Collapsible Fuel Tank Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013 - 2017 and Opportunity Assessment; 2018 - 2028

Collapsible Fuel Tank Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013 - 2017 and Opportunity Assessment; 2018 - 2028

Market Overview

Collapsible Fuel Tank Market: Overview

Collapsible fuel tank provide long term or temporary storage for varied fuel types. These bladders or tanks are used for large volume storage of fuels. The collapsible fuel tanks are prepared with adaptable edges and variable towage strips intended to provide high resistance to transport constraints. These collapsible tanks are assembled by using different fabrics welding techniques such as hot bar, hot air and radio frequency fabric welding.  Collapsible fuel tanks comes in sizes as small as gallons, used for different applications from heft fuel storage for military and industrial purpose. Collapsible tanks can be packaged and compactly folded for quick transportation by ship, truck or air, these portable fuel tank systems can be set up quickly on any indoors, outdoors and flat surface. Collapsible fuel tank is mainly used for military application such as military oil and fuel storage, military pumping system. Regulators, manufacturers and operators in different countries had regulations concerning about the minutest requirements for the use of these storage bladders. These standard provides industry a dependable source of information to guarantee that the use of collapsible fuel tanks meets the norms regarding to collapsible fuel tank deployment. Collapsible tanks are also used for special purpose vehicle and boats as a flexible storage unit.

Collapsible Fuel Tank Market: Dynamics:


Reason behind the increasing demand of collapsible fuel tank is due to its usages in different application for easy storage purpose. Collapsible fuel tank has properties of bulk storage, wear of extreme temperature and UV exposure, easy installation and others. Theses all factors make collapsible water tank appropriate option for fuel storage purpose. These pillow or collapsible provide dependable, economical fuel storage solutions from quick deployment in military operations to remote job site storage. And there are multiple sizes and fabric options available for making these tanks ideal for industrial facility, military, construction site or storage locations.

These tanks are needed in various industries for material production, oil, gas & mining industry, aviation fuel storage and remote location fuel storage so here collapsible fuel tanks paly vital role as compatible and durable storage units.  Collapsible Fuel Tank are also used for disaster relief fuel supply purpose as affordable and economical solution for storage purpose.

Additionally its strong structure and characteristics upsurges the operating reliability of these tanks in production plant. For attaining bulk fuel and fire suppression fuel storage, collapsible fuel tanks are preeminent for this purpose. All these factors drive the market demand for Collapsible Fuel Tank Market.

However, safety issues related to collapsible fuel tank is consider to hinder the market growth of collapsible fuel tank market.

Collapsible Fuel Tank Market: Region-wise Outlook:

The North America market for Collapsible Fuel Tank Market is growing due to increasing number of military activities in U.S. and other North American countries. European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Italy and others have shown greater demand towards collapsible fuel tank due to increasing industrialization in china region.  India is also prominently recognized to escalate collapsible fuel tank market, on account of growing scope for mining industry. Industrialization and urbanization are two main reasons behind growing demand for collapsible fuel tanks in Asia pacific region. Increasing military activities in different countries and demands from various industries is anticipated to fuel the demand for Collapsible Fuel Tank Market in South East Asia & Pacific region. Latin America and Middle East and Africa are anticipated to witness steady growth in Collapsible Fuel Tank Market over the forecast period. 

Collapsible Fuel Tank Market: Key Participants:

Key market participants of the collapsible fuel tank markets are following:

  • ContiTech AG
  • Aero Tec Laboratories, Inc.
  • MPC Containment
  • SEI Industries
  • Thomas Net
  • Vinyl Technology, Inc.
  • SPC “Polytechnika” LLC
  • Amfuel

Collapsible Fuel Tank Market: Segmentation:

The global Collapsible Fuel Tank Market can be segmented on the basis of capacity, and end use.

On the basis of capacity collapsible fuel tank Market can be segmented as

  • 25 to 100 gallon
  • 3000 gallon
  • 10,000 gallon
  • 50000 gallon
  • 200,000 gallon

 On the basis of en use Flexible water tanks market can be segmented as

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Military application
  • Commercial

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Collapsible Fuel Tank Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013 - 2017 and Opportunity Assessment; 2018 - 2028