Dental Lasers Market

Dental Lasers Market: Preference for Minimally Invasive Growing: Global Industry Analysis 2013 - 2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018 - 2026

Dental Lasers Market: Introduction

Gum-related diseases have been growing in prevalence, with about 1 in 5 children or one-third of all adults in the United States suffering from untreated tooth decay. According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, over 60 million Americans are suffering from gum diseases and at risk of oral systemic connection. These broader factors are influencing the developments in oral care, notably the advances in dental lasers market.

Dental Lasers Market: Effectiveness in Treating Oral Health Ailments Fostering Growth

Dental laser devices are used for a range of dental treatments including tooth decay, implants, endodontics and orthodontics, and others, which are minimally invasive and cause relatively less pain. Intended for dentistry and oral surgeries, dental lasers are effective substitutes to traditional soldering systems. The global dental lasers market has been earning high traction in the recent years, with growing adoption of these devices among dentists around the world for reconstruction and fabrication of dental implants & prosthetic connections.

In addition to successful long-term outcomes, dental lasers do not cause any damage to the living tissue and no heat is involved during the treatment. Further, they reduce inflammation and improve treatments for soft tissue repair process.

Technological Advancements Gaining Momentum as Potential Key to Drive the Dental Lasers Market

A focus on incorporation of advanced technology to develop products, dedicated to meet the rising demand for minimally invasive procedures, while reducing the usage of drills and avoiding the usage of dental anaesthetic, is one of the key growth strategies of manufactures of dental lasers. Such advancements have also broaden the application of dental lasers in orthodontics and endodontics, complementing the expansion of its global dental lasers market.

Several types or lasers find application in teeth whitening process, repairing of broken clasp as well as porosity of the teeth, and welding of implants. Er:YAG lasers, for example, are increasingly being used as a substitute for acid etching of enamel, owing to painless process which neither involves heat nor vibration. In addition, the apparatus can be handled easily, making the treatment highly attractive for usage. Moreover, the effectiveness of the technique is known to reduce the fear in paediatric patients.

Dental Laser Market Gains Underpinned by Rising Geriatric and Edentulous Demographic

The global dental lasers market is to remain consolidated in the coming years with rise in the number of geriatric population and edentulous cases. Among world’s elderly population, 20-80% is edentulous and 60-80% has immediate dental needs. According to the German Oral Health Study, the percentage of adults who have lost their teeth was 12% for those aged between 65 and 75 years.

In addition, adults above 60 years of age are at an increasing risk of developing dental problems. As reported by CDC, approximately 27% U.S. adults suffer from tooth decay, while 46% of adults aged 30 and above suffer from gum diseases. These are the critical factors projected to boost the global demand for dental lasers.

Rising Per Capita Income to Complement Revenue Maximization of Dental Lasers Market

The dental lasers market is expected to witness significant growth with increasing world’s per capita spending on healthcare which has been nearly doubled. Robust economic growth and rising disposable income are likely to accelerate the growth of overall healthcare sector as well as medical device industry in the coming years. According to the Global Health Observatory Data, the healthcare expenditures accounted for 10% of the gross domestic product of the economies on an average in 2013.

Substantial growth in healthcare spending is expected to be highly impactful on the need for better dental treatment which opens new avenues of growth for the global dental lasers market. In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that nearly US$ 1,058.0 per capita was spent on health expenditure worldwide.

FDA Approvals to Create Lucrative opportunities for Key Players in Dental Lasers Market

Rise in approvals of dental lasers by FDA and other agencies has created a lot of enthusiasm in the global dental lasers market. In the last few years, key players in the dental lasers market have received a number of regulatory approvals across the regional markets for dental lasers which allowed them to launch a variety of products. For instance, BIOLASE received FDA clearance for commercial distribution of its new Waterlase Express Er,Cr:YSGG all-tissue laser system in February 2017.

Key players participating in the global dental lasers market are Dentsply Sirona, Den-Mat Holdings LLC, Biolase, Inc., Laserstar Technology, IPG Photonics Corporation., A.R.C. Laser GmbH, Denmat Fotona D.D, J. MORITA CORP., Elexxion AG., Convergent Dental, AMD LASERS, ZOLAR Technology & Mfg. Co. Inc., THE YOSHIDA DENTAL MFG. CO., LTD, and Danaher among others. Considering the competitiveness in the dental lasers market, it is highly likely that product innovation will remain the key focus for these players.

Key Segment

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  • dental surgical lasers
  • dental welding laser

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  • dental clinics
  • hospitals
  • ambulatory surgical centers

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  • Europe
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia-Pacific Excluding China (APEC)
  • China
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA).

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