Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Market

Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Market: Consumption of Whey Protein Hydrolysates in Sports Nutrition & Infant Formula to Act as Growth Engine: Global Industry Analysis 2013 - 2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018 - 2028

Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Market Outlook

The protein hydrolysate ingredients market is anticipated to record moderate growth during the forecast period 2018-2028, and numerous influencers are at play. Among the others, utilization of protein hydrolysate ingredients for the preparation of animal feeds is a crucial driver towards the growing market size. Benefits of protein hydrolysate ingredients such as high protein content, fresh product, and high digestibility have been increasing its use for pet nutrition.

The trend of petting animals has been increasing in the developed countries, which unlocks favourable prospects regarding the growth of the protein hydrolysate ingredients market. Numerous households are keeping aside separate budgets for their pets. As a result, manufacturers are launching premium animal meals, which are used as viable alternatives for fish, chicken, and dog feeds.

Besides this, the availability of protein hydrolysate ingredients in the liquid form other than the powder form plays integral in the diversification of the product portfolio. This has encouraged several end-use industries to maximize the use of protein hydrolysate ingredients in infant formula, sauces and spreads, bakery and confectionery, sports nutrition, and clinical nutrition, among others.

During the spread of COVID-19, several campaigns intended at improving the immunity have been launched. As a result, individuals are being more aware of their health and are looking for additional nutrients to stay fit during the lockdown. Given this influence, the use of protein hydrolysate ingredients has significantly increased in the clinical nutrition industry.

During the lockdown, a majority of individuals were focused on controlling their weight by increasing their protein intake. The trend is anticipated to remain relevant even post the COVID-19 crisis, as gyms and other fitness activities would increase. Manufacturers of food and beverage industries are coming up with an innovative blend of taste and health through the usage of dietary supplement.

Global Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Market Value is Approximately Expected to double from its Current Value by End of Forecast Period

The global protein hydrolysate ingredients market is expected to surpass a value of US$ 1 billion by 2018. From 2018 to 2028, the protein hydrolysate ingredients market is likely to expand by 2X at a CAGR of 7.3%, as predicted by a recent Future Market Insights report that offers a detailed analysis of the global protein hydrolysate ingredients market between 2018 and 2028. The protein hydrolysate ingredients market report predicts that the growth of the specialty ingredients market will remain among the key driving factors responsible for the growth of the protein hydrolysate ingredients market up to 2028.

A large number of new application areas of protein hydrolysate ingredients in the food industry and elevating interest in specialist nutrition are also expected to encourage the consumption of protein hydrolysate ingredients in the next few years. Recently, the growing demand for vegan food products due to increased vegan population and high-protein ingredients across the globe has been identified to be an important factor driving the protein hydrolysate ingredients market, especially for plant-based protein hydrolysate ingredients.

Protein hydrolysate ingredients are used in clinical nutrition to reduce the viscosity of sip feeds, which are specially designed for the aged or elderly population. Increasing ageing population and their concerns about balanced nutrition is a major factor driving the demand for protein hydrolysate ingredients in clinical nutrition. Lactose intolerance in infants and related gastrointestinal issues due to the consumption of cow milk-based formula has witnessed a significant increase in the recent past.

Whey hydrolysate formulas may be seen as acceptable alternatives to soy or casein hydrolysate formulas for most infants with gastrointestinal symptoms caused by cow milk and/or formula intolerance. Adverse reactions to cow milk and other associated conditions, such as phenylketonuria and lactose intolerance, can be treated or avoided by using protein hydrolysate ingredients-based formula, which is among factors expected to drive the demand for protein hydrolysate ingredients over the forecast period.

Increase in the number of affluent consumers, coupled with rising awareness among consumers regarding health and nutrition-related issues in developed regions such as North America and Europe, are factors driving the demand for new & healthy specialist nutrition products such as protein hydrolysate ingredients-based nutrition, and this trend is expected to continue to drive the protein hydrolysate ingredients market over the forecast period.

Protein hydrolysate ingredients have higher bioavailability and absorption characteristics as compared to other whole proteins, which is highly beneficial for post-exercise recovery and muscle building. As a result, the demand for applications in sports nutrition and slimming food products has been witnessing a significant increase in the recent past. The emergence of sports nutrition and increasing demand for functional food for weight management & slimming are other major factors driving the global protein hydrolysate ingredients market.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients to Remain the Top Choice; North America to Continue Dominance over Other Regions

Whey protein hydrolysate ingredients, despite being the most sought-after type of ingredients, are likely to face significant market saturation through 2028. High consumption of whey protein and protein ingredients is expected to collectively provide an impetus to the global demand for protein hydrolysate ingredients.

A detailed regional analysis in the protein hydrolysate ingredients market report prompts at the continued lead of the North American protein hydrolysate ingredients market owing to an increase in the number of specialty food ingredient processing industries in the US, which secures its position as the global leader in the protein hydrolysate ingredients market.

Sports Nutrition to Register Maximum Consumption, Followed by Infant Formula

Among the different end-user segments analysed in the protein hydrolysate ingredients market report, sports nutrition, infant formula and clinical nutrition hold dominant positions in the protein hydrolysate ingredients market. However, it is expected that, in the coming years, other applications such as bakery & confectionery and processed foods will create substantial demand for protein hydrolysate ingredients.

The inclusion of Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients in Sports Nutrition to Reap Ergogenic Benefits in an Easily Absorbable Form

Protein hydrolysate ingredients mixed with sports nutrition provides improved performance for athletes, sportspersons and health-conscious people. The consumption of easily absorbed protein-rich food & beverage products, such as protein shakes, results in an instant spike in the level of plasma acids over body workouts, i.e., before, during and after workouts. The consumption of protein hydrolysate ingredients helps in rapid recovery post intense workouts.

Protein hydrolysate ingredients improve muscle building and enhance performance with improved taste and more protein content. The sports nutrition segment is expected to hold 30% of the protein hydrolysate ingredients market in 2028 owing to its growing adoption among sports nutrition product manufacturers.

Fortification of Infant Formula with Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Presents an Excellent Alternative to Hypo-allergenic Infants

Protein hydrolysate ingredients play an important role in terms of infant formula products in the fast-growing health & wellness sector, and are vital ingredients in these products. However, various concerns related to the digestion of protein-based formula and lactose intolerance in infants as well as adults, particularly in Asia Pacific regions, is resulting in an increase in the demand for protein hydrolysate-based infant formula, sports nutrition, clinical nutrition, etc. This, in turn, represents significant potential in terms of opportunity for manufacturers to enter into the protein hydrolysate ingredients market.

The rising popularity of infant formula products with protein hydrolysate ingredients is expected to drive the overall market revenue. Furthermore, product innovation and new product launches by major market participants are expected to drive the demand for protein hydrolysate ingredients. Leading players are investing a large percentage of their profit in research & development activities to formulate products with reduced bitterness in taste.

 For infants who suffer from or are prone to Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA), nutritional products manufacturers have formulated and introduced hydrolysate-based infant food product in their product portfolio. Such improved formulations will provide infants the necessary nutrition to manage existing CMA and to ensure the reduction of health risks associated with the same.

The number of premium sport nutrition brands being introduced in markets in developed as well as developing countries has increased significantly in the recent past. An increasing number of younger consumers are focused on health and sports nutrition, which is, in turn, boosting the demand and adoption of protein hydrolysate ingredient products across the globe. Increasing demand for clinical nutrition among ageing members of the global population is further strengthening the growth of the protein hydrolysate ingredients market.

Increasing urban population, coupled with a change in consumer lifestyle, are factors fuelling the demand for premium sport nutrition products, especially in case of affluent consumers. Some of the major players that offer protein hydrolysate ingredients-based sport and clinical nutrition products include Arla Food Ingredients Group, Davisco and Hilmar Ingredients.

The increasing usage of modern technology and social networking sites is propelling the usage of online shopping for the purchase of infant formula and sport nutrition products in developed as well as developing countries. In developed countries, the online sales of infant formula have increased as compared to offline sales.

Working mothers are among key potential customers that e-Commerce marketers focus on, owing to which they offer protein hydrolysate ingredients-based infant formulas. The sales of nutrition products on online shopping sites provide customers a convenient option to purchase and choose from a wide variety of nutrition products in a relatively short span of time as compared to visiting a store.

The demand for protein hydrolysate ingredients in the global market is rapidly growing, and to cater to the increasing demand, manufacturers are focusing on the launch of new and innovative products in the protein hydrolysate ingredients market.

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