Enjoy Eastern Europe by Seeking Out Cheap and Cheerful Accommodation

Enjoy Eastern Europe by Seeking Out Cheap and Cheerful Accommodation

Market Overview

Can any other tourist destination truly compete with the wonders of Europe- It offers drop-dead gorgeous scenery, friendly locals, a rich culture, ancient history and of course – spectacular diversity in food! Little wonder then that European nations dominate the World Tourism Rankings and account for seven of the top ten spots. While Western European nations like France and Spain get all the attention, Eastern Europe has become increasingly popular for both budget travellers and those seeking to take the ‘road less travelled’. Eastern Europe was largely closed off to the rest of the world during the Cold War and was behind the so-called ‘Iron Curtain’. Most of these nations are fully democratic today and have by and large morphed into developed countries. This has led to a massive influx of tourism, giving rise to many affordable resorts in Eastern Europe. This region offers a particularly appealing alternative for tourists interested in history as it is steeped in it. Some popular Eastern European destinations include the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania. According to the European Tourism Commission Data, Slovakia alone recorded a growth of 30% till the month of October 2016 as compared to the previous year. This truly bodes well for the affordable resorts in Eastern Europe.

Affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe: Drivers

Skiing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Europe in the bitterly cold winter months of December to February. Skiing in Western Europe nations like Austria, Switzerland and France can be extremely expensive. Affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe offer enticing packages to their customers which also include a few days of skiing. Skiing here is one of the most economical in the world and many resorts have hosted international events which has improved their service and facilities a great deal. The second major driver for Affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe is tourists seeking out beach destinations. During the months of July and August, Europeans famously flock to beaches seeking a bit of ‘sun and sand’. While the most high-profile destinations are definitely the French and Italian Rivera, only the lucky few can afford their eye-watering prices. For the deal-seekers, there is no better option than Eastern Europe. Places like Montenegro, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania and Croatia are only a few hours away by flight from Western Europe and they provide a good alternative to pricey destinations.

The third driver boosting occupancy for Affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe is the Schengen Visa Agreement. Eastern European nations like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia are already part of it while Bulgaria and Romania are expected to join shortly. This boosts their potential not only for fellow Europeans but also foreigners who can explore these pristine destinations on a single visa.

Moreover, people are seeking out safe and secure destinations and Eastern European countries are easily amongst the safest on the planet. All this will boost the revenue potential of the Affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe.

Affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe: Restraints

A major challenge for Affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe is the improving economic scenario of the region. During the Communism period, there was a strong focus on domestic tourists as they were not only encouraged by the government but were also given the opportunity through company-owned resorts or package rate discounts. With the accession of these nations to the EU and their improving economic position, new markets were opened up to the west. These countries have become more interesting and less difficult to travel to than in the past. The second major issue is political uncertainty in the entire EU with BREXIT being one of the biggest shocks. The GBP fell to a thirty-year low post the referendum which may make even affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe unaffordable for British people!

Some of the Affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe

Some Affordable Resorts in Eastern Europe include Hotel Habakuk in Slovenia, Hotel Bora in Macedonia, Hotel Lek in Slovenia, Grand Hotel Jasna in Slovakia, Hotel Sport & Spa in Romania MPM Hotel Sport in Bulgaria and Hotel Bistrica in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Eastern Europe Affordable Resorts Industry Overview

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Eastern Europe Affordable Resorts Industry Overview