Water and Waste Water Treatment Chemicals Market

Market Edge: How Stakeholders in Water and Waste Water Treatment Chemicals Stack Up


The chemical sector has always been exposed to boisterous competition development, which frequently translates to flutter developments in the industry – as a result of strategic realignments by market actors. Water and wastewater treatment chemicals market is no different, and a recent report in competition in global water and wastewater treatment chemicals market released by Future Market Insights (FMI) presents an elucidated view of the same.

The report titled ‘Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Chemicals Market - Competition Blueprint - 2019’ is second in line publication by the Ireland-based competition intelligence research firm FMI, which regularly tracks competition development in the chemical sector and provides a matrix based assessment of company ranking on multivariate parameters.

The competition blueprint report on Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Chemicals Market, identifies Ecolab Incorporated (including Nalco Holdings), Kurita, Berwind Corporation and Dorf Ketal in “Industry Titan’ category, whereas other prominent market actors such as, but not limited to CLIF, FMC Corporation, Kemira, Suez in dominator category.

Competition Blueprint is a four-dimensional matrix developed by FMI, which takes 15 parameters into consideration and classifies each parameter into three strategic indices i.e. Growth Lever Score Index, Portfolio Lever Score Index and Operational Efficiency Lever Index. Over 50 companies across the globe engaged in water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals production have been evaluated and benchmarked on 15 pre-defined attributes.

A cumulative score of each company has been clubbed with the respective Market Share Index and a detailed matrix is developed.

It is interesting that companies that account for higher market share than their peers have not been able to fare good and rank among industry titans. Factors such as speed to market, response time to cater the request, capacity utilization rate, management leadership along with strategic priority alignment with water and wastewater treatment chemicals, limit the performance of such companies and despite being dominant, those companies are less likely to exhibit the best performance over the coming years.

Global water and wastewater treatment chemical market was valued at less than US$ 25 Bn in 2014; by 2019-end, market valuation is likely to reach US$ 30 Bn. The outlook on the market also remains positive, with market revenues likely to grow at over 4% annually in the next five years.

Water treatment chemicals find applications across a number of end-user industries where they are used to prevent corrosion and scaling of various equipment and utilities. With proper use of water wastewater treatment chemicals, the efficiency of utilities such as plastic & steel pipes, ooling tower and boilers can be increased significantly, which in turn, leads to enhanced production and higher energy efficiency.

High process efficiency, in turn, lowers operational costs, influencing manufacturers to use water & wastewater treatment chemicals extensively during the process. These chemicals help in the reliable operation of the overall water and wastewater treatment equipment infrastructure.

Stakeholders in the water and wastewater treatment chemical market are also exposed to their share of risks. Considering the long-term need to treat process water, various end-user industries are installing wastewater treatment equipment such as multiple effect evaporators for water treatment as opposed to water treatment chemicals.

Residue salt from these water treatment equipment can be sold in open markets, adding more value to the use of these equipment for process water treatment.

This brings the need for water and wastewater treatment chemicals producers to realign strategy as per market need. Companies failing to do so eventually stand in contender and laggard category in the competition matrix and viz.a.viz losing market footprint.

Key strategies adopted by market actors that have been highlighted in the report by FMI include industry-focused solution, acquiring segment specialist regional players, and spin-off.

Key Segments

By application

  • Industrial
  • Municipal

By technology

  • Tertiary treatment
  • Secondary treatment
  • Primary treatment

product type

  • Biological
  • Membrane Separation
  • Sludge
  • Disinfection
  • Others

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Water and Waste Water Treatment Chemicals Market