Carbon Fibre Composites for Prosthetics Market

Carbon Fibre Composites for Prosthetics Market: APAC to Emerge as a Lucrative Regional Market for Manufacturers During the Forecast Period: Global Industry Analysis (2013 -2017) & Opportunity Assessment (2018 - 2028)


Electronic prostheses have several advantages over conventional devices. Relatively less muscle strength is necessary for the functioning of an electronic prosthesis. Electric powered prostheses powered by a muscle twitch require minimal strength to operate.

These equipment also tend to be more comfortable. Electronic arm prostheses do not need a harness to keep them in place like conventional devices do. Unlike body-powered prostheses, electronic arm devices can also be operated with the shoulder in countless positions, allowing the artificial hand to be used overhead or in other directions away from the body.

To deliver such functions, carbon fibre composite is used, which reduces the weight of the arm and leg, provides resistance to corrosion and is non- toxic. These features are leading to an increase in the adoption of carbon fibre composites for electric powered prosthetic devices.

North America to soar high in the global market with the highest usage

In the U.S, the maximum of amputations occurring are for lower extremity prosthetics, which is resulting in an increase in the consumption of carbon fibre composites for lower extremity prosthetics. Individuals are more concerned about the lower extremity prosthetics device in comparison to the upper extremity prosthetics devices.

According to the Amputee Collation statics, around 65% of the amputations are for the lower limb. Prosthetics manufacturing companies are offering more number of carbon fibre composite based products for lower extremity prosthetics. Össur, Ottobock, Hanger Inc.,

The Ohio Willow Wood Co., and Allard USA Inc. are some of the companies, among others, which offer carbon fibre composite based lower extremity prosthetics. As a result, the adoption of carbon fibre composites for prosthetics is also growing in North America, thus supporting revenue growth of the market.

Europe fast catching up with North America with growing focus on functional needs

A broad variety of prosthetics are available to patients depending on their individual functional needs. Prosthetic limbs are custom made to fit the user’s body and are designed with precise functional needs and goals in mind. These comprise specially designed sport exact prosthetics for leisure sports and conditioning, such as aerobics and running. Flex-Run with Nike Sole offers unmatched performance and effectiveness for amputees and prosthetics.

Össur and Nike have partnered for designing the ideal running foot from the ground level, leveraging Össur’s unparalleled expertise in running prosthetics with Nike’s world celebrated traction and sole technologies. Cheetah Xtreme built by Össur is designed specifically for fast, short-distance sprints and the carbon blade features a more extreme curve than other Cheetahs.

This dynamic shape allows the foot to flex more, thereby offering a powerful energy kick. These factors are expected to support the growth of the market in Europe in the long run.

Moreover, growing investments by companies in the region is also expected to bode well for the growth of the market. Companies are incessantly investing in the research and development of carbon fibre composties for prosthetics products for catering to the growing needs of the people who are suffering from the loss of a limb, hand, or leg in the region.

Market Taxonomy

The global carbon fibre composites for prosthetics market has been segmented into:


  • Upper Extremity Prosthetics
  • Lower Extremity Prosthetics
  • Socket       
  • Modular Components


  • Conventional
  • Electric Powered
  • Hybrid Orthopaedic Prosthetics


  • North America
  • Europe
  • APAC

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Carbon Fibre Composites for Prosthetics Market