Biodegradable Polymers Market

Biodegradable Polymers Market 2018-2028: Polylactic Acid & Stringent Regulations to Firm up Sales Growth

Market Overview

Packaging industry has been increasing the use of biodegradable polymers as they help in eliminating the harmful effects that are caused by extreme human involvement in each field. Many companies in biodegradable packaging industry are taking immense efforts in reducing wastage and utilizing appropriate solutions for countering to the environmental impacts. P&G and Unilever have shifted towards natural packaging solutions, thereby reducing ecological footprint by approximately 50%.

Polylactic Acid to Dive in Significant Revenue Growth Opportunities for Biodegradable Polymers Market

Emergence of bio-based raw ingredients such as derivatives of biomass and crop vegetables is expected to be majorly responsible for boosting biodegradable polymers market. Bioplastics has been witnessing rising demand from retail goods and packaging sector as it helps in retaining the freshness of products with surging application in food packaging industry, thereby driving biodegradable polymers market.

Polylactic acid biodegradable polymers is expected to gain traction in the biodegradable polymers market with increasing usage in packaging industry and agriculture, textile and medical industries. In addition, medical applications are expected to have significant usage compared to others, with increasing need for safety decomposition of materials. Wide-ranging applications in biomedical sectors for the purpose of artificial organs, syringes, catheters and blood bags have been fostering the demand for biodegradable polymers. Some recent trends in biodegradable polymers market are inclusive of

  • University of Connecticut Engineers lately created an implantable sensor, which is made from PLLA (poly (L-lactide), a biodegradable polymer that is medically-safe and can measure every minor changes in the pressure, within organs.
  • BBCA Group recently signed a contract with Glactic Company based on Polylactic acid cooperation project, which is expected to cater to annual production volume of nearly 100,000 metric ton.

Stringent Regulations in Europe to Pose Beneficial Revenue Growth Opportunities for Biodegradable Polymers Market 

Increasing crude oil prices and growing awareness regarding usage of renewable polymers is expected to drive Europe biodegradable polymers market and North America biodegradable polymers market. Stringent regulations in Europe with regards to packaging waste directives along with recovery as well as recycling targets, plastic bag bans, collection and waste disposal laws aiming at avoiding landfill boosts the growth of biodegradable polymers market in the region.

Reduced polymer manufacturing and stringent government regulations has paved way for China to play a significant role in driving the revenue growth of China biodegradable polymers market. China’s chemicals legislation dictates polymers out of the inventory would be considered as a newly discovered chemical substance and will be notified to CRC (Chemical Registration Centre) for importing it.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Global Biodegradable Polymers Market 

Novamont: The biodegradable polymers company has taken initiative in eliminating plastic pollution by being a part of New Plastics Economy. This initiative helps in creating sustainable plastic economy, thereby redefining limitations of the plastic materials for the purpose of packaging. This in turn creates lucrative opportunities for biodegradable polymers market in the long run.

Plantic: The biodegradable polymers company has been taking immense efforts in expanding its global presence with product releases that can be supremely beneficial for the customers. The company has introduces meat packaging that is completely made up of renewable and recyclable material, turning out to be the first in taking such a dynamic initiative across Australia. This major step has been taken up by Coles Plantic as it would help them in stimulating their global footprint by turning out to be a completely sustainable products manufacturer in the long run, thereby benefitting biodegradable polymers market.

Cortec Group: The biodegradable polymers company is planning to expand its product portfolio by partnering with recapitalized Window Nation, Inc. In addition, the partnership has also been done for maximizing the energy efficiency of windows. Expertise of both the companies is expected to provide beneficial opportunities for biodegradable polymers market.

Biodegradable polymers market research report offers detailed analysis of the global market and consists of historical and forecast data with industry-validated and statistically supported market data. Projections are done on the basis of suitable methodologies and set of predictions.

Biodegradable Polymers Market Research Report Covers:

  • Value chain
  • Technological developments
  • Company landscape
  • DROTs
  • Demand and supply
  • Market sizing
  • Segmentation analysis

Regional Landscape in Biodegradable Polymers Market Is Based On:

  • North America biodegradable polymers market including (Canada and US)
  • Latin America biodegradable polymers market including (Brazil and Mexico)
  • Eastern Europe biodegradable polymers market including (Russia and Poland)
  • Western Europe biodegradable polymers market including (Spain, UK, France, Italy and Germany)
  • Asia Pacific biodegradable polymers market including (New Zealand, Australia, ASEAN, India and China)
  • Japan biodegradable polymers market
  • Middle East and Africa biodegradable polymers market includes (Northern Africa, Southern Africa and GCC countries)

Biodegradable polymers market report compiles quantitative and qualitative study by industry analysts as well as inputs form market participants. Biodegradable polymers market report offers detailed study of parent market governing factors and macro-economic indicators based on market segments. Furthermore, biodegradable polymers market report maps qualitative impacts of several market factors on the regions and segments.

Biodegradable Polymers Market

Classification of Biodegradable Polymers Market - By Application and Product Type

Based on application, biodegradable polymers market can be segmented into

  • Food Packaging
  • Compost Bags
  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Foam Packaging
  • Others

Based on product type, biodegradable polymers market can be segmented into

  • Starch Based Polymers
  • Polylactic Acid
  • Others

Report Highlights:

  • Parent market overview
  • Dynamics of biodegradable polymers market
  • Comprehensive market segmentation
  • Industry trends and developments
  • Past, present and forecasted biodegradable polymers market size with regards to value and volume
  • Competitive landscape
  • Products offered and strategies of market players
  • Testimonials for market participants for sustaining in the global market and expanding global footprint.

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