Gene Synthesis Market

2019 Analysis and Review of Gene Synthesis Market by Application - Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Research & Developmental Activities, and Other Applications for 2019-2029

Gene Synthesis Services Stays Atop

Market players continue to create considerable value from gene synthesis services, owing to their high efficacy and sensitivity. In addition, gene synthesis services are relatively cheaper, and, as such, are highly preferable among customers. Under the service category, standard and custom gene synthesis services would be leading the way.

Together, both these services procure around ¾ of revenue generated by gene synthesis services. Furthermore, market players are uncovering new revenue lines in gene fragments and GMP gene synthesis services, which are exhibiting a growth rate of over 20%.

North America in Vanguard, Asia Emerges as Fastest-growing Market

North America is at the forefront when it comes to advanced healthcare infrastructure and well-established service laboratories. Moreover, governments in the region have been heavily funding medical research and novel drug development. By 2026, the gene synthesis market in North America will cross half-a-billion in revenue.

Governments in Asia are also carving out a notable proportion of their budgets for genomic and cancer research. Emerging as a global destination for R&D investments, market players are shifting their focus towards Asia to substantially boost their value creation.

Market Players Must Turn to Molecular Services to Stay Competitive

Although the gene synthesis market consists of several large- and small-scale players, there are limited companies completely focused on providing molecular services. Keeping sole focus on molecular services improves the quality of service, customer loyalty, as well as an established distribution network that ensures product availability, globally. R&D expenditure on life sciences has been prominent, and is expected to grow stably in the coming years. Players investing in delivering molecular diagnostics services to cater to research requirements will be well placed for outsized returns.

How Growth will Unfold

Academic and research institutes house strong scientific and technological expertise. They have been focusing on advanced basic research, including applied research, especially when governments prefer cost-effective approaches to conduct development projects.

As genomic-based studies for the development of noble therapeutics continue to swell, academic and research institutes are likely to strive in delivering high-class research outputs. While they will generate greater total returns to shareholders, employment of gene synthesis in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are offering white spaces to market players.


The global gene synthesis market is segmented in detail to cover every aspect of the market and present a complete market intelligence approach to the reader.


  • Gene Synthesis  Services
    • Standard Gene Services
    • Express Gene Services
    • Complex Gene Services
    • Custom Gene Synthesis
  • Gene Fragments Services
  • GMP Gene Synthesis
  • Others 


  • Diagnostics
  • Therapeutics
  • Research & Developmental Activities
  • Other Applications

End User

  • Academic & Research Institutes
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs)


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

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Gene Synthesis Market