Extruders and Compounding Machines Market

Extruders and Compounding Machines Market: Increasing Use of Extruders and Compounding Machines in the Chemical Industry to be Observed During the Forecast Period: Global Industry Analysis (2012 - 2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017 - 2027)

  • 2018-02-01
  • REP-GB-5693
  • 268 pages
 Extruders and Compounding Machines Market

An Incisive, In-depth Analysis on the Extruders And Compounding Machines Market

This study offers a comprehensive, 360 degree analysis on the Extruders And Compounding Machines market, bringing to fore insights that can help stakeholders identify the opportunities as well as challenges. It tracks the global Extruders And Compounding Machines market across key regions, and offers in-depth commentary and accurate quantitative insights. The study also includes incisive competitive landscape analysis, and provides key recommendations to market players on winning imperatives and successful strategies.

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Global market for extruders and compounding machines to witness a 1.6x increase in sales revenue from 2017 to 2027

According to the analysis done in this research study, the global extruders and compounding machines market is expected to exhibit moderate growth rate throughout the period of assessment, 2017-2027. The extruders and compounding machines market has been experiencing an upward trend with respect to growth since 2012, however during the 2012-2017 period, this market did not witness a higher increase in revenue. The 2017-2027 timeline is more positive for the global market for extruders and compounding machines as per market observations and is anticipated to witness a 1.6x growth in revenue during this timeline. The global extruders and compounding machines market is estimated to reach a valuation of more than US$ 18 Bn by the end of 2027 from a value of about US$ 11.5 Bn in 2017. Also, the global market is expected to reflect this estimation owing to a moderate value CAGR of 4.7% during the period of forecast. The sales of the extruder and compounding machines are industry driven. Their sales are influenced by the increasing demand from various end use industries such as food, chemicals, plastics and medical or pharmaceutical industries.

Plastics industry to largely use extruders and compounding machines during the forecast period

The growth of the global extruders and compounding machines market is directly linked to its applications across various end use industries. In the end use industry category, the plastic segment is expected to present lucrative opportunities for the growth of the global market. The adoption of extruders and compounding machines in plastic industry is expected to rise in the coming years, driven by products such as plastic cutlery, caps & closures, tumblers, drums etc., thus making this segment highly attractive. The plastic industry segment is expected to reach a value of more than US$ 6 Bn by the end of the year of assessment (2027) from a value of around US$ 3800 Mn in 2017. This segment is expected to grow at a steady rate and is poised to register a CAGR of 4.9% throughout the period of assessment (2017-2027). In addition, the plastic industry segment is expected to gain additional 60 BPS during the forecast period owing to increasing demand from emerging economies such as China, India, Thailand and US, due to increased use of plastic in these regions.

Use of extruders and compounding machines in the food industry to skyrocket in the coming years

Apart from the growth contribution from the plastic industry, the food sector has presented potential opportunities for growth of the global market. The food industry is expected to showcase increased demand and adoption of extruders and compounding machines in the years to follow. This makes the food industry segment a comparatively fast growing one and is projected to rise at a value CAGR of 5.1% during the period of forecast (2017-2027). In 2017, the food industry segment was valued at about US$ 2900 Mn and is estimated to touch a valuation of more than US$ 4.8 Bn by the end of the year of assessment (2027). On the other hand, the medical and pharmaceutical industry segment is expected to grow at a comparatively slow rate during the forecast period.

The comprehensive research report titled “Extruders and Compounding Machines Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012–2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017–2027” by Future market Insights supports the reader by assisting him/her in slating and accumulating all possible strategies based on valuable insights in order to maintain the correct tempo with the changing dynamics of the market in the present as well as few years down the line.

Global view of the market in a nutshell

Global extruders and compounding machines market research report focuses on several trends, drivers, restraints and opportunities across important regions in the globe. This provides a global view of the market covering all key areas thus putting forth an all-inclusive market picture in front of the reader. This research report is expected to support the reader to get an in-depth market understanding and assess various regions with optimum potential in order to slate informed decisions, devise strategies and execute them to achieve an edge over the competition. Also, the research report excludes biasness giving a more realistic angle to the market insights and statistics.

Market Taxonomy

Weighted market segmentation is essential to garner key insights on each and every aspect. Below is a detailed market taxonomy covering various segments of the global extruders and compounding machines market.

By Product Type

By Application

By End Use Industry

By Region

  • Single Screw

  • Twin Screw

  • Ram Extruders

  • Speciality Plastics

  • PVC Cable

  • Master Batch Production

  • Flooring Sheet

  • Others

  • Food Industry

  • Chemical Industry

  • Plastic Industry

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

  • Others

  • North America

  • Latin America

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ)

  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)

  • Japan

A one of its kind research methodology

Credibility of the researched data and statistics lies in the uniqueness of the research methodology which ensures higher accuracy. In depth assessment of the global extruders and compounding machines market is underlined by an extensive research process which includes primary and secondary research to glean relevant market statistics. The data collected undergoes several funnels of validation and re-examination at each step, as the research progresses. This ensures delivering value with data having higher degree of accuracy. The expert opinions of the market observers and the domain experts is extrapolated and triangulation of these enables the analysts to arrive at a much accurate global market representation. Each data point can be used as a drinkable asset as it represents higher precision thus emphasizing segment’s future.

Complete intelligence package

The analytical research report on global extruders and compounding machines market is a complete package that includes key insights on the key players operating in the market. The chapter on competitive scenario involves the strategies applied by the key players, their product portfolios, their innovations, developments and product evolutions, their area wise spread and future expansion plans, the mergers and acquisitions taken place, the market shares and revenues of these tier players, financials, key personnel, etc. This intelligence dashboard completes with the inclusion of the analyses of the various aspects of the key competition in the market, how they are shaping the market along with the market dynamics.

Actionable insights – true value addition to the existing research acumen

The extensive research report on global extruders and compounding machines market provides valuable insights with weighted analysis. Every organization has its own integral research team, which strives to gather sufficient research data of the market. Future Market Insights aims at doing all the heavy lifting by providing unbiased insights that can be actioned by the integral research team and supporting in achieving their research milestones.

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