Corrugated Pallet Wrap Market

Corrugated Pallet Wrap Market : Global Industry Analysis 2016 - 2020 and Opportunity Assessment 2021 - 2031

Market Overview

Corrugated pallet wraps are made from paper mainly for the protection of palletized cargo either for domestic or international shipment. It is the latest development in the packaging industry to overcome the problems that companies faced while shipping cargo. The corrugated pallet wrap is made out of paper board material and stretched out with other reinforced materials such as,bamboo pulp and soft wood pulp that increase its strength and durability of the same. The corrugated pallet wrap market is showcasing a growing trend from last many years as various end-use industries are using pallet wraps for packaging purposes.

What are the key growth drivers for corrugated pallet wrap?

In the modern era of sustainability and people becoming more and more aware of rising environmental concerns, corrugated pallet wrap turns out to be a green& easily recyclable option. Also compared to plastic and metal wraps, corrugated paper pallet wraps are way cheaper and also easily available. In future, due to strict laws overusing non-biodegradable materials and scrutiny from global environmental organizations, and certain bans on plastics unlock several opportunities for the paper-based products. Therefore, the manufacturers of corrugated pallet wraps have more lucrative opportunity in the market. Also, more and more countries are promoting and shifting to green packaging options, for either creating a positiveimage in the minds of the consumers or increasing the goodwill in the market. Significant rise in global shipping & logistics due to robust demand of goods manufactured in foreign countries, also acts as a growth driver of corrugated pallet wrap market.

Which all factors can hinder the growth of corrugated pallet wrap market?

A downturn is seen in the global demand due to recession in paper producing countries such as China, Japan and USA due to lack of proper technologies or irregular supplies of useful raw materials. The unusual demand patterns showcasedby small and medium scale industries, which still use plastics for packaging and overlooks the hazards caused by plastic. The overall trends of the industry may not show the negative trends but some regions like developing countries may face problems that may hinder the corrugated paper wrap's market stability.

What are the recent developments in the corrugated pallet wrap industry?

The sectors using corrugated paper and wraps for the packaging either as primary, secondary or tertiary forms are continuously rising as companies are moving towards lighter-weight packaging to obtain a protective and economical packaging option which every end-use industry prefers. The E-commerce industry has made use of corrugated pallet wraps for packaging small as well as large products so that companies can eliminate extra size materials such as fit to product boxes, making these wraps to exactly fit for the product.This also ensures that the package box does not has extra filler materials inside. Brands accepting sustainable packaging are also switching towards easy to open and light-weighted corrugated pallet wrap packaging for high value as well as low-value products.

What are the factors that affect the corrugated pallet wrap market?

The exponential growth of e-commerce industry and growing consumer awareness towards brands using environment-friendly materials for packaging are affecting the corrugated pallet market positively. Surveys from all over the world show a growing trend towards people choosing more bio-degradable materials for packaging and easier to open, hassle-free packaging which in turn do not negatively affect nature. Top paper producing companies are making it easier for global manufacturers with eco-friendly packaging materials with increased usage of research and development while they come up with new products or variants of current products.

What can be future growth prospects for the corrugated pallet wrap industry?

The highest surge in the number of online shoppers in recent years has proven a boost for packaging as well as corrugated paper industry. As it is a fragmented market, the small and medium scale manufacturers are recording growth because well-known brands in the world are moving and pledging towards manufacturing sustainable packaging and shipping materials. Thebiggest market players of the e-commerce industry, as well as electrical & electronics manufacturing companies, are focusing towards eco-friendly packaging materials to achieve sustainability goals.

Key manufacturers of corrugated pallet wrap

Which are the latest trends in the corrugated paper wrap market?

  • Fit to product is the latest development in the packaging industry that drives the corrugated paper pallet market and shows an upward trend due to the invention of such new type of packaging.
  • Sustainability is the new demand from the consumers from all over the globe, either too big companies or small there must be sustainability followed by the company in packaging to be present in the market in the current scenario.
  • Digital printing advancements are still in the very initial stages in the corrugated paper industry but due to customization as a trend, or a brand wanting to distinguish from all other brands, digital printing on corrugatedpallet wrap as started on a large scale.
  • Retail ready packaging is the newest trend in the western countries mainly in Europe, due to changes in formats of retailing and online grocery available, the packaging industry needed to cope up with packaging which is a perfect fit for the requirement.
  • E-commerce is the fastest growing industry all over the globe, along with the need of packaging those goods while in transit, till it reaches the consumer, the need of safe and light weight packaging has increased. The Popularity of hassle-free packaging has played a vital role in increasing the demand for corrugated pallet wraps.

What are current dimensions of corrugated pallet wraps?

  • Progroup started the manufacturing work of its third plant of making corrugated sheets. Its company's overall twelfth plant and its third plant in Poland. StryKow will now be among the biggest manufacturer of corrugated paper in the world.
  • Metsa fiber gets a 200 million € loan from the European investment bank for setting up a bio product mill in northern, Finland. The project is aimed at generating renewable resources by using renewable energy, keeping environmental concerns as a primary goal of it.
  • Mayr-Mehlnof group acquired one of the manufacturing plants from the International Paper Company. Also, they acquired Kwidzyn forms as their part making carton board of high quality made from fiber.
  • Mondi agreed to acquire a Turkish corrugated paper company from the International Paper named Olmuksan, which is a well-established leading corrugated paper company in Turkey.
  • Leading Paper & cardboard-making company Grupo Gondi started its musketeer's mill in Monterrey, Mexico. It is the most modern paper mill in whole Latin America.
  • Germany is and will remain the world's top paper consumer in coming years also, due to the negative image of plastic in the industry and also it has the highest number of per capita consumption of paper in the world.
  • One of the largest global producers of paper pulp and paper company paper excellence completely acquired Eldorado Brasil cellulose.
  • Papeterie de Begles is been completely closed down by the Etex group, which was located in the southwestern part of France, which opens new markets for its competitors.
  • HeathpakLtd. Which is a Newport, Wales-based Company that was recently acquired by Solidus Solutions, it came as a result when solidus solutions decided to expand its product portfolio.
  • Smurfit Kappa Group according to its modernization plans and planned expansion has made itself stronger in Latin America, the global packaging giant has invested in keeping an eye on making sustainable packaging solutions by eliminating negative effects on nature.

How covid-19 impacted the corrugated pallet wrap market?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the risk of contamination made packaging as the most important attribute. The impact was very negative as supply chain and the manufacturing capabilities of the companies were disturbed,and many industries faced a down fall.

Food packaging is the largest consumer of corrugated pallet wraps for packaging along with e-commerce, as the fear of virus made safe and proper packaging a compulsory practice for almost all the countries in the world. Demand for packaging in B2B supplies was seen to be going negative but all other industries such as household, personal care, food, footwear witnessed a greater demand than usual in the pandemic also. Consumer packaging and healthcare packaging was highest during the peak of pandemic times. On the other hand, the pandemicenabledonline deliveries of almost everything to the homes of consumers that included the delivery of fresh food and other essential commodities for survival. All the manufacturers kept their capacities utilized due to a rise in demand for one or the other form of corrugated pallet wrap for the packaging.

Corrugated Pallet Wrap Market is segmented further as:-

By Application:

  • Electrical & electronics
  • Glassware & ceramics
  • Food &beverages
  • Textiles & apparels
  • Retail industry
  • Other industries (pharmaceutical, shipping& logistics )

By Material Type

  • Unbleached Kraft liner
  • Bleached Kraft liner

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