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Shrink Sleeve Labeling Equipment Market

Market Insights on Shrink Sleeve Labeling Equipment covering sales outlook, demand forecast & up-to-date key trends

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Equipment Market : Global Industry Analysis 2016 - 2020 and Opportunity Assessment 2021 - 2031

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Equipment Market Overview

A shrink sleeve is a full-body label it is around the entire body of a container which offers a 360-degree branding and messaging around the product. Among all packaging companies over the globe, shrink sleeve labels are the latest and gaining popularity among electron beam ink printing, and adhesive labelling.

Shrink sleeve is the fastest emerging labels category in the packaging industry, gaining new markets and reaching new customers every minute globally. Packagers nowadays searching for an aesthetically designed label over the traditional pressure-sensitive labels which are now outdated and market leaders in search of being updated with the market trends find out these shrink sleeve labels as a best-suited option.

Shrink sleeve labeling equipment allows more flexibility and making the product to stand out from the different products of the competitor. The overall market of shrink sleeve labeling equipment is growing and more companies are choosing the latest technology over other equipment which are not viable with current consumer needs and preferences.

In today's world to beat the cut-throat competition in almost all the industries companies finds shrink sleeve labeling equipment to provide a competitive edge at least in the packaging of the product.

What will be the benefits to the company if they choose shrink sleeve labeling equipment?

The most profitable advantage for the companies by using shrink sleeve labeling machines is that, it eliminates the use of printing plates that were otherwise required for other labeling machines. Also, the printing done by shrink sleeve labeling equipment is totally digital and print quality is very premium covering all the requirements and preferences of a modern-day consumer.

All the growing sectors such as the food & beverages and pharmaceutical industry are partially or fully adapting to shrink sleeve labeling equipment. Modern-day organizations are more focused on time-saving production and packaging solutions, shrink sleeve labeling equipment saves a lot of time of an organization that could be utilized more productively in the whole packaging & labeling process.

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Which factors are driving the shrink sleeve labeling equipment market?

The food & beverages sector dominate the global market over recent years, and over the next decade also the sector is forecasted to grow at a dominant rate. That creates a positive impact on demand and usage of shrink sleeve packaging equipment and makes this market even more lucrative for manufacturers of the equipment used for shrink sleeve type of labeling.

The cost-efficiency along with time-saving provided by shrink sleeve type of labeling makes it useful for almost all types of products for the food & beverages industry. Also, the benefits while transporting and storage of products labeled with shrink sleeve type have earned a worldwide acceptance of all the products with such labels.

More new market entrants are forecasted in the shrink sleeve equipment manufacturing industry as the demand for is skyrocketing from most growing sectors of the globe. Many packaging equipment manufacturing companies are starting to manufacture shrink sleeve labeling equipment as demand for more hygienic packaging equipment is need of the current consumers.

How shrink sleeve labeling equipment is affecting the global packaging industry?

Convenient labeling with flexibility and capability is driving the growth of the packaging industry, adding to the unique features of shrink sleeve labeling equipment is the tamper-evident packaging making it the most ideal and robust packaging for all the product types.

Along with that shrink sleeve labeling equipment comes with wide capabilities of full coverage of color & design, abrasion-proof with 360-degree appearance. Most important of all the shrink sleeve labeling provides moisture-proof labeling of all the products labeled using it. Also, the product is protected from UV rays once it is labeled using shrink sleeve labeling equipment.

Ismail Sutaria
Principal Consultant
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What makes shrink sleeve labeling equipment different from other equipment?

The only competition in the labeling industry is the continuous demand for the products having high preference are likely to rule the industry. Labeling on the products holds an important place in consumer's buying decision of that product, consumers tend to buy a product that has more attractive labeling other than that has unattractive labeling on the product.

A vibrant packaging cover with an attractive labeling can attract too many customers towards a brand, providing an edge over its competitor. Asia-Pacific has evolved significantly in the shrink sleeve labeling equipment market. The highest growing economies such as China, India, and Japan have recorded the highest market growth for the shrink sleeve labeling equipment.

These countries are currently witnessing staggering growth in the demand for packaged foods, easy availability of polymer films, and lower labor costs making these markets a lucrative market for shrink sleeve labeling equipment.

What factors can hamper the growth of the shrink sleeve labeling equipment market?

High environmental issues rising and grabbing consumers' attention towards rising global warming is the major factor that may hamper the progress of shrink sleeve labeling equipment market.

Companies are focused on achieving sustainability goals by including environmentally friendly products and processes for their whole processes till the product reaches the end consumer, so awareness about the fact that shrink sleeve labeling equipment is not that much environmentally friendly could turn out to be a negative factor.

It may badly hamper the future growth trends of demand as people may find more sustainable labeling solutions, and this also comes as a risk for the shrink sleeve labeling equipment market.

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Key market players

  • Sidel
  • Pro Mach
  • Herma
  • KHS
  • Novex solutions
  • Etiquette
  • Pack leader
  • Marchesini Group
  • Accutek
  • Tophet
  • Logopak
  • Label-Aire
  • Barry-wehmiller
  • Maharshi group
  • Bausch+Strbel
  • Sleever International
  • Tech-Long
  • Quadrel Labeling systems
  • Videojet
  • Sinclair International
  • Heuft systemtechlink

Key regions covered

  • East Asia
  • North America
  • Middle-east & Africa
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • Oceania
  • Latin America

How innovative technologies are used for market penetration?

The upcoming decade has prospects of growth by cutting-edge technological advancements are widening their way towards expansion, rising demands of minimum downtime and maximum production are paving their way in almost all the industries. Such, fast demands and consumer needs have prompted packaging giants to move towards digital printing solutions for labeling the products.

Technological advancements in the field of shrink sleeve labeling equipment are flexible and efficient to cope up with the rising demand for fast production and packaging of the goods. Along with that, it provides piracy-proof packaging eliminating the risk of forgery of the products, which solves the major problem of duplicate products in the same market.

Which countries are the main customers of shrink sleeve labeling equipment?

China is the largest user of shrink sleeve labeling equipment, showing lucrative market opportunities for manufacturers, this is because China is a global manufacturing hub for low-cost production of almost every commodity in the world. Also, that means low-cost packaging solutions have current and future market growth for sure in Chinese markets.

Among the European market, Germany leads the chart for the most lucrative market, as it generates the maximum packaging waste in whole Europe. Recent developments in packaging regulations are also widening up the scope for shrink sleeve labeling equipment in the USA, as laws get more strict more companies especially, food & beverages companies are forced to shift to the usage of shrink sleeve labeling equipment.

Current market trends after Brexit indicates the UK to be the new hub for shrink sleeve labeling equipment, as the new food information regulations in the UK, demand honest representation of food product contents.

How much increase in packing speed could shrink sleeve labeling equipment provide?

Labeling speed is a key determining factor for the overall manufacturing capacity of a company. Manufacturers globally are focusing on quick packaging strategies in the world, 400 to 600 BPM is average labeling speed of current industry standards. Speed over 600 BPM will gain traction in the future.

What was the impact of covid-19 on the shrink sleeve labeling equipment market?

In the whole pandemic period, the growth in demand of food & beverages has been significant from past years, growth in demand resulted as a positive factor for the overall market of shrink sleeve labeling market.

Also, the biggest producers of pharmaceutical products were recording the positive growth in the pandemic, which also demanded large-scale production for safety equipment, and generic drugs it contributed as a direct demand driver for the shrink sleeve labeling equipment.

More and more companies eyeing towards large-scale production after the lockdown in all major developed countries were over, people were showing buying preferences like stocking up basic foods and necessary medicines with all the bulk-buying of consumer goods.

The rising demand in almost all the regions of packaged and frozen foods invited new players in the food & beverages industry that resulted ultimately in increased demand for the latest packaging and labeling technologies as shrink sleeve labeling equipment.

As new companies will find shrink sleeve labeling equipment cost-effective and can provide more production in lesser time are all positive trends are going to keep the market growth for the next decade.

Segmentation of shrink sleeve labeling equipment

Segmented by Machine Type:

  • Vertical shrink sleeve labeling system
  • Horizontal shrink sleeve labeling system
  • Self-adhesive labelers

Segmented by End Use:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & beverages
  • Cosmetics & personal care
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Chemical & fertilizers

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Principal Consultant
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