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Ventilated FIBC Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

The global ventilated FIBC market is expected to be valued at US$ 23.5 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 6.7%. Owing to the advances in packaging the market is likely to surpass US$ 44.9 billion by 2033. Some of the factors supporting the market growth are -

  • Rapidly growing food and beverage industry
  • Growing demand from the end-use industry
  • North America dominates the market share of the global ventilated FIBC market

Ventilated FIBCs are also known as breathable bulk bags these bags have ventilated strips along all sides. These bags are made up of flexible fabric. the ventilated IFBC bags are specifically designed with air vents along with woven fabric this kind of fabric allows the easy flow of air inside the content and prevents moisture. The ventilated FIBC are made up of special propylene material designed for the storage and transportation of materials that require airflow.

The ventilated FIBC bags have capacities ranging from 500 to 1500 kg, allow up to 45% of ventilation and have a safety factor of 5:1 and 6:1, as per ISO 21898 norms. Ventilated FIBC bags are used for the storage and transportation of products like Salt, Sugar, Wheat, Rice, Sand, and Cement.

The ventilated FIBC market is expected to expand due to rising demand from the end-use segment. These bags are mostly used in industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals. As these bags are heavy to move with hand thus provide with loops at both ends

The market is growing at a steady rate and with the rising adoption of strategies by key players, the market is expected to rise over the projected horizon. Ventilated FIBCs are extensively used in the food industry due to their excellent ventilation. Ventilated FIBC are the best option for packaging of many food products, due to their moisture-resistant properties. Thus the increasing growth in the food industry drives the market for ventilated FIBC.

The agricultural industry is one of the leading end-user of the global ventilated FIBC market as these bags are recyclable and enable sufficient air passing and can carry a huge load. The fruits and vegetables are mostly stored in ventilated FIBCs as these bags reduced the chances of discoloration and keep them fresh for a long time. Thus the growing agriculture industry to boost the growth of ventilated FIBC bags over the forecasted period.

Asia Pacific is likely to emerge as the largest market for ventilated FIBC bags and the trend is expected to continue to forecast the period attributed to the increased demand for products in the agricultural industry. The countries like China and India continue to exhibit high demand for ventilated FIBC. Indian farmers are opting for these types of bags to keep their products fresh.

FMI research indicates ventilated FIBC show great potential for not only durability but improving outcomes for buyers in different areas as ventilated FIBC offers benefits like

  • UV resistant
  • Economical Reusable, recyclable
  • Prevent spoilage due to moisture
  • Ventilation avoid fungal infection
  • Discoloration

To meet the objectives, the manufacturer of ventilated FIBC offers a wide selection of bags, with different sizes, and materials with color options to bring out the best in the packaging industry. Also, the manufacturer of ventilated FIBC packaging has increased R&D to develop high-tech advanced technology based on in-depth research and development.

The key market players operating in ventilated FIBC market are Shalimar thermoforming industry, Brabender technologie, Agilbag Container, and JumboSack Corporation among others. In addition, hassel free entry of new players in the developing parts of the world is likely to foster the growth of the global ventilated FIBC market

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Ventilated FIBC Market Overview

Ventilated FIBC bags also known as bulk bags or jumbo bags or FIBC bags. They are called as bulk bags because of the intermediate sized container. Ventilated FIBC’s are made out of plastic or petroleum materials in to a type of a cubic shaped bags. The material is structured to support heavy weighted products.

The ventilated FIBC’s are nothing but a flexible bag that is used to carry heavy containers or products with minimum weight of 500 pounds and maximum weight of 4000 pounds. These bags are used in almost many purposes in all industries where lots of heavy items have to be lifted.

Ventilated FIBC bags are designed to store product items, transporting dry, loose materials like salt, sugar, rice, wheat, sand, cement, plastic granules, and fertilizers. These bags are so huge that they are used with loops for lifting purpose. Ventilated FIBC’s are a ideal and effective solution contains and protects items from contamination, and moisture which uplifts its sales in the market.

What Drives the Growth of Ventilated FIBC Market?

Ventilated FIBC’s are anticipated to expand steadily in the agriculture, chemical, and food & beverage industries. Ventilated FIBC’s are made up of plastic material in a cubic bag. The material used has a single layer in the internal part with a laminated layer with the other side.

This gives a benefit to the ventilated FIBC market as it is low price and ideal for packaging of all kinds of products. Ventilated FIBC’s also provide 45% ventilated area. In terms of containing the product’s weight, the Ventilated FIBC’s has high tensile strength, high durability, and protection. The rapid growth in the ventilated FIBC market is expected to create profitable opportunities in the developing markets for new entrants.

Also, ventilated FIBC’s are simple to use and easy for transport and warehousing purpose. At the same time, empty ventilated FIBC are easy to carry which saves up a lot of storage space and cost effective too. Ventilated FIBC bags are also sustainable in terms of recycling and reconditioning options which propels its sales and demand significantly.

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What Restraints the Growth of the Ventilated FIBC Market?

One of the factor that limits the sales of ventilated FIBC’s is its inability to provide ait tight packaging to industrial and non-industrial products. There are certain products which required air tight packaging for long shelf life. The inability of ventilated FIBC’s to provide required air tight packaging is hindering the market growth.

What are the Success Factor for the Growth of Ventilated FIBC Market Packaging in the Agricultural Industry?

The ventilated FIBC bags market is expected to grow widely globally but when considering agricultural industry it is the major contributor to the ventilated FIBC market growth as the items used to pack are majorly food items such as wheat, rice, pulses, seeds, fertilizers, salt, chilli and many more. All these items are required not to get contaminated and expire before it reaches the consumers.

Also ventilated FIBC retain the original colour of the product which is an important factor for vegetables and fruits as this is the main factor which attracts the customer to buy the product giving them the satisfaction of buying fresh fruits and vegetables. This is another success factor which promotes demand for ventilated FIBC’s in the market.

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Competitive Landscape

Key Players involved in the Ventilated FIBC Market are

  • Shalimar Thermoforming Industry
  • Brabender Technologie
  • Fresal Embalagens
  • JumboSack Corporation
  • Agilbag Containers
  • Berg Bag Company
  • Capro Industries
  • Grayling Industries
  • Global-Pak Inc.
  • Karur K.C.P. Packagings Ltd
  • Jet Tech Pvt Ltd
  • LC Packaging
  • Kingswell Industries
  • Allied Propack Pvt Ltd
  • Paglierani Srl
  • Bulk Lift International
  • Daman Polyfabs
  • Eastco Industries (Group) Corp
  • AceBulk Co.
  • Ad-Manum Packagings Ltd
  • Fischer Bag Company

Why is there a Significant Demand of Ventilated FIBC Market in India?

In the country like India whose major part of the economy depends on its agricultural sector, the best packaging is much needed which safely transfer the items from the agricultural field to the store to the consumer.

For this considering the benefits provided by the ventilated FIBC market, Indian manufacturers and farmers prefer this type of packaging to keep and carry the vegetables, fruits, rice, wheat, pulses and so many more. Rising demand for ventilated FIBC from agricultural sector in India is driving the market growth substantially.

Key Segments of Ventilated FIBC Market Covered in the Report

Based on Product Type:

  • Full Open Top
  • Inlet Spout with Tie
  • Cone Top with Spout
  • Others

Based on Strip Fabrics:

  • Two sides
  • Four sides

Based on Construction:

  • Circular
  • 4 Panel
  • U Panel
  • Baffle

Based on End-use Industry:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Others

Based on Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Oceania



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