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Liquid Waste Management Market

Liquid Waste Management Market

Liquid Waste Management Market

Liquid Waste Management Market:Global Industry Analysis 2015 - 2019 and Opportunity Assessment; 2020 - 2030

Liquid Waste Management Market Overview

Liquid Waste Management Market Outlook:

Liquid wastes include wastewater released from commercial establishments, industries, and households. Liquid waste is secreted from different sources daily, and so liquid wastes are treated differently according to their harmful composition.

It is comparatively difficult to treat liquid waste as compared to the solid waste as it gets easily soaked into the surrounding environment.It is mandatory to treat liquid waste irrespective of its source or type.

Inappropriate liquid waste management can result in pollution. It can result in contamination of surface water by changing the composition of surface water or can contaminate soil if disposed of improperly disrupting the growth of biodiversity.

Besides this, organizations are by law required to treat and ensure proper disposal of liquid waste as and when generated. Large scale commercial establishments like industries and manufacturing units are hiring waste management companies to treat and dispose of their commercial wastes.

Liquid waste management companies are offering septic tanks and cesspit emptying services to treat and dispose of liquid water waste. Companies like Waste Management Inc. are currently using technologies like "deep well" injection to treat wastewaters that include acid, ammonia and other caustic wastewaters.

Dissolved air floatation (DAF), electro-coagulation, electro-oxidation, evaporative treatments are other commonly used treatments for liquid waste management. Besides this, companies are undertaking numerous waste management programs in different regions to solve waste management issues.

For eg, Waste management Inc has established a charitable program that supports state-certified organizations to resolve their waste management problems, Suez group of France Luxembourg along with UK based Environment Investments Ltd are currently working together to establish a proper waste management system in Serbia.

Apart from companies, regional governments are also introducing campaigns to promote waste management, for eg The Indian government introduced “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” to promote waste management.

Reasons for covering the liquid waste management market title:

The amount of waste secreted globally is expected to rise. According to the World Bank’s reports, on current levels, global waste is expected to rise by 70% by 2050. World Bank report also states that factors like continuous growing population and constant urbanization will shoot up the amount of waste generated globally.

It is expected to rise up to 3.40 billion tonnes by the next 30 years. This is where the need for proper waste management arises. In order to handle a large volume of liquid waste, companies and regional governments are hiring waste management companies.

The stringent regulations, norms, and standards laid down by the government is another reason why industries are opting for liquid waste management services. Growing pollution level is another factor that mandates the adoption of liquid waste management techniques to treat industrial and sewage wastes released daily on a larger scale.

Global liquid waste management market: Regional Outlook

The global liquid waste management market is anticipated to register significant growth across many regions during the forecast period. The global liquid waste management market is classified into seven key areas: North America, Europe, Latin America, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East & Africa.

The United States is a potential market for liquid waste management services as many large liquid waste management players are currently operating in the American market. Asia is another popular region.

Countries like India and China in the Asian region are potential markets as the countries are densely populated and so the need for sewage waste management is high. Rapid industrialization is another aspect that is likely to boost the market in the regions of America, Europe, and Asia collectively.

Global liquid waste management market: Key Players

Some local and international key players currently operating are

  • Waste Management Inc;
  • Republic services Inc;
  • Clean Harbors;
  • Stericycle Inc;
  • Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd;
  • Waste connections Inc;
  • Convanta Holding Corporation.

Factors like economic affordability, customization of treatment services, use of high-end technology and safety measures are driving the liquid waste management market.

Liquid waste management Market: Segmentation

By Service Users

  • Services for municipalities
  • Services for commercial and tertiary sectors
  • Services for industrial and manufacturing sectors 

By Liquid Waste Source

  • Residential 
  • Industrial and Manufacturing units
  • Commercial establishments (Office, Restaurants, etc.)

By Industry Type

  • Pharmaceutics
  • Chemical Industries
  • Oil and Gas
  • Paper
  • Automotive
  • Textile industries
  • Others

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