Intelligent Pigging Services Market

Intelligent Pigging Services Market: Inspection of Small Diameter Pipelines Gaining High Traction: Global Industry Analysis, 2014 - 2018 and Opportunity Assessment, 2019 - 2029

Intelligent Pigging Services Market - Key Research Findings

  1. The global intelligent pigging services market was valued at ~US$ 537 Mn in 2018.
  2. During the forecast period of 2019-2029, the intelligent pigging services market is projected to grow at a CAGR of ~6%.
  3. The magnetic flux leakage technology of intelligent pigging services is expected to remain the most preferred technology, primarily for its high flexibility.
  4. North America market is predicted to hold nearly half of the revenue shares in the intelligent pigging services market by the end of 2029.
    • North America market is expected to continue to be an opportunistic market for intelligent pigging services, owing to greater adoption of magnetic flux leakage technology and increasing demand for flexible products.

Important Factors Shaping the Intelligent Pigging Services Market

  • Robust Advancements in Inspection Technologies

    Due to rising integration of automation technology, the original equipment manufacturers and vendors are constantly improving their pipeline inspections and maintenance by investing in research and developments. Advanced intelligent pigging technologies enable efficient diagnosis of flow in the pipeline.

    Intelligent pigging services providers are constantly aiming to find dents and deformations that are used by pipeline operators.

  • High Cost of Intelligent Pigging Services as a Restraining Factor

    According to the FMI’s analysis, the average pricing of intelligent pigging technologies such as UT, MFL, and EMAT technologies require substantial capital investments, which hampers its adoption especially in the developing economies such as India and ASEAN countries. Due to high cost involved in intelligent pigging services, various pipeline operators opt for cost-effective alternatives as compared to smart or intelligent pigging services. This will restraint the growth of the intelligent pigging services market.

    Growing number of players in the intelligent pigging services market have also intensified the competition, which in turn, will dwindle profit margins especially in the U.S. where there are large number of original equipment manufacturers.

  • Inventing Small Pigs for Conventional Use

    Due to rise in demand for more sophisticated and small-sized electronic systems, manufacturers are offering comparatively small intelligent pigs for conventional use. Due to the invention of smaller size intelligent pigs, inspection and maintenance of the small-diameter has become possible. The result is likely to lead to significant growth of the intelligent pigging services market.

    Alike pigging, manufacturers follow same standards for small pigs i.e. API Standard (In-line inspection systems qualification standard), NACE International (Recommended practice for in-line inspection pipelines) and American Society of Non-destructive Testing (In-line inspection personnel qualification and certification).

  • Intensifying Pressure Due to Stringent Regulations Representing a Potential Threat

    With the growing industry and government regulations, regions such as North America and Western Europe have stringent pipeline safety regulations in place to protect the environment and avoid business discontinuity. This intensifying pressure is likely to pose as a potential threat for intelligent pigging service providers. Most regulatory authorities across the world lay emphasis on regular inspection and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines as their regular supply is the key to ensure stable economic growth.

Main Strategies and Areas of Focus for Prominent Market Players

  • The intelligent pigging services market is a moderately competitive market.
  • Main strategies monitored by key players in the intelligent pigging services market are the expansion of business through mergers and acquisitions, product launches, recognitions, alliances, and collaborations. Key market players focus on strategies such as innovations and product expansions through new dealership collaborations and networks.
  • Noteworthy investments in research and development for novel and sturdy products are anticipated to boost the growth of the intelligent pigging services market.
  • Leading players in the intelligent pigging services market are T.D. Williamson, Inc., LIN SCAN, GE Oil and Gas (PII Pipeline Solutions), Baker Hughes Incorporated, Enduro Pipeline Services Inc., NDT Global, OMV Group, Petrobras, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, and ConocoPhillips, among others.

Intelligent Pigging Services Market: Segmentation


  • Magnetic Flux Leakage
  • Ultrasonic Test

End Use

  • Oil
  • Gas


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • APEJ
  • Japan
  • Middle East and Africa

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Intelligent Pigging Services Market