Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Point Market

Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Point Market: Demand from Industrial Sector to Increase Owing to Growing Prominence of IoT: Global Industry Analysis (2012 - 2016) & Opportunity Assessment (2017 - 2027)


The growing penetration of technological devices across the globe has triggered the use of advanced electronic equipment. Proliferating government ingenuities to promote industrialisation and digitalisation in developing economies is the regional development opportunity for the gigabit Wi-Fi access point market. The speedy rise in data traffic in several emerging economies such as India is the optimistic opportunity for internet service providers and device providers to extract business prospects from such nations.

For instance, the Government of India launched the Digital India Program. Under this programme, the governments of respective regions are aiming to supply internet access across the whole country, and are trying to connect around 600,000 rural citizens to try and bridge the digital gap between cities and villages. Hence, the business opportunity for telecom players is very high in these emerging economies to develop gigabit access point infrastructure under the government initiative.

Commercial and industrial sectors to extensively implement gigabit Wi-Fi access points

The commercial/industrial sector largely employs the internet for exchanging data, to carry out several business procedures, and for other different tasks. Wireless access points assist organisations to benefit from the high-speed internet to conduct various day-to-day business activities such as cloud business and BYOD. For instance, Cisco System Inc. offers various items such as SMB access points and Cisco Aironet access points for industrial/commercial applications.

In the recent past, the wireless communication industry has observed a relatively high rate of development with technologies such as 5G, 4G, and LTE, and has evolved with more complex modulation techniques and wider signal bandwidth for higher data rate. Moreover, the number of subscribers has increased significantly. Players in the wireless communication industry are presently focussing on deploying enhanced technologies in crowded areas for efficient transmission of data.

Henceforth, the market for gigabit Wi-Fi access point is anticipated to progress with such advancements in technology. As result, the deployment of gigabit Wi-Fi access points is expected to rise in the commercial and industrial sectors in the coming years.

Residential sector to gear up in the game

Residents use internet services for various purposes such as VoIP, remote education, smart home applications, interactive gaming, and others. Consequently, to access better internet speed, wireless access point devices are being deployed in the residential sector. Various companies such as Netgear Inc. and TP-Link Technologies Co, Ltd, offer a variety of solutions such as NETGEAR AC WiFi Business Access Point (WAC510-100NAS) and TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Access Point Dual Band (EAP225) for wireless access points, especially for residential usage.

Because of the burgeoning need for being connected over the web, internet penetration is growing across the globe. With increase in the number of internet users, the demand for better bandwidth internet is expected to increase, which is expected to push the growth of the gigabit Wi-Fi access point market in the forthcoming years. With further increase in internet users the demand related infrastructure is projected to increase and thus positively influence demand in the gigabit Wi-Fi access point market. This has further resulted in a rise in the adoption of gigabit Wi-Fi access points in the residential sector as well.

Market Taxonomy

Maximum Data Delivery Rate

  • Less than 868 Mbps
  • 868 to 1300 Mbps
  • More than 1300 Mbps

End User

  • Residential
  • Commercial/Industrial
    • Retail
    • Education
    • Manufacturing
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Others


  • Wireless Access Points
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Special-purpose
  • Wireless LAN Controllers


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • APEJ
  • Japan
  • MEA

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Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Point Market