Sulphur Recovery Technology Market

Sulphur Recovery Technology Market: APEJ Regional Market to Grow 1.7X Between 2017 and 2027: Global Industry Analysis 2012 - 2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017 - 2027

Massive Dependency on Oil & Gas Hampers Americas Sulphur Recovery Technology Market

The oil & gas industry has faced a global crisis for the last four years, buffeted by a steep drop in crude oil prices. Several oil supermajors have either halted or cancelled their E&P projects that are not very profitable in an era of depressed oil prices, particularly in risk-sensitive regions such as Latin America. Many companies have put their plans in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Peru on hold and this could have a detrimental effect on the Americas sulphur recovery technology market. That is precisely why regulatory authorities in these countries seek to create a fair and favourable royalty regime to support the local oil & gas industry. The Americas sulphur technology market is expected to have a value of approx. US$ 115 million in 2017 with Latin America comprising 4/5th of this in terms of market share.

China to Drive Demand in the APAC Sulphur Recovery Technology Market

China is anticipated to be vital in the APAC sulphur recovery technology market for the foreseeable future. The presence of a large number of refineries in the world’s most populous nation coupled with skyrocketing demand for oil ensures that the prospects for sulphur recovery technology makers are bright. According to estimates, if the average person in China consumes as much oil as an American, the world will need an additional 75 million b/d of oil – an expansion of almost 80% of the present day market. Thus, there is limitless potential for key stakeholders in the China sulphur recovery technology market. The China sulphur recovery technology market is projected to gain a massive 420 BPS over the course of the decade. Along with China, India may increasingly important in the days ahead and demand for sulphur from the industrial and non-acid sectors should spur the sulphur recovery market in this fast-growing continent.

Upstream Operations Shutting Down in Europe with Drop in Crude Oil Prices

The glut in oil prices has had a detrimental effect on the expansion plans of oil & gas supermajors. The companies have suspended their exploration operations in order to reduce their increasing losses. This is particularly in oil-rich European countries such as Russia in both onshore and offshore fields. On account of this suspension, there has been a disturbance in the supply of crude oil to these refineries. Some refineries have shut shop because of the scarcity of crude oil and this has directly impacted the supply of sulphur. Nonetheless, Russia is likely to maintain its leading position in the Europe sulphur recovery technology market and is on track to witness an exponential CAGR of 11.6% from 2017 to 2027. Only Kazakhstan is predicted to grow faster during this period.


Middle East and Africa El Dorado of the Sulphur Recovery Technology Market

The MEA region accounts for almost 3/5th of the global oil reserves and has a substantial influence on global oil prices, exercised through organizations such as OPEC. Key stakeholders are very positive about the potential of this region and have committed to a number of oil & gas projects here. For e.g. – In 2017, Jacob Engineering Group’s EUROCLAUS sulphur recovery technology was chosen by Tüpra? for its sulphur recovery unit that will be installed at three of the company’s refineries in Turkey. The MEA sulphur recovery technology market may well push past US$ 845 million by end 2027.

A Robust Research Methodology that Collects and Analyses Required Market Intelligence

Future Market Insights has a proprietary and highly unique research methodology that assists in the collation of market intelligence. A combination of primary and secondary research merged with opinions from market observers, industry experts, and other external sources is carried out. The secondary research is exhaustive in nature and covers all facets of the sulphur recovery technology market. The report presents a comprehensive picture of the market on the basis of which research personnel are able to extract qualitative and quantitative insights. Simultaneously, domain experts and market observers who have a completely unbiased view of the global sulphur recovery technology market are consulted via personal interviews or telephonic conversations. Important data points and aspects are verified and cross-validated several times to ensure near cent-percent accuracy. As every expert will have a slightly differing view of the sulphur recovery technology market, the statistical data undergoes a multi-layer funnel of validation through a triangulation method to arrive at market numbers. The final report can thus be considered an authoritative and conclusive source on the sulphur recovery technology market.

The sulphur recovery technology market report is a well-crafted report that follows a cohesive and logical structure. The report has made a relatively complex topic simple to understand and can prove immensely beneficial for both incumbents as well as new entrants seeking to enter the sulphur recovery technology market.

Sulphur Recovery Technology Market Taxonomy


Source of Recovery



  • Claus Process

  • Tail Gas Treatment

  • Oil

  • Gas

  • Others

  • <100 t/D

  • 101-200 t/D

  • 201-300 t/D

  • >300 t/D

  • APAC

  • Americas

  • Europe

  • MEA

Report Description

The report discusses the approach taken by prominent companies actively involved in the sulphur recovery technology market to achieve consistent growth by expanding their geographic footprint in regions with the maximum potential. Companies are trying to enter into strategic partnerships with local partners in order to better address the specific requirements and demands of customers in the sulphur recovery technology market. To gain a holistics view of the sulphur recovery technology market, a competitive analysis comprising company information coupled with their unique selling propositions is included in the report. The dashboard has a detailed comparison of sulphur recovery technology players in terms of operating margins, financials, product portfolio overview, long and short-term strategies, and recent developments. The report encompasses a market attractiveness index of different segments in the sulphur recovery technology market.

The report highlights the revenue generated from sulphur recovery technology across all the profiled regions and the countries within them. Apart from this, the sulphur recovery technology market profitability margins, value chain analysis, cost and pricing structures, drivers, restraints, opportunities, and trends impacting the sulphur recovery technology market are mentioned in the report. Macroeconomic factors such as per capita income and GDP have been considered in the sulphur recovery technology market report.

Scope of the Report

The research methodology has been immensely beneficial in extracting all the data pertaining to the sulphur recovery technology market. Mergers and acquisitions that influence the sulphur recovery technology market have been taken into account. To cater to a highly diverse, global audience, the market values have been standardized into US dollars. The primary objective of the sulphur recovery technology market report is to enable readers to formulate their go-to-market strategies and make long-term investment decisions. The information provided in the report can assist the identification of new growth opportunities and ensure that organizations consolidate their position in the sulphur recovery technology market.