Oat Drinks Market

Oat Drinks Market: Oat Milk Likely to Edge Out Other Plant-based Dairy Alternatives: Global Industry Analysis (2013 - 2017) & Opportunity Assessment (2018 - 2027)

  • 2018-12-17
  • REP-GB-3308
  • 190 pages
 Oat Drinks Market

An Incisive, In-depth Analysis on the Oat Drinks Market

This study offers a comprehensive, 360 degree analysis on the Oat Drinks market, bringing to fore insights that can help stakeholders identify the opportunities as well as challenges. It tracks the global Oat Drinks market across key regions, and offers in-depth commentary and accurate quantitative insights. The study also includes incisive competitive landscape analysis, and provides key recommendations to market players on winning imperatives and successful strategies.

Oat drinks are a category of plant-based beverages that is produced from steel cut oats or whole groats. The process of making an oat drink is as simple as just soaking the oats in water, blending them, and then straining the soaked oats through a cheesecloth. Non-dairy drinks or plant-based drinks have witnessed a resurgence in the market in the U.S. and Europe, owing to the functional health benefits as well as offering an alternative to dairy-based products for the lactose-intolerant population. Besides, cultivation of oats requires far less inputs, especially water, compared to other plant-based dairy alternatives, therefore producers of oat drinks are touting the sustainability in production as a unique selling point as well. In addition to the enhanced nutritional content, the thicker consistency and creamier texture of oat drinks are key differentiators from the rest of the nut milk products available in the market. All these properties make oat drinks suitable for use in lattes and cappuccinos, smoothies, creamy soups, baked goods, and pre-workout energy drinks.

Increasing Consumer Attention Towards Health is Driving Sales in the Organic Category

The propensity of consumers to spend more on organics has played well in favour of oat drinks, resulting in a projected growth of organic-certified oat drinks by 8.4% in revenue terms over the forecast period. Consumers expect that their product is produced in an ethical manner with a positive background story. Producing it as 'organic' provides one such positive background story of production. Consumers associate organically certified oat drinks with something that is produced and processed in a chemical-free manner. This develops a major selling point, despite the added costs.

Consciousness for Fat Content Driving the Sales of Oat Drinks with Reduced Fat

The lifestyles followed by consumers today have increased the prevalence of obesity, dramatically, particularly in developed countries where more and more time is dedicated to work resulting in a lack of physical activity. Consequently, the fear of gaining fat is driving the preference of consumers for reduced fat or fat-free products as compared to the whole or full fat versions. This has favourably influenced the oat drinks market for its reduced fat oat drinks, which is expected to experience a growth of 9.6% in terms of value over the coming years.

Diverse Consumer Base Pushing the Sales of Flavourful Oat Drinks

Apart from natural and traditional oat drinks, and premium Barista oat drinks, companies are offering flavoured oat drinks as well to cater to consumer preference for particular flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, and different fruit flavours. The original oat drinks segment has the greatest share in the market, but other flavours are on the rise too. In the U.S. and European countries where natural flavoured oat drinks have reached saturation, other flavoured oat drinks find an opportunity to capture retail shelf space. One of the major producers of oat drinks, Oatly, is also planning to introduce a new flavour in their oat drink repertoire – the mocha flavour. Such new flavoured variants are likely to provide consumers a larger choice of products to choose from.

Branding Takes on a Whole New Meaning with the Unique Packaging of Oat Drinks

To enhance the appeal of oat drinks, suppliers and manufacturers are focusing on attractive and innovative packaging with bright and catchy colours. This aids oat drinks products to stand out on retail shelves. Oat drinks are typically packaged mainly in cartons or bottles. Though oat drinks packed in cartons have a greater share in the market, oat drinks packaged in bottles are expected to experience a spurt of growth during the forecast years.

Entry of Big Players Expanding the Market Globally

Currently, the oat drinks market has a limited number of large companies – Oatly being one of them. This gives an opportunity for other players to enter the market and experience growth aided by a lucrative demand for oat drinks, globally. Quaker Oats Company, a prime manufacturer of oat-based food, is reported to be entering the oat drinks market in early 2019. Quaker Oats Company is owned by PepsiCo, which is already well-established in the beverage industry. This also incentivizes manufacturers to launch oat drinks considering their expertise in production and processing of various beverages. With its pre-established processing facilities, robust distribution channels, and loyal customers, PepsiCo is expected to compete for market share in oat drinks as well. Quaker Oats new entries include oat drinks in original, vanilla, and unsweetened formulations, which are well made choices to be introduced into the market. Another new entry into the market is Danone, a France-based dairy company, which took over Alpro, a company that specialized in plant-based beverage products. Alpro is expected to benefit from its expansion into the market beyond Europe for plant-based products comprising oat drinks. Such expansions, mergers, and introductions are affecting the oat drinks market in a positive way, and driving the growth of the market in an exponential manner.

FMI has compiled a study on oat drinks, which offers an analysis and forecast of the oat drinks market, in its publication titled, ‘Oat Drinks Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013–2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018–2027’. This report on the oat drinks market covers some of the vital facets that are key influencing factors on the demand and supply of oat drinks over the next several years. An in-depth review of the growth drivers, potential challenges, unique trends, and opportunities for market participants equips readers to fully comprehend the overall landscape of the oat drinks market. The report on the oat drinks market also covers the analysis of key regions and countries of particular interest that are anticipated to become frontrunners or remain laggards over the forecast period. The oat drinks market report covers a historical analysis of the market from 2013 to 2017, and provides forecasts from 2018 to 2028 in terms of volume in liters and revenue in US$.

An oat drink, commonly known as oat milk, is a kind of plant-based beverage that is based solely on oats, besides flavours and additives. To those participating in today’s restrictive diet culture, the lack of dairy, nuts, or soy in oat drinks is a plus. Plant-based drinks have already seen a resurgence in the market in the U.S. and Europe, with drinks based on soy, rice, nuts (almond, cashew, etc.) and others being healthy and offering functional benefits. Oat drinks are no less, and in-fact are a better alternative for gluten or nut allergic consumers among lactose-intolerants. Oat drinks contain B vitamins - thiamin and folate, minerals - magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and other vitamins and minerals in trace amounts. The higher protein and fiber content, thicker consistency, and creamier texture of oat drinks makes it different from the rest of the nut milk products available in the market. The rising demand for healthy and nutritious functional drinks is one of the key factors that is driving growth of the oat drinks market. To attract a larger consumer base, companies are adopting strategies that include creative and innovative packaging of oat drinks, introduction of new flavorful versions of oat drinks, and promotion of organic certified oat drinks. The increased popularity of oat drinks is also driving the entry of new big players such as PepsiCo-owned Quaker Oats Company, Inc. in the oat drinks market. The company is reported to be launching its oat drink-based set of products in early 2019. Such new strategies, introductions, and expansions are enhancing the growth of the oat drinks market, and increasing the global consumption of oat drinks.

This report on the oat drinks market has been broken down into different chapters to enhance clarity and provide context. A brief executive summary at the beginning of the report consists of some of the key findings of the study on the oat drinks market, as well as market estimates and growth rates for important segments. The following chapter presents the definitions and scope of the study, as well as coverage in terms of the way the oat drinks market is structured. Subsequently, the chapter on the oat drinks market background presents the evolution of oat drinks, relevant economic indicators such as GDP and per capita oat drinks consumption, including an assessment of the oat drink supply chain, policy developments and regulatory scenario, and dynamics impacting the oat drinks market, as well as an explanation of the factors considered important to develop forecasts and estimates. The report on the oat drinks market also includes a chapter on the pricing analysis of oat drinks, highlighting price point variations between different regions and products, including pricing forecasts. The following chapters dive deep into the global oat drinks market, covering detailed information based on type, nature, flavor and packaging. The next set of chapters provide region-wise analysis and forecasts of the oat drinks market, covering vital aspects of the market in North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa.

A dashboard view of some of the key companies operating in the oat drinks market in terms of their offerings, regional presence, and other metrics is a precursor to the detailed profiles of these participants including financial information, strategy overview, SWOT analysis, and market share, as well as analyst commentary. Some of the key players analyzed in the oat drinks market report include Drinks Brokers Ltd, Alpro Com. VA, Oatly AB, Quaker Oats Company Inc. Rude Health, Pureharvest, Kaslink Foods Oy Ltd, Pacific Foods of Oregon, Inc., LTD., Riso Scotti, Darkoff, Valsoia S.p.A, Isola Bio, BJORG, NUTRIOPS, SL, F&N Magnolia, Earth’s Own Food Company Inc., Happy Planet Foods, Inc., and Plenish.

To develop the market estimates for oat drinks, the overall production of oat drinks in different regions and countries has been taken into account, which is followed by tracking the trade of oat drinks and imports by major consuming countries. This is then cross-referenced by understanding the average per capita consumption of oat drinks in different forms for top countries, globally. The prices of oat drinks have been obtained from manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers for bulk quantities at a country-level.

Our team of analysts review and interpret data from a variety of sources. Data attributed to ‘FMI’ is derived by using a combination of various approaches, which is then consolidated, interpreted, and extrapolated by FMI analysts. Data is sourced from government statistics, trade associations, company annual reports and investor presentations, press articles and directories, technical publications, and online databases, which are cross-referenced with FMI’s reports and internal repository of data to filter and validate the collected information. Intelligence gathered from desk research is supplemented by extensive interviews with selected key expert participants across the value chain, not only to gain information specific to their roles and operations but also to obtain their perspective and insights of the issues impacting the oat drinks market.

Global Oat Drinks Market: Segmentation

Analysis by Type

  • Regular/Full Fat

  • Reduced Fat

Analysis by Nature

  • Organic

  • Conventional

Analysis by Flavor

  • Natural /Unflavored

  • Flavored

    • Fruit

    • Chocolate

    • Vanilla

    • Others

Analysis by Packaging

  • Aseptic Cartons

  • Bottles

  • Others

Analysis by Region

  • North America

  • Latin America

  • Western Europe

  • Eastern Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Middle East & Africa

Oat Drinks Market Reports - Table of Contents

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