Soy Protein Isolate Market

Soy Protein Isolate Market: High-protein Trend and Vegan Culture Promise Growth Opportunities: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2019 - 2027

Soy Protein Isolate: Responding to Demand for Sustainable Protein Options

In the food & beverage industry, the ‘high-protein’ trend has moved from domain of elite athlete to mainstream, with greater awareness of science behind different types of proteins and their potential health benefits. From sport nutrition and fortified food to targeted dietary supplements and nutritional drinks, consumers are seeking functional food ingredients that supports health and wellness.

As the high-protein trend shows no sign of slowing, the most recent protein-centric innovation puts plant-proteins in focus. Soy protein isolate in particular has been garnering significant traction, as issues around health and sustainability come to fore regarding the use of animal-based protein. Mounting concerns over animal welfare issues and environmental impact of animal agriculture remains instrumental to the growth of the soy protein isolate market.

Europe at Forefront, APEJ Presents Lucrative Opportunities

As vegan culture goes mainstream, especially in developed nations, demand for soy protein isolate to provide numerous health benefits such as stimulating muscle-building now spreads across a wide range of health conscious consumers. These proteins are further fining application in food, beverages, and supplements in developing countries, on account of growing awareness regarding the benefits of plant-based proteins.

In addition, consumers’ demand for product transparency is on significant rise, while protein-focused innovation has been infiltrating an increasingly diverse ranges of F&B categories. Manufacturers are thus hard pressed to ensure that formulations of soy protein isolate align with consumers’ expectations, with its source as important as the overall quality.

Gains Upheld by Rapid Inclination Toward Plant-based Diet

In recent years, consumers are increasingly associating ‘healthy’ with ‘balanced nutrition’, highlighting the need for manufacturers to avoid viewing at ‘high-protein’ in isolation. Growing consumer interest in plant-based diet as well as in ethical and environmental considerations of food and beverages remains a key growth influencer of the soy protein isolate market.

As consumers continue to look for healthier and more sustainable ways to incorporate protein in their diet, the demand for plant-based proteins such as wheat proteinpea protein, and soy protein isolate. Moreover, as flexitarian diets are currently embraced by consumers and encouraged by healthcare professionals, natural food ingredients are compelling consumers to choose one brand over another. The result is further likely to lead to increased demand for soy protein isolate.

Solid Soy Protein Isolate Captures Significant Revenue Share

Solid form of soy protein isolate continues to account for relatively high share, and is expected to stay in demand against the liquid form. Demand for solid soy protein isolate is gaining a boost from its over 90% protein content, as it is isolated from other components from soybean.

As today’s consumers are increasingly finding value in convenient, well-balanced nutrition and looking for healthier food & beverage choices to support their active lifestyles, plant-based protein beverages and protein snacks are rapidly growing in demand.

Consumption of soy protein for functional foods account for significant revenue share, while growing application in bakery & confectionery is expected to result in increased sales in near future.

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Soy Protein Isolate Market