Sodium Chloride Market

2020 Analysis and Review of Sodium Chloride Market by Grade - Industrial, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, and Food for 2020-2030

  • 2020-05-18
  • REP-GB-11612
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Sodium Chloride Market

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Global Sodium Chloride Market Overview

The growth of the sodium chloride market is heavily dependent on various end-use industries such as industrial, medical, food, and chemicals. Over the forecast period of 2020-2030, the global revenue pool of the sodium chloride market will expand nearly 1.5X. While the chemical and food & beverage sectors have been key revenue pockets for the market, manufacturers are unleashing new revenue streams in pharmaceutical and de-icing fluid applications. This new FMI study further states that, the sodium chloride market is poised for a comeback post the containment of the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus. 

COVID -19 : Impact Analysis

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Sodium Chloride Market: Key Research Findings

  • The global sodium chloride market size would expand nearly 1.5X over the forecast period of 2020-2030.
  • Inexpensive nature and abundance of sodium chloride have enabled its broader adoption in several end-use industries.
  • Food and industrial grade sodium chloride remain in-demand; pharmaceutical grade to pick pace.
  • Manufacturers would target the chemical industry for bigger margins; pharmaceutical industry to reflect potential avenues.
  • Asia Pacific (APAC) continues to shape the revenue pool of sodium chloride market players.

Key Factors Shaping Sodium Chloride Market

Chemical Processing Industry to Drive Sodium Chloride Market

Sodium chloride is used as a raw material for multiple chemical processes, such as chlor-alkali, sodium hydroxide, and soda ash production. Sodium chloride is used extensively for the production of chlorine gas, rubber, and paper & pulp production, among others. It is extensively available and inexpensive, and is a prime source to produce sodium hydroxide and chlorine gas, which is used by numerous industries such as textiles, plastics, chemicals, and agrochemicals, among others, to manufacture consumer products such as paints & coatings, PVC, polymers, and animal feed products.

Emerging economies in South Asia such as China and India are the primary producers and consumers of sodium chloride for chlor-alkali products. Salt suppliers in regions such as North America and the Middle East & Africa are also projected to benefit from increase in chlor-alkali output, owing to low natural gas prices in the region. Growth in the commodity chemicals market is expected to drive chlor-alkali consumption, which, in turn, is expected to boost the demand for sodium chloride over the coming years.

Rise in Demand for Processed & Packaged Food Surging Demand

The food industry consumes sodium chloride for multiple applications; sodium chloride is used as a flavoring agent and preservative. The food industry accounts for a major share of the sodium chloride industry; multiple purity grade of sodium chloride is used in the food industry, varying from 98% to 99.9%.

Salt is extensively employed as a preservative in pickles and processed meats. It inhibits the growth of fungi, and thus, food articles can be preserved for a longer time period. Food grade sodium chloride also varies vastly in prices, as it is used for multiple applications, from table salt to specialty salts. Moreover, changing lifestyles, rise in disposable income, and convenience of consumption are key factors increasing the demand for packaged food, which, in turn, increases the consumption of sodium chloride.

Increasing Demand for Food & Pharmaceuticals Grade Sodium Chloride

Booming population, economic development, and increasing disposable income have surged the demand for food additives in the food industry, which has witnessed steady growth over the recent years, Application in animal feed and agrochemicals is also propelling the demand for sodium chloride.

The pharmaceutical sector has seen immense advancements in recent years, and oral drug delivery has yielded superior results as a route of drug administration for manufacturers and end users. Matrix tablets are important for controlled and sustained release dosage forms in the pharmaceutical world, and pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride is used to synthesize such matrix tablets.

Manufactures in regions such as North America and Europe are expected to be front runners in the production of pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride, owing to better healthcare infrastructure and investments in R&D for product growth.

Demand Increase from Other End Users

Industrialization is driving the demand for sodium chloride, owing to its wide range of industrial application. Industrial salts are more economically viable than natural salts, which is further catalysing the growth of the sodium chloride market, or industrial salt growth.

There is also increasing usage of sodium chloride in end-use sectors such as oil & gas as drilling fluids, and as a water softener in water treatment plants.

Food & beverage and chemical industries are the key end users of sodium chloride. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has compelled governments in several countries to impose nationwide lockdowns and social distancing regulations. While the chemical industry is suffering due to downtimes of various production facilities, the closure of restaurants and bars has adversely affected the food & beverage sector. These factors are likely to have a negative impact on the sodium chloride market during 2020-21. However, FMI reveals that, the market is poised for a snapback over the next fiscal year.

Sodium Chloride Market: Structure Analysis

  • The global sodium chloride market is fragmented, with leading market players holding 25-30% of the market share. The presence of tier-2 and tier-3 manufactures spread across the world market make the domestic markets highly competitive.
  • Tier-I players in the sodium chloride market are focusing on enhancing R&D capabilities and the acquisition of smaller players to strengthen their market positioning across the world, along with product development.

Report Metrics


Base year considered


Actual estimates/Historical data

2015 - 2019

Forecast period

2020 - 2030

Forecast units

Value (USD) Bn

Segments covered

Grade, Application, Crop, and Region.

Regions covered

Americas (The US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Rest of Americas), Europe (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, and Rest of Europe), Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, ASEAN, and Rest of APAC), and MEA (GCC Countries, South Africa, Turkey, Northern Africa, and Rest of MEA).

Key Players

Nutrien Ltd., The Mosiac Company, K+S Kali GmbH, Israel Chemicals Ltd., Intrepid Potash, Inc., Uralkali, JSC Belaruskali, EuroChem, Arab Potash Company, and SQM S.A.

Report coverage

Revenue forecasts, COVID-19 impact, company share, competitive landscape, growth factors, and trends

Sodium Chloride Market Analysis by End Use

Sodium chloride is leveraged as a raw material for several chemical processes, including sodium hydroxide, chlor-alkali, and soda ash production. Growth in the commodity chemicals market is driving the consumption of chlor-alkali, which, in turn, will boost the adoption of sodium chloride in the chemical industry. Moving on, the food industry consumes sodium chloride as a preservative and flavoring agent. Various purity levels of sodium chloride are utilized in the food industry, ranging from 98% to 99.9%. Together, both the chemical and food & beverage industries capture over half of the total sodium chloride market value. 

Regional Outlook of Sodium Chloride Market

Asia Pacific (APAC) would remain the primary producer and consumer of sodium chloride for chlor-alkali products, with China and India leading the pack. In addition, tremendous growth of various industries - food & beverages, water treatment, and chemicals – is offering fertile ground for manufacturers in the sodium chloride market. Given the rise in chlor-alkali output owing to low natural gas prices in North America, players are also tapping white spaces in this developed region. Further, the regional sodium chloride market is witnessing a demand upheaval, as an animal feed and food preservative. 

* This data is only a representation. Actual data may vary and will be available in report.

Regional Outlook of Sodium Chloride Market
Regional Outlook of Sodium Chloride Market
Regional Outlook of Sodium Chloride Market
Regional Outlook of Sodium Chloride Market
  • 2014
  • 2018
  • 2022
  • 2029
  • Arrow

Players Must Unfold New Revenue Lines in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has been witnessing scores of tech-enabled advances in the recent past. Case in point, drug delivery via oral route has produced greater clinical outcomes for manufacturers and end users. Matrix tablets are an important aspect for controlled and sustained forms of drug dosage in the pharmaceutical space. Pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride is used to synthesize these matrix tablets. Players in the sodium chloride market must tap this opportunity to remain better placed for profitable returns. 

Sea water & brine remains preferred source

Solid sources to falter markedly

Food grade holds leading value share

Industrial grade to witness greater CAGR

Solid sodium chloride remains sought-after

Liquid sodium chloride to gain traction

High consumption in chemical industry

Consumption in food & beverage industry to remain stable

How Growth will Unfold

Upsurge in the consumption of processed & packaged food products has translated to increased demand for food grade sodium chloride, especially as a preservative. Moreover, food grade sodium chloride varies significantly in prices, as it is used for several applications, from table salts to specialty salts. Going forward, industrial sodium chloride will also generate significant total returns to shareholders. This study reveals that, around 9 out of 10 players would place their bets either on food grade or industrial grade sodium chloride.

Sodium Chloride Market by Grade

* This data is only a representation. Actual data may vary and will be available in report.

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A recent market study published by FMI on the sodium chloride market includes global industry analysis of 2015-2019 and opportunity assessment for 2020-2030, and delivers a comprehensive assessment of the market dynamics. After a thorough research on the historic as well as current growth parameters of the sodium chloride market, growth prospects of the market are obtained with maximum precision.

Sodium Chloride Market Taxonomy


  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food

Product Type

  • Solid
  • Liquid


  • Solid
  • Sea Water & Brine

End Use

  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial
  • Deicing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Water Treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Leather Industry


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa

What's Included

Executive summary of sodium chloride market with a side focus on the supply side as well as demand side trends of the market.

The market overviews includes the market definition and taxonomy to give the reader a market description of sodium chloride.

Factors and strategies adopted by key market participants, which have a significant impact on the sodium chloride market.

Market volume projection in terms of consumption over the forecast period of 2020-2030.

This section helps the reader to analyze pricing trends owing to the necessary assumptions.

This section helps the reader to understand the global market value analysis and forecast for the sodium chloride market.

Key macro-economic factors, value chain, market participants, and consumptions & production are the highlights of this chapter.

Based on grade, the sodium chloride market is segmented into industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and food.

Based on product type, the sodium chloride market is segmented into solid and liquid.

The sodium chloride market is segmented on the basis of source such as solid (mines) and sea water & brine.

The sodium chloride market is segmented on the basis of end use such as food & beverage, chemicals, oil & gas, industrial, deicing, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, agriculture, and leather industry.

This chapter explains how the sodium chloride market will grow across various geographic regions.

Deep dived analysis on the basis of segments to the country level of the U.S. and Canada.

Deep dived analysis on the basis of segments to the country level of Brazil, Mexico, and the Rest of Latin America.

Important growth prospects of the sodium chloride market based on its end users in several countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, U.K., Russia, Benelux, and the Rest of Europe are included in this chapter.

This chapter highlights the growth of the sodium chloride market in South Asia by focusing on India, ASEAN, and the Rest of South Asia.

Market analysis in Japan, China, and South Korea, as they are the prominent countries in the East Asia region.

Analysis of the sodium chloride market in countries such as Australia and New Zealand during the forecast period.

Growth of the sodium chloride market in MEA by focusing on South Africa, Turkey, GCC countries, and the Rest of MEA.

This chapter highlights the emerging countries in the sodium chloride market, which shows a substantial growth rate in the market.

Some of the market players featured in the report are Cargill Incorporated, Compass Minerals International., K+S Aktiengesellschaft, Wacker Chemie AG, Akzo Nobel N.V. and Tata Chemicals Limited, among others.

This chapter includes a list of acronyms and assumptions that provides a base to the information and statistics included in the sodium chloride market report.

This chapter help readers understand the research methodology followed to obtain various conclusions as well as important qualitative and quantitative information about the sodium chloride market.

How the research was conducted?

Primary Research

  • C - Level Executives
  • Marketing Directors
  • Product Managers 
  • Business Development Officers 
  • Production Managers
  • Procurement Heads
  • Sales Executives
  • Distributors
  • Traders 
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Industry Experts
  • End Users
  • Current market dynamics and challenges
  • Yesteryear trends 
  • Market characteristics
  • Market performance and growth quadrants
  • Competition structure and market structure
  • Strategic growth initiatives
  • Near-term and long-term market growth prospects
  • Market segment splits and authenticity
  • Opinions on market projections and validity of assumptions

Secondary Research

  • Industry Publications
    • World of Chemicals
    • Chemical Weekly
    • Chemical Engineering World, etc.
  • Industry Associations
    • The European Chemical Industry Council
    • The American Chemical Society
    • China Chemical Society
    • Indian Chemical Council
  • Factiva
  • Company Press Releases
  • Annual Reports and Investor Presentations
  • Research Papers
  • Government Websites and Publications
  • Trade Websites

Primary Interview Splits

Primary Interview Splits sodium chloride market designation

Primary Interview Splits sodium chloride market stakeholder

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