Oil Dispenser Market

Oil Dispenser Market : Global Industry Analysis 2016 - 2020 and Opportunity Assessment 2021 - 2031

Market Overview

The oil dispenser serves as the medium for easy accessibility to different types of oil. The oil dispenser is used at different places to transfer the oil from one container/tank/vehicle to different. It comes in two types and they are submersible and suction. The significance of the oil dispenser is ensuring the pumping of the appropriate amount of oil in the tank/container. These dispensers are been used by various industries as there are different types of oils consumed or used by different sectors. The oil dispenser is made up of different materials like glass, metal, and plastic. The significance of the oil dispenser is enhancing the efficiency of oil, preventing the cross-contamination of oil, prevent wastage of oil, and also not requiring a separate space to store the oil for a certain period until made arrangements.

The Demand for the oil dispenser is growing as it is been used for various industrial purposes as well as household purposes. The oil demand is been rising at a faster pace, industry directly or indirectly requires oil for operating or for manufacturing, or as a raw product so these companies may also require the dispenser to transfer the required oil in the required container. Until the oil demand is increasing due to increasing industries in the world the demand for the oil dispenser will rise. Also, the discoveries for oil will lead to the demand for oil dispensers. On a broader level, market growth perspective for oil dispenser seems promising. 

What Drives the Growth of the Oil Dispenser Market?

The major industry as automobile, FMCG, and others are been growing at a faster pace as well as expanding at a greater rate which required oil on a frequent basis as a raw product or as a processed product for operating or for manufacturing, or maintenance. Therefore, the oil demand is rising this leads to the increase in demand for the oil dispenser by the companies for their conveyance. The companies are moving towards the technology for getting work done easily and at a faster rate so this oil dispenser can be one of them to help them work easily for transferring oil and without any waste. Another driver for the growth of oil dispenser is the increasing trade for oil which require dispenser for transferring and transporting. The specified product requires the pure oil to be free from any contamination or free from any environmental elements so here the oil dispenser can work to get the non-contaminated oil free from environmental factors.

What Restraints the Growth of the Oil Dispenser Market?

The restraints that may hinder the oil dispenser industry can be increasing the price of raw materials used as metals, glass, plastic, and others will ultimately influence the price of the dispenser which will create price inflation in the oil dispenser market. But this challenge can be overcome as the players in the oil dispenser industry are more who can concentrate the market. The rules and limits set by the company to make sure that the dispenser used for operating may not hamper the final products due to the products chemical or physical property, here the oil dispenser industry need to focus on different industries different standard to cater their needs. 

How will Urbanization and infrastructural development impact the Oil Dispenser market?

With the increase in urbanization, the income of consumer is been increasing, which result in an increase in consumption as well as an increase in the quality end product. The consumers are demanding as well as purchasing a high number of vehicles and other commodities for their daily consumption as food items high which increases the demand for that industry and this ultimately will boost the sale for oil dispensers. The household are getting modern and every customer wants their work to be done easily and also they focus on hygiene factor so here this increases the demand for oil dispenser. These factors indirectly lead to the demand for and growth of the oil dispenser industry.

How will the rise in the Adoption of Electric Vehicles impact the Oil Dispenser Market?

The adoption of Electric vehicles has to be done by the company manufacturing vehicles due to the merging trend. The companies are moving towards manufacturing electric vehicles and even new companies are emerging in the sector for manufacturing electric vehicles. This will boost the demand for oil dispensers as the oil is used for manufacturing electric vehicles as well as for running the machines used for developing electric vehicles. These increasing production of electric vehicles give rise to the demand for oil which will give rise to the demand for oil dispenser. The customer needs to purchase electric vehicles to meet the government regulation this will increase the demand for oil by the FV manufacturer for producing FV’s and this leads to sale of oil dispensers. The oil consumption while manufacturing the electric vehicles is more as per the data forecasted which increase oil demand and that leads to increasing demand for oil dispenser.

What will be the impact of new discovering oil and gas on the oil dispenser market?

The rise in price and demand for fuel leads to the discovery of new oil and gas that can be a substitute for fuel. The newly discovered oil will generate demand for the oil dispenser and this will accelerates the market growth for the oil dispenser market. The ever-increasing demand for oil will lead to an opportunity for the new players to enter the market and cater to the demand which will ultimately lead to oil dispenser demand increase.

Competitive Landscape

Key players are

  • Bennett Pump Company
  • Piusi S.p.A.
  • Wayne Fueling Systems LLC
  • Tominaga MFG CO
  • Beijing SANKI Petroleum Technology Co.
  • LTD
  • TATSUNO Corporation
  • Signoraware
  • Zhejiang Lanfeng Machine Co. Ltd
  • Gilbarco Veeder-Root
  • Femora
  • King International
  • Others

The competition in the oil dispenser market is been growing due to the larger demand & numbers of the player in the industry and hence the competition is fragmented.

What strategies are the Key Players adopting for Increasing their Market Share in the oil dispenser Market?

The nature of competition in the oil dispenser market is fragmented and there are a large number of players in the market. These players adopt various competitive strategies to sustain in the market and be ahead of the competitor. The increasing demand forces them to be innovative and competitive providing some sort of differentiation from its competitor. Here, is the strategy adopted by one of the players in the oil dispenser market: - 

  • The increasing demand by the customers made it possible for Dover Fueling Solution and Shell to co-develop the Self-service Kiosk (self-dispensing oil kiosk) which will lead to a better customer experience. They co-developed the self-service kiosk on 15th Feb 2020.

Why will the Asia-Pacific Generate Significant Demand for the oil dispenser Market?

The Asia-Pacific market has an enormous demand for oil as well as for fuel due to the development of industries and also increase in demand for automobiles as well as the adoption of robot technology. This will create the demand for the oil dispenser due to the increase in usage of oil in the industry also by the individuals. The disposable income in the developing countries is been increasing and people are moving from rural to urban areas which increases the consumption rate and also they are demanding vehicles for their easy accessibility which increases the oil demand and this ultimately will boost the demand for oil dispensers.

How has COVID-19 impacted the Growth of the oil dispenser Market?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the oil dispenser market was negative as during the pandemic the consumption of oil by various industries decreased and also the decreased transportation was the reason for the decline of the oil consumption. This decline in demand, as well as consumption of oil during the initial stage of the pandemic, resulted in the decline of demand for oil dispenser but, in the later stage again the demand for the oil started to rise with the start of various activities in the countries and this again resulted in the increasing demand for the oil dispensers. The bottleneck in the supply chain during the initial phase of COVID-19 affected the growth of the oil dispenser but later on, it continued to grow as the supply chain started working as it used to be. The new era for electric vehicles has been started and customers are trying to move towards electric vehicles which are increasing the demand for electric vehicles and similarly this increases the demand for the oil dispenser.

Key Segments of Oil Dispenser Market Covered in the Report

Based on Product Type:

  • Submersible oil dispenser
  • Suction oil dispenser

Based on Material Type:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Metal (steel, aluminum)

Based on Oil Type:

Based on End-use Industry:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Automobile Industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Others

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