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5G Tester Market: Surging Penetration of IoT & Connected Technology to Accelerate Demand Growth: Global Industry Analysis 2013-2018 and Market Forecast 2019-2027


With rapid advancements in cellular connectivity, the emergence of 5G technology is expected to set a new milestone in the market. The rapid penetration of smartphones and other connected devices in developing countries, such as Bangladesh, India, China and others, is expected to boost the demand for these devices in the region. These factors are expected to fuel the 5G market, contributing to the growth of the 5G tester market. 

Many of the leading telecommunication service providers, such as AT&T, Verizon and others, are rapidly adopting 5G networks with the help of 5G testers. These companies are partnering with the leading manufacturers of connected devices to use 5G testers for checking the working of 5G networks.

For sustaining in the global market, the establishment of 5G network connections with successful tests is becoming one of the important factors for telecommunication service providers, and this factor is boosting the 5G tester market significantly. The need for using 5G testers is increasing as testing is an irreplaceable part of the network establishment, which is boosting the demand for 5G testers.

Oscilloscopes, signal generators, signal analysers and network analysers are among the prominent 5G tester devices used for the establishment of 5G network connections. Telecommunication service providers, mobile device manufacturers and others are using 5G tester devices for checking the signal, connectivity and the working of devices connected to this network.

In addition, constant advancements in 5G testers are also making it easier to use these compact-sized devices. The above-mentioned factors are some of the key factors fuelling the adoption of 5G testers.

Rising Demand for Enhanced Network Connectivity across the Globe

Smartphone penetration is increasing mobile data traffic, and this factor is creating the need for more efficient and enhanced versions of spectral efficiency. Post 2G, 3G and 4G; 5G network connectivity is expected to register its unique position owing to its high speed. The increasing demand for more advanced network connectivity between smart connected devices, such as autonomous driving, smart home devices, healthcare devices and others, is creating new application areas for 5G technology.

The implementation of 5G networks requires 5G testers for conducting the required network activities. These changing customer and industrial expectations are boosting the demand for 5G tester devices and ultimately driving the 5G tester market. Moreover, trends such as BYOD (Bring your Own Device) are boosting the adoption of 5G testers as they are used for the successful implementation of 5G networks.

2019: The Trial Period for 5G Technology in Several Countries

In 2019, 4G is expected to dominate the network technology market with more than 3 Billion connections. In this year, 5G is expected to undergo multiple testing series using 5G testers at different geographical locations. Testing activities with the help of 5G testers are increasing as it is necessary to launch 5G products in a particular market. These factors are expected to create potential opportunities for the leading manufacturers of 5G testers, which include Anritsu, Keysight Technologies and others.

Moreover, several 5G-enabled devices are expected to enter the market in 2019 and 2020, which include connected and automatic cars, healthcare devices and others, and this is expected to boost the adoption of 5G testers. The importance of testing 5G networks is rising before the launching of various devices backed by 5G technology, which is another factor boosting the 5G tester market.

Increasing Focus on R&D for Effective 5G Implementation to Push Prospects of 5G Tester

Leading players in network connectivity, such as Verizon, AT&T and others, are rigorously undergoing testing activities in terms of implementing a secure, reliable 5G network in the devices. Some of the developed countries, such as the U.S., UK, Japan and others, are highly focused on the commercialisation of 5G networks.

Moreover, the presence of leading telecom service providers in these countries is high, which makes them the early adopters of new technologies such as 5G. Hence, the demand for 5G testers is increasing significantly for conducting experiments for the successful implementation of 5G networks, which is fuelling the growth of the 5G tester market in these regions.

In addition, most of the countries are planning to commercialise 5G services between 2018 to 2020, however, some countries, such as China, the U.S., Australia, South Korea and some of the GCC countries, This funding is divided among multiple areas, which include project mapping, testing, transportation, 5G security and others.

This funding for 5G trials and testbed facilities is increasing, which is another are planning to launch 5G networks earlier than they have announced. This launching of 5G network requires the usage of 5G testers for the testing of the network establishment, which includes the bandwidth, frequency and others.

Government Funds Favoring Establishment of 5G Network

To hold a prominent position in the global 5G market, developed countries with high disposable incomes are planning to establish as well as commercialise 5G networks.

  • For example, in August 2018, the U.K. government announced the allocation of funding worth US$ 1.29 Bn (EUR 1 Billion) for the commercialisation of 5G.
  • Governments are also focusing on boosting the applications of 5G by investing into new applications and target untapped sectors
  • For example, In March 2018, the UK government announced a funding of US$ 28.40 Mn (~25 Mn Euros) for seeking new applications of 5G other than communication.

These increasing government initiatives for conducting research activities is also boosting the adoption of 5G testers. The increasing demand for establishing advanced 5G networks in different industry verticals, such as automotive, IT, telecommunications and others, is boosting the 5G tester market. The need for fast and reliable networks is increasing and end users are also demanding 5G testers to conduct tests and enable connectivity between devices.

Some of the key players of the 5G tester market are Anritsu, Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz, VIAVI Solutions Inc., Spirent Communications and LitePoint. These 5G testers are expected to witness increasing demand due to the increasing adoption of 5G testers for conducting tests and checking the network feasibility.

Key Segment

On the basis of product type

  • network analysers
  • signal analysers
  • signal generators
  • oscilloscope

On the basis of end-user

  • network equipment manufacturers
  • mobile device manufacturers
  • telecommunication service provider

On the basis of industry

  • IT & telecommunication
  • automotive
  • healthcare
  • media & entertainment
  • others

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