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Yoga and Pilates Mats Market

Yoga and Pilates Mats Market by Application, Sales Channel & Region | Forecast 2023 to 2033

Market Insights on Yoga and Pilates Mats covering sales outlook, demand forecast and up-to-date key trends

Yoga and Pilates Mats Market Snapshot (2023 to 2033)

The yoga and pilates mats market is anticipated to reach a valuation of US$ 1.33 billion in 2023 and is poised to exhibit a CAGR of 6.6% from 2023 to 2033 to reach US$ 2.52 billion in 2033. Fitness and workouts are ever-changing markets, with recent advancements emerging on a regular basis. Yoga has risen in prominence worldwide and persists to do so.

Because yoga has such a broad scope, its effects extend beyond the physical body to other subtler dimensions of individuality such as the mind, emotions, and intellect. Since yoga is becoming more popular as a regular activity, the percentage of yoga clubs is also growing, and this trend is reflected in the spike in the yoga mats market.

Yoga mats are constructed from rubber and aid in providing sitting support while practicing yoga. Yoga mats are widely used owing to the increasing acceptance of yoga around the world. Multiple governments are also recommending the advantages of yoga and pilates, as well as their combination with Ayurveda.

The rise in obesity occurrences is projected to fuel the development of the yoga and pilates mats market over the projection period. Moreover, growing consumer health consciousness is boosting the development of the yoga and pilates mats market.

While women make up the largest proportion of yoga practitioners (70%), the number of American men practicing yoga more than doubled in 2016. Yoga can significantly boost cardiovascular fitness, adaptability, stability, and overall well-being in today's hectic schedule; it can also assist in minimizing stress, anxiety, and pain.

Furthermore, people who practice are 20% more likely to have a positive perception regarding their own physical and mental health, which includes improved mental sharpness, physical ability, flexibility, and power. The adoption of yoga and pilates as routines has directly resulted in an increase in the industry for both yoga and pilates mats.

With the younger generation emphasizing personal fitness and rising consumer spending on it, Asia-Pacific has a promising future in the yoga & pilates mats industry. Furthermore, the western influence on emerging markets, especially in the younger generation, has contributed to pilates becoming a household term and being implemented as a regular activity. Growing popularity in countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, and Australia, to name a few, has caused a sizable share of the market in this region. Given the growing popularity of yoga, India appears to be one of the greatest proactive marketplaces for yoga and pilates mats market.

As yoga becomes more widely practiced in the US, the yoga & pilates mats market has been dominated by North America. Based on a cooperative research project conducted at the University of Columbia and Harvard, if present patterns persist, more than 50 percent of the adult population in the United States will be obese by 2050. These factors are leading to a rise in individuals engaging in yoga and other workouts to keep themselves healthy. Thus this factor is expected to contribute to market growth.

The market includes both domestic and multinational corporations with a presence in multiple countries. As a result, the market is highly fragmented with various stakeholders defining the market. Many of the bigger companies, like Lululemon Athletica and Prana, include both an online and a physical store. This allows customers to witness the items in person. Other smaller companies, such as Gaiam, only have online shops.

Product development is the primary strategy used by businesses. Manufacturers are concentrating on these lines because they are the future of the yoga and pilates mats industry, whether it is eco-yoga mats, advanced and interactive mats, or high-end dimensional pilates mats.

Data Points

Key Statistics

Expected Market Value (2023)

US$ 1.33 billion

Anticipated Forecast Value (2033)

US$ 2.52 billion

Projected Growth Rate (2023 to 2033)

6.6% CAGR

Fitness and exercise is an evolving market, and new trends within the segment are constantly emerging. Yoga has gained immense popularity across the globe and continues to do so.

Since yoga has a vast scope, its effects are not limited to just the physical body but on other subtler dimensions of the personality like, mind, emotions, and intellect as well. Since yoga is becoming a daily routine the number of yoga clubs is also increasing and the trend is also reflecting in the surge in yoga mats market.

Similar to yoga, pilates is whole-body fitness, and is adaptable to many fitness levels and also increases body/mind connection. Both pilates and yoga use exercise mats, but the types of mats used in each are different. Pilates and yoga mat as both the mats have different thickness, density and are designed as per the nature of the specific exercises.

Many moves done on the pilates mat require the spine to move through articulations that puts pressure on your back, which is why pilates mats are traditionally thicker than yoga mats. Yoga mats from Gaiam are rated high on overall basis, while for heavy duty yoga Manduka mats, and for best budget BalanceFrom are the popular choices.

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Global Yoga & Pilates Mats Market: Market Dynamics

Drivers for Yoga & Pilates Mats Market

While the majority of yoga practitioners are women (70%), the number of American men doing yoga has more than doubled in 2016. In today’s hectic lifestyle, yoga can help improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, and overall quality of life; also it can even reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.

In addition, people practicing are 20% more likely to have a positive image of their own physical and mental health, also including a stronger sense of mental clarity, physical fitness, flexibility, and strength. The adoption of yoga and pilates as a routine has directly led to a rise in the market for both yoga and pilates mat market.

The recession has created a new segment of cash-strapped individuals, looking for inexpensive new ways to exercise. Purchases of yoga instructions, mats and supplies continue to increase in a health and money conscious market place.

During this economic downturn, green businesses are still surviving. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has led to a complete lockdown and house arrest, questioning the fitness regime for the people. In a quest to maintain their health and appearance, people have turned towards yoga at home.

Trends for Yoga & Pilates Mats Market

Innovation is the prime trend running across the yoga & pilates mats market. Fitness mats have been introduced in the market which is based on the patented technology of Sensing Tex to measure pressure patterns. It also allows the user to measure pressure from different points of view such as movement analysis or postural detection.

Fitness Mat is compatible with any smart device, whether mobile or tablet and makes it easy to visualize the exercise in real time on the device.

Opportunities for Yoga & Pilates Mats Market

Covid-19 has resulted in a variety of changes in the lifestyle of people. Post-lockdown, considering the health benefits of yoga and the already developed habit of regular exercise at-home, it is most likely that people might continue this regime.

The green movement is also on the rise with people becoming more conscious about the effect on environment owing to their decisions. Consumers are spending more time researching products online before making purchases as well as actually purchasing products online rather than going to a brick and mortar stores.

Following the trend of “Go Green”, Go Green Yoga Mats sells eco-friendly yoga products in the continental United States. The best eco-friendly option, Ewedoos eco-friendly pilates mat is made with TPE material (thermoplastic elastomers) which is better for the environment than plastic or PVC mats.

Challenges for Yoga & Pilates Mats Market

A major challenge for yoga & pilates mats market is the failure of yoga studios. The difficulty in retaining existing members and inability to attract good yoga teachers are a major concern with regards to the abrupt closing of yoga studios.

A common scenario is that gradually people lose out the passion or take yoga as just a hobby, thus slightly impacting the yoga mats market. Pilates with equipment other than mats are equally gaining popularity and are a major competition to the pilates mats. For instance, the pilates rings help to build nicely defined muscles without difficulty. It allows you to do a variety of injury-free movements.

Sneha Verghese
Sneha Verghese
Principal Consultant
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Global Yoga & Pilates Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global yoga & pilates mats market are

  • Manduka
  • Jade Yoga
  • Hugger Mugger Para Rubber
  • Gaiam
  • Stott and PrAna Revolutionary

The market encompasses various local as well as multi-national companies with a foothold across countries. The market is thus, a fragmented one with various stakeholders marking the industry. Many of the larger organizations have both an online and mortar and brick store such as Lululemon Athletica and Prana. This gives consumers a chance to see the products in person. Other smaller organizations, such as Gaiam, have only online stores.

Product innovation is the major strategy adopted by the companies. Be it eco-yoga mats or smart and interactive mats or even high-end dimensionally pilates mats, companies are focusing on these lines since, that is the future of yoga & pilates mats market.

Go Green Yoga Mats distributes Manduka and Jade Yoga products. Manduka and JadeYoga handle the inventory and shipping of the products through a drop-shipping program. Orders are sent to Manduka or Jade Yoga via e-mail where the orders are placed and shipped to the customer’s location accordingly. Go Green Yoga Mats pricing is equal to Manduka and JadeYoga and cheaper than most competitors.

Yoga & Pilates Market: Regional Outlook

With the millennial focusing on personal fitness and an increased consumer spending on it, Asia-Pacific promises a bright future in the yoga & pilates mats market. Also, the western influence over the developing regions, especially the young generation, has resulted in pilates becoming a common word and is being adopted as a daily routine. As yoga continues to become more popular in the USA, the yoga & pilates mats market is dominated by North America.

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Global Yoga & Pilates Mats Market: Market Segmentation


  • Yoga mats
  • Pilates mats

Sales Channel:

  • Fitness & Sports Stores
  • Online Retailers
  • Department stores
  • Supermarkets/ Hypermarkets
  • Other Sales Channels

Table of Content


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List of Tables

Sneha Verghese
Sneha Verghese
Principal Consultant
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Find your sweet spots for generating winning opportunities in this market.

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Yoga and Pilates Mats Market

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