Paper Pallet Market

2019 Analysis and Review of Paper Pallets Market by Pallet Structure - Honeycomb, Corrugated, and Hybrid for 2019-2029

  • 2019-11-12
  • REP-GB-7227
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  • 255 pages
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Paper Pallets Making Inroads, Wooden Pallets Still Rule the Roost

Despite being a highly unexplored space in the pallet industry, paper pallet market is set to witness an impressive growth outlook in long run, reaching US$ 800 Mn by the end of 2025. Steady market growth between 2014 and 2018 reflected a rate of nearly 4.5%. Today, lightweight, 100% recyclable, and customizable paper pallets are being touted as competitive to the first rate hardwood pallets. Initially positioned as a cost effective alternative to massive return trip costs associated with wooden pallets, paper pallets are witnessing a promising rate of adoption. Future Market Insights, in its detailed report, projects this emerging conducive environment to see the market register a CAGR of 5% over 2019-2029. The report will guide stakeholders with strategic capital expenditure, reaching one level up in operational and cost optimization. Offering an exhaustive analysis of the current state of paper pallet market, the study discusses how it will thrive riding on its higher sustainability quotient.

global paper pallet market snapshot

Paper Pallet Market - Key Research Findings

  1. The global paper pallet market was valued at ~US$ 500 Mn in 2018. 
  2. The paper pallet market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~6% during the forecast period of 2019-2029. 
  3. Paper pallet continues to gain traction worldwide, on account of being a safer and more hygienic transportation means that ensures extended shelf life of packaged products. 
  4. Paper pallet makes use of a lightweight material handling system that prominently boosts its demand. 
  5. Europe is the prominent regional market for paper pallet consumption.
    • Cost effectiveness and lightweight attributes of paper pallet continue to push its adoption across European markets
    • Rapid transition from alternate pallet options to paper pallet is majorly in line with the growing sanitation requirement. 
  6. Honeycomb paper pallet is witnessing increasing preference in the global paper pallet market.
    • Honeycomb paper pallet is being highly preferred among end users.
    • With changing market trends, hybrid paper pallet is likely to observe higher adoption rate in the near future.

Key Factors Shaping Paper Pallet Market

Consistent Demand for Shelf-ready Paper Pallet in Supermarkets and Retail Stores

Paper pallet is available in various sizes in the market. Manufacturers have to design and maintain this product as per regulations of Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). Maximum preference for 48inch x 40inch paper pallet is witnessed in several end-use industries which provides safe and easy shifting of goods. On the other hand, the size of paper pallet is customized as per the requirement of end users. Retail and supermarkets show major preference for small-sized paper pallet which is available in multiple shelf-ready formats. Particularly in electrical and electronics shops, gadgets such as mobile phones, tabs, and cables are displayed directly with the help of paper pallet. Paper pallets have also been in use for displaying confectionery and other food products.

Hybrid Paper Pallet to Enhance Load-carrying Capacity

The structure of pallet is one of the important factors defining the load bearing capacity. Paper pallet is available in honeycomb, corrugated, and hybrid structures. It is anticipated that market share contribution of honeycomb paper pallet is prominent as compared to the rest two counterparts. The corrugated paper pallet has good load sustaining potential. However, with the changing packaging and material handling trends, the market growth for hybrid paper pallet is expected to speed up at a promising pace by the end of 2029 owing to its bend and bow resistant attributes against high loads.

Growing Emphasis on Sustainable Composite Materials

To reduce the environmental impact, several end-use industries are shifting towards paper pallet for material management and safe transportation of goods. Many government bodies emphasize the use of eco-friendly and easily recyclable handling systems.

  • As per the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures 15 (ISPM -15) regulations, pallets must be chemically treated for reducing the fungal growth on them. In the absence of this process, several life hazardous bacteria and other contaminants might have evolved, especially in food and pharmaceutical products. The chemical treatment is mandatory in case of pallet pooling where same pallet is repeatedly used by different end users.
  • Wooden pallets have low shelf life due to high moisture absorbing tendency and risk of fungal growth. Additionally, European Union has stringent rules for plastic usage such as Directive 94/62/EC. End users are thus shifting towards paper pallets, which provide added advantage over these problems.

Cost Efficiency

Use of paper pallet allows for management of costs associated with material handling, inventory management, and recycling process. As it does not require any fasteners such as sharp nails, chances of accidents also reduce to a considerable extent. Apart from this, it is light weight and hence, the labour cost is also cut down. In addition, recycling of damaged paper pallet incurs less cost as compared to other alternatives.

global paper pallet market 2019

Paper Pallet Market Structure Analysis

  • Owing to the increasing demand of paper pallets, many new players are entering in paper pallet manufacturing and accounts for significant market share.
  • Paper pallet market leaders continue to capitalize on strong portfolios and solid footprint in regional markets.
  • Smaller companies are focusing on enhancing revenue shares in domestic markets.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Paper Pallet Market:

Why would customers purchase paper pallets over wooden pallets?

While the choice of material in pallets mainly depends on the end application, customers’ preference for lightweight and sustainable materials is driving demand for paper pallets.

Which geographical region will lead the paper pallet market?

Future Market Insights finds that Europe is the largest market for paper pallets. However, South and East Asian countries are expected to create lucrative opportunities for market players in the coming decade.

What are the most popular alternatives to paper pallets?

Wooden and plastic pallets are significantly high in demand. Despite being heavy in weight, wooden pallets are among the most preferred packaging materials in industries. Plastic, on the other hand, may face regulatory restriction vis-à-vis its applications in the pallets industry.

How much will the worth of paper pallets market be in the future?

Future Market Insights estimates that the global market for paper pallets will reach a valuation of US$ 800 million by 2025.

Paper Pallet Market Riding on USPs - Relative Cost and Sustainability

Over 90% of transported goods demand pallets and solid wood has been the default material choice. Plastic pallets are also a favored alternative; however, make a mere 2-3% of the pallet industry and will face regulatory restrictions in addition to challenges posed by high price point. A shift away from plastic usage and high costs involved in reshipping of used wooden pallets are some factors that are influencing end users to explore viability of paper pallets. Besides, concerns of safety, hygiene, relative labor & cost intensive operation, and incompatibility with process automation that are gradually moving focus from conventional wooden pallets. Still a hazy spot as perceived by potential investors, paper pallet market is just about 1% of the entire pallet industry. The report intends to help market participants identify how the market trends will eventually translate into profitability.

Prospering Industrial Scene Hints Opportunity in Asian Markets

Developed regional markets account for more than half of the revenue, whereas the lucrative South Asia-East Asia-Oceania cluster represents over a fourth of the total market value. Europe will maintain lead in global paper pallet market, South and East Asian markets will gradually turn out to be the hotbeds of opportunities for investors. Proliferation of key end users, including consumer electronics, cosmetics & personal care products, food & beverages, and pharmaceutical industries will account for the ascending market attractiveness of Asia.

Shift Away from Plastic Signals Green for Paper Pallets

While the industry is witnessing a gradual yet substantial transformational change, growing prominence of paper-based packaging and transportation solutions such as paper pallets will mark an important milestone. Intensifying focus on greener alternatives is driving a new wave of innovation in pallet industry. Recently, Smurfit Kappa showcased a concept in collaboration with Scania, which involves complete replacement of the expanded polystyrene (EPS) interior and wooden pallet with honeycomb pallets. Companies are realizing the significance of embracing paper pallets for perdurable benefit in market, which is engendering competition in the paper pallet space.

Four-way pallets to remain highly sought-after

Two-way pallet sales grow steadily with selective applicability

Honeycomb pallets high in demand

Corrugated pallets to remain a popular choice

Electric & electronics to register significant consumption

Adoption by cosmetics & personal care industry to speed up

How Growth will Unfold

Manufacturing companies are heavily investing in automation of materials handling processes, palletization & de-palletization machinery, and storage & warehousing equipment. Pallet compatibility to aid with automation has been their top-of-mind concern. While most innovations are centered around customizable corrugated pallets, honeycomb pallets remain highly lucrative when it comes to responding to the industry’s shift to automation. Solid and durable, honeycomb pallets continue to gather maximum traction owing to their vermin-free and cost efficient attributes. They further curtail export and import hassles by relaxing associated regulatory restrictions. With improving standards of operations in goods transportation sector, honeycomb pallets will remain at the forefront in global market.   

Paper Pallet Material preferential Analysis

* This data is only a representation. Actual data may vary and will be available in report.

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Paper Pallet Market Analysis 2019-2029

A recent market study published by FMI on the paper pallet market includes global industry analysis 2014-2018 and opportunity assessment 2019-2029, and delivers a comprehensive assessment of the most important market dynamics. After conducting thorough research on the historical as well as current growth parameters of the paper pallet market, the growth prospects of the market are obtained with maximum precision.

Paper Pallet Market Taxonomy

The global paper pallet market is segmented in detail to cover every aspect of the market and present complete market intelligence to readers.


  • 42 inch x 42 inch
  • 44 inch x 44 inch
  • 48 inch x 40 inch
  • 48 inch x 45 inch


  • Two Way
  • Four Way

Pallet Structure

  • Honeycomb
  • Corrugated
  • Hybrid


  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Electric and Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East and Africa

What's Included

The report initiates with the executive summary of the paper pallet market, which includes a summary of key findings and statistics of the market. It also includes the wheel of opportunity pertaining to the paper pallet market.

Readers can find the definition and a detailed taxonomy of the paper pallet market in this chapter, which will help them understand the basic information about the market.

This chapter explains recent trends and design developments of paper pallets as per changing requirements of industries.

This section explains the global paper pallet market demand analysis 2014-2018 and forecast 2019-2029. Detailed analysis of paper pallet in terms of value and volume are included in this chapter.

The paper pallet pricing analysis is done on the basis of size of the pallets. This section gives region wise pricing analysis for the historic 2014-2018 and forecast period of 2019-2029

This section highlights macro-economic and forecast factors necessary for understanding the market growth for paper pallets. Furthermore, the analysis is done on the basis of value chain for the paper pallet market. This gives detail of raw material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and end users. Moreover, in-depth information about market dynamics and their impact analysis have been provided. The section also include study of regulations with respect to paper pallets and their comparative analysis with alternatives available in the market.

Based on size of paper pallet, the market is segmented into 42 inch x 42 inch, 44 inch x 44 inch, 48 inch x 40 inch, and 48 inch x 45 inch. In this chapter, readers can find information about market value, and Y-o-Y growth analysis. Beside this, market attractiveness analysis is given for understanding the relationship between market share, CAGR, and incremental revenue opportunity for the forecast period.

Based on product, the paper pallet market is segmented into two way pallet and four way pallet. In this chapter, readers can find information about the market value and demand analysis in the form of graphical representation. This section further et explains market attractiveness analysis, based on product.

This chapter provides various details about the paper pallet market based on pallet structure, and has been classified into honeycomb, corrugated, and hybrid structure. In this chapter, readers can understand the value, volume analysis along with market attractiveness analysis, based on pallet structure.

This chapter provides details about the paper pallet market based on end-use industry, and has been classified into food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & personal care, electric & electronics, healthcare and automotive industries. In this chapter, readers can understand value, demand, and market attractiveness analysis, based on end-use industry.

This chapter explains how the paper pallet market will grow across various geographic regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East & Africa. The analysis is done in terms of market share, volume, Y-o-Y growth, and market attractiveness as per different regions.

This chapter includes a detailed analysis of the growth of the North America paper pallet market, along with a country-wise assessment that includes the United States and Canada. Market share and demand analysis of the North America paper pallet market is done as per the designed segments.

This chapter provides the growth scenario of the paper pallet market in Latin America countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and the rest of Latin America. Along with this, assessment of the market across target segments has been provided.

Important growth prospects of the paper pallet market in several countries such as Germany, Italy, France, the UK, Spain, Benelux, Nordic countries, Russia, Poland, and the rest of Europe are included in this chapter.

This chapter highlights market share analysis with Y-o-Y growth of the paper pallet market in South Asia by focusing on India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This section also helps readers in understanding 9 -  Analysis 2014 -  key factors that are responsible for the growth of the paper pallet market in South Asia.

This chapter provides the growth scenario of the paper pallet market in East Asia countries by considering China, Japan, and South Korea. Along with this, the assessment of the market across target segments has been provided.

The section highlights value and volume analysis for historic and forecast period in the Oceania region. Furthermore, the analysis is done for Australia and New Zealand paper pallet markets.

This chapter provides information about how the paper pallet market will grow in major countries in the MEA region such as GCC Countries, Northern Africa, South Africa, and the rest of the MEA, during the forecast period of 2019-2029.

In this chapter, a separate paper pallet market growth analysis is provided in emerging countries such as China, India, and Mexico during the historic and forecast period of 2019-2029. This chapter highlights value and volume analysis.

In this chapter, readers can find company market share analysis and tier structure by considering revenue earned by the global paper pallet manufacturers.

This section highlights segmental mapping of top key players. In addition to this, it also gives information about presence of key players in the global market. The chapter provides competitive dashboard and a comprehensive list of all the prominent stakeholders in the paper pallet market, along with detailed information about each company, which includes company overview, revenue shares, SWOT analysis, strategic overview, key financials, and recent company developments. Some of the key market players featured in the report are DS Smith Plc, Smurfit Kappa Group, Conitex Sonoco, Oji Holdings Corporation, Multi-wall Packaging, KraftPal Technologies Ltd., Europal Packaging, Tat Seng Packaging Group Ltd., Dopack, Interpak Industries Pte. Ltd., Pheng Hoon Honeycomb Paper Products Pte. Ltd., Mabuchi Singapore Pte Ltd., The Alternative Pallet Company Ltd., Kimmo (Pty) Ltd., Tri-Wall Holdings Limited, GreenLabel Packaging, Palletkraft Europe Ltd., Packprofil Sp. z.o.o., The Corrugated Pallet Company, and Elsons International.

This chapter includes a list of acronyms and assumptions that provides a base to the information and statistics included in the paper pallet market report.

This chapter help readers understand the research methodology followed to obtain various conclusions as well as important qualitative and quantitative information about the paper pallet market.

How the research was conducted?

Primary Research

  • C - Level Executives
  • Marketing Directors
  • Product Managers 
  • Business Development Officers 
  • Production Managers
  • Procurement Heads
  • Sales Executives
  • Distributors
  • Traders 
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Industry Experts
  • End-users
  • Current market dynamics and challenges
  • Yesteryear trends 
  • Market characteristics
  • Market performance and growth quadrants
  • Competition structure and market structure
  • Strategic growth initiatives
  • Near-term and long-term market growth prospects
  • Market segment splits and authenticity
  • Opinions on market projections and validity of assumptions

Secondary Research

  • Industry Publications
    • Pallet Market Analysis
  • Industry Associations
    • International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 ( ISPM 15)
    • Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA)
  • Factiva
  • Company Press Releases
  • Annual Reports and Investor Presentations
  • Research Papers
  • Government Websites and Publications
  • Trade Websites

Primary Interview Splits

Primary Interview Splits paper pallet market designations

Primary Interview Splits paper pallet market stakeholders

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