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2020 Analysis and Review: Wrinkle Release Spray Market by Product Type – Scented Wrinkle Spray and Unscented Wrinkle Spray for 2020 - 2030

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Wrinkle release spray manufacturers have been capitalizing on the increasing fabric care sector sales since the last few years. Increasing consumer spending on fabric care is likely to create lucrative opportunity in upcoming years especially in developing economies such as India, China, Brazil, UAE, Russia, and Australia. Thanks to hectic lifestyle, consumers are seeking out products that will ease their daily chores. This is expected to create attractive opportunities for the growth of the market.

In its new study, ESOMAR-certified market research and consulting firm Future Market Insights (FMI) offers insights about key factors driving demand for wrinkle release spray. The report tracks the global demand for wrinkle release spray in 20+ high-growth markets, along with analyzing the impact COVID-19 has had on global sales.

How Does the Historic and Future Outlook of Wrinkle Release Spray Market Compare?

Wrinkle release sprays were formulated to relax the fabric’s fiber, smoothing creases on it. It allows traveler to avoid keeping heavy ironing machines while travelling and it works like an iron function. It also helps in refreshing the fabric. Wrinkle release sprays are available in scented variant, to prevent clothes’ odor after they are freshly laundered.

Moreover, as a result of the increasing demand for scented wrinkle release spray products, market players have been focusing on product diversification, launching new and refreshing fragrances. According to FMI’s analysis, wrinkle release spray sales are set to grow at 5.0% CAGR between 2020 and 2030.

How Big will be the Demand for Wrinkle Releasing Spray from Fabric/Apparel Care Industry?

Due to the ease in applicability and fast results, demand for wrinkle release sprays in increasing. Booming travel industry has been indirectly aiding in accelerating the demand of wrinkle release sprays. Consumers just require to carry a bottle of wrinkle release spray, apply it on apparel or fabric which will reduce the need of time taking ironing process.

The laundry care industry is experiencing strong year-on-year growth as a result of hospitality, retail, and tourism industry. This too will contribute towards the expansion of the overall market.

COVID-19 Causing Concerns Among Wrinkle Release Spray Manufacturers

For the most part of 2020, consumers remained home-bound and self-quarantined during extended period of lockdown around the world. Work from home culture became more prevalent than ever before and virtual communication emerged as the most trusted and safest ways of communications. As people around the world stayed indoors, it limited the utilization of new, pressed and wrinkle free clothes, as people favored wearing casuals while working from home.

This main trend made course impact on a large number of the products and services, and wrinkle release spray is one of such products. Despite the fact that wrinkle release spray represents even one percent of in overall retail sales, however is key for the producers.

Few of the manufacturers of wrinkle release spray had adequate stock, and were prepared to supply it to retailers on their demand. In any case, thrifty consumer sentiment during the major part of 2020 restricted the wrinkle release spray sales to under 40% compared against Y-o-Y 2019. The global wrinkle release spray market witnessed the par growth.

Will Add-on Features Aid Wrinkle Release Spray Sales Growth?

Being a less complex products and products which are not chemistry oriented, wrinkle release spray manufacturers are developing item with new highlights. One of the main wrinkle release spray brands has presented an economic choice on Amazon, which besides releasing wrinkles, kills odor and eliminates static charge in fabric.

Simplicity of applicability is a key factor fueling the demand for wrinkle release sprays. Customers simply need to pick the container and spray it on fabric, which at last diminishes the requirement for pressing the apparel or fabric.

A range of the brands have collaborated with detergent and softener brands, and are offering packaged deals. This business approach additionally creates consumer awareness about the brand and inevitably assists brand in gaining traction.

Early Mover Wrinkle Release Sprays Brands Gaining Traction in Europe and North America

Over the last few years, wrinkle release sprays are accessible in retail markets of North America and Europe. With market position on maturity curve of product life cycle, wrinkle release spray brands have restricted extent of improving retail prominence. Driving brands have consumed shelves just as advanced stage on digital platform, as they advantage the early movers.

Unlike in the West, the market in the East comparatively newer. A smaller number of consumers identify these sprays and a much lesser number of customers actually end up adding the product to their cart. Since, being at undeveloped stage, the Asian market offers lucrative opportunities for wrinkle release spray brands.

South Asia represented under 17% sales share of wrinkle release spray out the global sales in 2019. Europe ruled the sales with somewhat more than 23% offer in the very year. Regardless of being a market at undeveloped stage and an enormous populace base, Asian market are yet not ready for investment. Shoppers in high potential nations such as China, India, and Indonesia will be prepared to receive such products simply after 2025.

How Are Wrinkle Release Sprays Sales Affected by Fabric Care Industry Performance?

The fabric care industry is vulnerable to changes in consumer preference. For example, consumer stability, regular usage and, convenience offered by products are some of the key determinants influencing a consumer’s choice. Hence, negative impact felt by the fabric care industry amid COVID-19 also had an adverse impact on overall wrinkle release spray sales.

Moreover, due to this period of economic slowdown, buyers will as a rule save money to deal with pandemic situation. Changing behavior pattern among consumers is likely to have significant impact on the fabric care industry, negatively affecting sales prospects for wrinkle release spray market.

Is Availability Low-cost Alternative a Key Restraint?

Regions such as Oceania, South East, and the Middle East and Africa are as of now seeing a moderate growth in the expansion of business business on private and business fronts, which is influencing interest for wrinkle release spray.

In recent years the demand from the household sector has significantly increased. This in turn has been aiding the overall expansion of the market. Moreover, with the presence of alternative resources in the market for the wrinkle spray users can prepared by individuals themselves at their own households owing to which consumers shifting towards making wrinkle sprays at their own households.

Henceforth, consumers are shifting towards low cost alternative of wrinkle release sprays.

How Brand Optimization Strategy will drive Wrinkle Release Spray Market?

Major wrinkle release spray brands in the market are segment into mass and premium brand. Featuring a very slight difference amongst the brands play an important role to differentiate the brands available in the market.

Economic wrinkle release sprays are available in the market at lesser price in comparison to premium brands which reduces the harmful effect on skin by chemical based wrinkle release sprays. Plant based formation of wrinkle release is also available which work as effective as other brands Cold Iron offered plant based wrinkle release spray in the market target the residential consumers.

Brand owners are choosing the right sales channel by evaluating the market dynamics and presence of their product.

Country-wise Insights

How big is the Opportunity in the U.S.?

The U.S. accounted for nearly 90% of the wrinkle release sprays market in North America. Sales in the country have remained consistent without reporting much change. Due to current trade war equation with China, and the impact of COVID-19, purchasers are looking at ‘Made in US’ wrinkle release spray solutions with a renewed interest.

Considering the circumstances in 2019, many retailers started taking proactive approach to reduce their dependency on foreign imports. However, the fact being that domestic products are expensive and the cost is eventually passed on to the purchaser could have negative impact. As per FMI’s analysis, wrinkle release spray will continue to be the popular choice in the U.S., with the rising demand of hassle free fabric care.

How will U.K. Wrinkle Release Spray Sales Grow?

The U.K. wrinkle release spray market has been expanding at a steady pace. The demand for low-cost mass options is growing at a higher rate than demand for premium sprays. The pandemic also influenced consumer behavior in terms of social distancing, as most consumers are buying the products through online mode of sales channel, which give them an option to choose from a wide range of brands in online platform.

Online sales channels also help them in comparing the feature and price of the products. Overall, the sales of wrinkle release spray in the U.K. are poised to recover, however, reaching pre-COVID-19 pandemic status will depend on a host of macro-factors, most notably consumer confidence and trade scenario.

What is Germany’s Contribution to Wrinkle Release Spray Market?

As it is in case with many European countries, environmental regulations heavily influence the manufacturing process of wrinkle release sprays in Germany. Considering the nature of daily usage of the product, the price range plays vital role especially since consumers in Germany continue to shift from one brand to another.

The Germany wrinkle release spray market continues to be competitive. Most of the wrinkle release spray production in Germany is concentrated among small and medium enterprises, and only a handful of players operate on a global scale. Germany holds one-fourth market share of the wrinkle releasing spray in overall Europe market.

What are the Opportunities for Wrinkle Release Spray Manufacturers in China?

Among countries in the East Asia, China accounted for of almost half in East Asia market in terms of revenue in 2019, followed by South Korea and Japan. The expansion of consumer goods sector will remain a chief driver of the market. Besides this, sales will be backed by the country’s solid hospitality and tourism sector.

Category-Wise Insights

Scented Wrinkle Release Sprays Remain Top-selling

The scented wrinkle release spray segment is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% during 2020-2030. This segment is expected to show continuous growth and account for three fourth of value share over the forecast period. It is expected to gain from continuous development in fabric care industry and launch of innovative range of scented wrinkle release sprays.

Why Conventional Wrinkle Release Spray are Preferred?

The conventional wrinkle release spray segment contributes comparatively high revenue and accounted for around 59% value share of the overall global market in 2019. The rising consumer trend for using conventional product which is cost effective in comparison to the natural wrinkle release spray will fuel demand. Conventional wrinkle release sprays and their application in the fabric care industry is expected to remain high through the forecast period.

Which Sales Channel is More Preferred by Wrinkle Release Spray Companies?

Hypermarkets and supermarkets have emerged as highly effective sales channels for the wrinkle release spray sales. They are expected to continue dominating the market through the forecast period. According to FMI, in terms of price-range, these sales channels will register higher demand for mass products.

Competitive Landscape

The global wrinkle release spray market is quite fragmented exhibiting the presence of a large number of players. Companies operating in the market are focusing on expanding their online presence. Besides this, the market has been showcasing considerable investment towards product launches.

  • For instance, B&M sells crease releasing sprays with an aim of saving time on ironing
  • Tom and Sheri also introduced wrinkle releasing sprays under the brand name IRON IN A BOTTLE , which is a plant-based formula in 2019

Some of the leading companies operating in the market are:

  • Procter & Gamble Co.
  • Kao Corporation
  • Unilever PLC
  • Faultless
  • Grandma's Secret Products
  • Cold Iron
  • The Laundress
  • Grove Collaborative
  • MiiSTS
  • Real Simple
  • FREY Inc.

*The list is not exhaustive, and only for representational purposes. Full competitive intelligence with SWOT analysis available in the report.

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US, Canada, Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Jordan.

Key Segments Covered

Product Type, Nature, Price Range, Sales Channel and Region

Key Companies Profiled

  • Procter & Gamble Co.
  • Kao Corporation
  • Unilever PLC
  • Faultless
  • Grandma's Secret Products
  • Cold Iron
  • The Laundress
  • Grove Collaborative
  • MiiSTS
  • Real Simple
  • FREY Inc.
  • Others (As Per Request)

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Key Questions Answered in the Report

  • What is the wrinkle release spray market size?

    The global wrinkle release spray market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period 2020-2030. As per FMI, the wrinkle release spray market valuation is around US$ 651.2 Mn in 2019.

  • Which is the most lucrative market for wrinkle release spray?

    The U.S. currently leads the global market for wrinkle release spray market. Sales in the U.S. account for nearly one-fourth of global sales.

  • Which are some of the leading companies in the wrinkle release spray market?

    Some of the leading companies in wrinkle release spray market are Procter & Gamble Co., Kao Corporation, Unilever PLC, Faultless, Grandma's Secret Products, Cold Iron, The Laundress, Grove Collaborative, MiiSTS, Real Simple, and FREY Inc. among others.

  • Which sales channel is more preferred by wrinkle release spray producers?

    While supermarkets and hypermarkets continue to dominate the market as the leading sales channel, an increasing number of producers are likely to shift focus towards improving their online presence.

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Wrinkle Release Spray Market by Category

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  • Scented Wrinkle Spray
  • Unscented Wrinkle Spray


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  • Conventional

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  • Premium (US$ 200 and Above)

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  • Hypermarkets/Supermarkets
  • Multi-Brand Stores
  • Exclusive Stores/ Franchise Outlets
  • Departmental Stores
  • Independent Small Stores
  • Online Retailers
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  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)
  • Oceania

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