Insulin Delivery Pens Market

Insulin Delivery Pens Market: Reusable Insulin Pens to Remain Dominant Product Type Throughout the Forecast Period: Global Industry Analysis (2012 - 2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017 - 2027)

  • 2017-11-16
  • REP-GB-5605
  • 200 pages
  • Format: PDF/PPT/Excel

An Incisive, In-depth Analysis on the Insulin Delivery Pens Market

This study offers a comprehensive, 360 degree analysis on the Insulin Delivery Pens market, bringing to fore insights that can help stakeholders identify the opportunities as well as challenges. It tracks the global Insulin Delivery Pens market across key regions, and offers in-depth commentary and accurate quantitative insights. The study also includes incisive competitive landscape analysis, and provides key recommendations to market players on winning imperatives and successful strategies.

Introduction of new products in the global insulin delivery pens market

With the advancements in technology, many new products are being introduced in the global insulin delivery pens market. The types of products currently available include reusable insulin pens, disposable insulin pens and smart insulin pen caps. Reusable insulin pens include different types of pens that can be used over and over again. Types within the reusable insulin pens category include refillable insulin pens, Bluetooth connected smart insulin pens and USB connected smart insulin pens. Disposable insulin pens contain a prefilled cartridge and the entire pen is disposed or thrown away when the cartridge is empty, allowing a one-time dose adjustment. Smart insulin pen caps record dosage data and helps patients with diabetes to manage their condition more effectively.

Reusable insulin pens is the largest segment by product type in the global insulin delivery pens market, which is estimated to represent over US$ 3,400 Mn, or 64.6% share of the total market in 2017 and is projected to reach over US$ 9,100 Mn by the end of 2027, expanding at a robust CAGR of 10.2% over the forecast period 2017–2027. The second place in the global insulin delivery pens market is taken by the disposable insulin pens segment, which is behind the reusable insulin pens segment in terms of revenue, but is expected to grow at a higher CAGR of 11.0%.

Advanced features of Bluetooth connected smart insulin pens make it the most popular product type

The new slew of insulin pens with Bluetooth and cloud based technology has transformed the whole diabetes management system across the global healthcare industry. Bluetooth connected smart insulin pens have the ability to track insulin dosage and critical dose data, such as time, date and amount of insulin administered to a patient. This results in an accurate dosing allowing more efficient diabetes management. It enables automatic transfer of patient data via Bluetooth technology to the patient’s smartphone. This data can then be transferred to a cloud-based platform, making it accessible to healthcare providers. Bluetooth connected smart insulin pens enable target type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients to have mobile access to their insulin dosage data along with a more accurate record of therapy. The Bluetooth connected smart insulin pens sub-segment is expected to grow at a strong CAGR of 10.9% during the forecast period. However, refillable insulin pens will still lead the market with the highest market value throughout the forecast period. Disposable insulin pens hold a significant share in the global insulin delivery pens market with the second highest market value of over US$ 5,300 Mn estimated by the end of the forecast period in 2027. The smart insulin pen caps segment is expected to grow at a high CAGR of 11.2% during 2017-2027.

Rise in needle stick injuries in North America boosting regional demand for smart insulin pens

North America represents the most lucrative market for insulin pen products, followed by Western Europe and APEJ. North America and Caribbean accounted for more than half of the healthcare expenditure spent on diabetes treatment with the USA accounting for US$ 320 Bn in 2015. High incidence rate of needle stick injuries and associated serious consequences persuade health care professionals to use injection pens in North America. Also, in North America there has been strong presence of industry players who are applying for new product indication. The North America insulin delivery pens market is expected to witness a market value of just under US$ 2,000 Mn in 2017 and this is estimated to increase to over US$ 5,500 Mn by the end of the forecast period in 2027.

An in-depth research on the global insulin delivery pens market

Global market of a specific product is usually complex. A lot of data needs to be gathered and analysed to calculate the market share of every segment. However, a new research report by Future Market Insights has done all of that for you. It gives you a crystal clear overview of the global insulin delivery pens market along with both qualitative and quantitative insights into the market. This report is titled ‘Insulin Delivery Pens Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017-2027)’. It gives the key metrics for a 10 year period and a comparative study of Y-o-Y growth of the global insulin delivery pens market and its different segments. The research focusses on simplifying the study of the global insulin delivery pens market and forecasts the market size and revenue share for the period 2017-2027. It also includes information on the drivers of market revenue growth, restraints limiting the overall market growth as well as the trends anticipated to define the global insulin delivery pens market in the coming decade.

An extensive and fool proof research methodology

This extensive market study has been carried out with the help of a systematic research methodology that can be aptly summarised using the following flowchart:

Data Collection → Data Filter & Analysis → Research & Intelligence → Actionable Insights → Business Solution

The process of research starts with exhaustive primary and secondary research that helps in identifying the global market size, the top industry players, the top products, industry associations etc. This data is then analysed and filtered based on the data collected from the interviews of key industry experts and discussions related to the market with them. This is followed by further analysis and research to get the final verdict on the actionable insights that can be implemented by the existing companies in the industry as well as by the new entrants. The outcome is validated by a method known as the triangulation method to ensure its accuracy.

A logical bifurcation of the global insulin delivery pens market    


Distribution Channel


Product Type

  • Diabetes Type I

  • Diabetes Type II

  • Hospital Pharmacy

  • Retail Pharmacy

  • Online Sales

  • Diabetes Clinics

  • North America

  • Western Europe

  • Eastern Europe

  • Latin America

  • APEJ

  • Japan

  • MEA

  • Reusable Insulin Pens

    • Refillable Insulin Pens

    • Bluetooth Connected Smart Insulin Pens

    • USB Connected Smart Insulin Pens

  • Disposable Insulin Pens

  • Smart Insulin Pen Caps

Key USPs of this research report

The report is helpful to the readers in various ways. The report is presented in a manner such that the detailed segmentation makes the global market easy to understand as it covers each and every part of the market. It shows the analysis and results in the form of different types of graphs, charts, etc. that help the readers grasp the results at a single glance. To present a logical flow, the report starts with the basic definitions of the market along with a brief on key products currently available in the market. The report comprises a section on the competitive landscape of the global insulin delivery pens market. This section presents the current market structure and share of some of the top companies operating in the global insulin delivery pens market and helps enterprises study the current developments of the key players in the global insulin delivery pens market along with their future growth strategies.

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