


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa

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