Thyroid Function Test Market

Thyroid Function Test Market: Increasing Prevalence of Thyroid Disorder Coupled with Rising Public Awareness to Drive Demand : India Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025


Thyroid function test is a sensitive and specific diagnostic test segment driven by healthcare facilities and the medical diagnostics sector. Thyroid Function Test (TFT) is found to be very effective in diagnosing thyroid conditions in patients, but merely 34% of the total rural population in India have access to diagnostic centres. Among the population of around 1.25 billion, approximately 42 million people are suffering from thyroid disorders.

Drivers and Trends

The cardinal factor fuelling growth of the India thyroid function test market is high prevalence of thyroid disorders in the country. During an epidemiology study across major cities in India, Kolkata was reported to have highest prevalence of hypothyroidism (21.67%) compared to other cities. Over the past few years there have been significant advancements in the specificity and sensitivity of thyroid testing, which has impacted the treatment for thyroid disorders.

The Indian healthcare industry has witnessed significant advancements with regard to medical devices and pathological laboratory business segments. Domestic and international companies are entering into joint ventures and strategic agreements owing to increasing standardization, availability of human resources and high level of progress in medical technology.

India is witnessing various trends that are expected to bring substantial changes in the landscape of the healthcare industry in the subsequent years. Traditional health risks have been replaced by lifestyle diseases in the last two decades. Various conditions prevailing currently include hypothyroidism, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, obesity and hypertension to name a few

Analysis by Test type

The India thyroid function test market by test type is segmented into TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone), T3 (triiodothyronine), T4 (thyroxine), FT3 (Free triiodothyronine), FT4 (Free thyroxine) and others (TBG, T3RU, LATS, TSI). The others test segment is expected to lose some market share over the forecast period. Currently, the TSH test segment accounts for major revenue share in the India thyroid function test market. However, the T3 and T4 segments are expected to witness impressive growth during the forecast period.   

In the India thyroid function test market, the FT3 and FT4 test type segments are expected to witness significant growth in urban cities. FT4 test type segment has been estimated to register a moderate CAGR 2.4%, but the TSH test type segment is projected to continue to dominate the thyroid function test market in India over the forecast period.

Analysis by End use

The thyroid function test market is segmented into Clinics, Research Organization, Diagnostic laboratories and Hospitals in terms of end use. Revenue from the research organization segment is expected to increase at second highest CAGR over the forecast period. However, the revenue generated from hospitals segment is higher as compared to the rest of the end use segment in the India thyroid function test market.

Competitive Landscape

Some of the key players covered in the India thyroid function test market report include Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC. (Merck & Co., Inc.), Beckman Coulter, Inc., (Danaher), Siemens Healthcare GmbH and Abbott Laboratories. The report offers insights on the various strategies related to software development, market consolidation initiatives and analyses the various market players’ specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

Key Segments Covered

By Test type

  • TSH
  • T3
  • T4
  • FT3
  • FT4
  • Others

By End Use

  • Clinics
  • Research Organizations
  • Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Hospitals

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Thyroid Function Test Market