Portable Medical Devices Market

Portable Medical Devices Market 2018-2028: Portability Requirements in Healthcare Sector to be Major Growth Drivers

Market Overview

Smart and Portable Medical Devices Expected to Transform the Healthcare Landscape

Wireless connectivity and miniature product design are no longer limited to smartphones and music players, but are also revolutionizing the healthcare sector with the ever-changing portable devices. Researchers are creating revolutionary products such as portable medical devices with the idea of simplifying and improving patient-care.

For example, researchers of University of Geneva collaborated with hospitals in Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville to produce a diagnostic test for measuring traumatic injury in the brain using a single drop of blood. Similar revolutions are done by scientists of University of Glasgow, where they developed a device that takes patient reading and further transfers them to a smartphone, being an exceptional addition to portable medical devices segment.

Regulatory Clearance to Remain a Crucial Milestone for Portable Medical Devices Market Participants

The approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is crucial factor as FDA regulates the sale of medical devices, which is granted to the device after the providence of evidence that state the device to be reasonably effective and safe for use. Manufacturers of portable medical devices seek the approval of the FDA as it is a vital aspect of the overall distribution of the product. Aptatek Biosciences, Inc. is amongst the companies who was given the FDA clearance for its product PKU test system, used for real-time monitoring the blood levels of phenylalanine. PixCell Medical’s HemoScreen hematology analyzer, also received clearance from the FDA.

Governments of Emerging Nations to Contribute to the Increasing Demand for Portable Medical Devices

Emerging nation governments are coming forward to implement portable medical devices for making effective improvements. With the government of Makati City, in the South-east of Asia, taking steps to acquire Automated External Defibrillators for its use as first aid device. The Public Access Defibrillators are designed by the leading portable medical devices market player, HeartSine Technologies.

Moreover, with the leading players in the market of portable medical devices, GE Healthcare making investments in the leading nations in Asia Pacific, such as China, this regions projects tremendous growth opportunities for the coming years.

New Product Development Strategy to Remain a Crucial Move for Major Portable Medical Devices Providers

The key players in the portable medical devices market include the companies such as HeartSine, Hologic, PhysioControl, Cooper Surgical, GE Healthcare, Sorin Group, Schiller AG, Zoll Medical, Philips, and Cardiac Science.

Amongst the major players contributing to the portable medical device market, a few players have introduced effective product offering to gain a competitive edge in the overall market. For instance, the Hologic, unveiled the Viera Portable Breast Ultrasound System which is a high-quality handheld medical device used for imaging. The company announced the availability of the product in the United States and European market.

Similarly, Philips, another portable medical devices producer, recently introduced Trilogy Evo, its all-new portable ventilator. The product attributes the company’s sleep and respiratory care management system. ZOLL Medical Corporation also introduced its Z Vent portable ventilator for use in hospitals.

Apart from new product developments portable medical devices market players are also providing cutting-edge platforms. Cooper Surgical, Inc. recently announced the endometrial receptivity test and CooperGenomics technology platform. The continuous efforts taken by leading players is expected to boost the innovations in the portable medical devices market.

The research report on portable medical devices market showcases a comprehensive evaluation of the entire market. It comprises of the facts and historical data, in-depth insights, and industry-verified and statistically-backed data providing a better understanding of the portable medical devices market. The report on portable medical devices market includes anticipations using adequate set of methodologies and assumptions. The research report on portable medical devices market provides evaluations and data based on regions, market segments, technology, and applications.

The report on market of portable medical devices encompasses in-depth analysis on:

  • Segments of portable medical devices market
  • Portable medical devices Market- Influencing Factors
  • Valuation of the market-Size of the portable medical devices Market
  • Demand & Supply
  • Recent Challenges and Trends in the portable medical devices market
  • Major Portable medical devices Companies
  • Technology
  • Value Chain

Regional Segments in the Portable Medical Devices Market includes:

  • North America Market of Portable medical devices including countries U.S., Canada.
  • Latin America Portable medical devices Market including countries Brazil, Mexico, and Rest of Latin America.
  • Western Europe Portable medical devices Market including countries Italy, Germany, France, U.K, Nordic countries, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Rest of Western Europe.
  • Eastern Europe Market of Portable medical devices including countries Russia Poland, and Rest of Eastern Europe.
  • Asia Pacific Market of Portable medical devices including countries China, ASEAN, India, Australia & New Zealand.
  • Japan Portable medical devices Market
  • Middle East and Africa Portable medical devices Market including countries South Africa, GCC, and Rest of MEA.

The research study on market of portable medical devices is an overview of primary data gained by assessing the market in a qualitative and quantitative manner. This data is acquired by the research analysts, industry experts and participants across the value chain. The in-depth evaluation of the parent market trends, macro-economic indicators, factors governing the market, and segment-wise market attractiveness are all included in the report. The portable medical devices market study also maps the impact of the various factors on the regions and market segments.

Portable Medical Devices Market Taxonomy

The segmentation of the portable medical devices includes segments such as

  • Cardiac Monitor Devices-
  • Holter Monitors
  • ECG Monitoring Devices
  • Hemodynamic Monitor Devices-
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Blood Gas Monitors
  • Respiratory Monitoring Devices-
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
  • Medical Therapeutic Devices-
  • Programmable Syringe Pumps
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Dialysis Machine
  • Anesthesia Delivery System
  • Diagnostic Devices-
  • Endoscope
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Hearing Aids

Report Highlights:

  • Thorough outlook of Parent Market
  • Evolving Dynamics of Market of Portable medical devices
  • Detailed Segmentation of Portable medical devices Market
  • Market Valuation in terms of Value and Volume: Current, Historical and Projected Data
  • Current Industrial Developments and Trends
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Portable medical devices Companies- Strategies Implemented and Products offered
  • Regions and Niche and Potential Segments that exhibit fruitful growth
  • Portable medical devices Market Performance- Unbiased perspective
  • Crucial information for Players to help sustain and enhance their market presence

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