Yogurt Powder Market

Yogurt Powder Market: Robust Growth Opportunities Reside in Foodservice & Food Processing Sectors: Global Industry Analysis (2014-2018) & Opportunity Assessment (2019-2029)

  • 2019-04-15
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An Incisive, In-depth Analysis on the Yogurt Powder Market

This study offers a comprehensive, 360 degree analysis on the Yogurt Powder market, bringing to fore insights that can help stakeholders identify the opportunities as well as challenges. It tracks the global Yogurt Powder market across key regions, and offers in-depth commentary and accurate quantitative insights. The study also includes incisive competitive landscape analysis, and provides key recommendations to market players on winning imperatives and successful strategies.

Yogurt Powder Market - Key Research Findings

  1. Global yogurt powder market size in 2018 – Nearly US$ 200 Mn

  1. The yogurt powder market will observe just-under 7.5% CAGR over 2019-2029                        

  1. North America and Europe will remain the most prominent regional markets for yogurt powder

  • The demand for yogurt powder in the North American region is high owing to the large number of health conscious population.

  1. Middle East & Africa likely to hold higher growth potential for yogurt powder market

  • Middle East and Africa is expected to have a very high CAGR between the period of 2019-2028, which is attributed to high demand for dairy products and better shelf-stability of yogurt powder.

  1. Based on product type, skimmed yogurt powder is expected to have a higher growth.

Top 3 Factors Driving Yogurt Powder Market

  • Rising Demand for Gut-friendly Probiotics among an Expanding Consumer Base

Consumers are becoming more conscious about gut health, as the prevalence of health conditions associated with digestive system is increasing at a high pace. Probiotics have been perceived as beneficial consumables for maintaining sound digestive health and the consumer base has been constantly on the rise, since the recent past.

The demand for yogurt powder is thus directly influenced by the rising proclivity for probiotics in routine diet. Moreover, powdered form of yogurt further adds to the level of convenience, which remains a strong factor assisting the demand growth of yogurt powder.

  • Yogurt Powder Rapidly Becoming an Appealing Choice for Foodservice Operators and Food Processing Manufacturers

Yogurt powder packs in all the health benefits that fresh yogurt offers, which have been pushing its penetration into the foodservice as well as food processing sectors. Longer shelf-life of powdered yogurt is an added benefit over fresh yogurt. Applicability of yogurt powder has widened over the time, from savory to desserts, without compromising on the nutritional composition.

Bakeries are increasingly considering usage of yogurt powder as a healthy sprinkler and a nutritional filling in various baked products. Moreover, rising usage is expected across the household segment, further fueling the growth of yogurt powder market. Considering high compatibility of yogurt powder with the surging trend of ‘clean label’ food products, it is highly likely that the consumption of yogurt powder will witness a promising rise in coming years.

  • A recent survey by a specialty agency Ingredient Communications found that, more than 73% of consumers are happy to pay a higher retail price for a clean label product that they purchase, which has ingredients that they trust and recognize.

  • R&D Investments to Play a Crucial Part in Yogurt Powder Sale, as Innovation is Expected to Drive Margins

Significant investments in R&D facilities for the improvement of manufacturing processes of food products, innovate, and add value to them in terms of nutritional profile, are likely to provide a strong push to product innovations in the yogurt powder landscape.

Consumers shopping at super/hypermarkets or C-stores often seek innovative products on shelves and new product line-ups are more likely to sell. The same trend has been observed in case of yogurt and the entire range of yogurt related products. Packaging also plays a vital role in enhancing the overall market value of yogurt powder, according to the report.

Yogurt Powder Market Structure Analysis

  • The global yogurt powder market represents a partially consolidated competition landscape, wherein nearly 35-40% revenue share is being accounted by Tier 1 companies.

  • Top players in the market such as Glanbia Plc, Epi Ingredients, Ace International LLP, Almil AG and Kerry Inc., have been substantially contributing towards the revenue growth of yogurt powder market.

  • While most of the key players are focused on the high-potential markets in Middle East and Africa, as well as Asia.

  • Several players in the yogurt powder market are concentrating on skimmed yogurt powder to target the health conscious consumer cluster. However, cost competitiveness is likely to remain a strong differentiation strategy.

  • Some of the important entrants in the yogurt powder market such as PreGel America, Inc. and Kerry Inc. are strategizing on new product launches, San-A-Crème Non-fat Yogurt Powder, Greek Yogurt Powder, and Yoggi are a few among the latest - for extended portfolios.

  • The increasing number of international food & beverage market players entering the yogurt powder market is expected to shape the competition landscape in the near future.

Yogurt Powder Market: Introduction

Yogurt is one of the most popular dairy product which is widely consumed across the globe. The reason behind the widespread popularity of yogurt is its nutritional and sensorial qualities, taste, unique flavor, and texture of the product. Yogurt has been continuously revamp to increase its nutritional value and consumer appeal.

The powdered or dry yogurt is the new development of regular yogurt. Dried yogurt or yogurt powder is produced using milk or regular yogurt. It is either produced by adding starters or cultures to the milk (that contains no fat) by allowing the product to reach a specified pH and then drying the product. The other process is by withdrawing moisture from yogurt until only the dry matter remains. The colour of yogurt powder varies from white to yellowish. Fat contents and pH levels of yogurt powder can vary depending upon the end-use applications of yogurt powder. The primary motive of yogurt powder manufacturing is to enhance the shelf life and stability of the yogurt.

The yogurt powder has lower handling and packaging costs because of reduced volume and light weight. Also it is easy to transport, convenient to use these factors attributes to the increasing consumer inclination towards the yogurt powder. Yogurt powder has wide variety of applications in food & beverage, cosmetics and personal care industries. Further, the high acceptance of the yogurt powder is due to the nutritional value associated with the yogurt powder like high vitamin, carbohydrate, protein, and calcium content.

Yogurt Powder Market: Report Description

The report explores the global yogurt powder market for the period 2018-2028. The principal objective of the yogurt powder market report is to provide insights into key developments in the market that are constantly supporting the transformation of global businesses that are associated with yogurt powder. It is very important to consider that, in an ever-wavering economy, we provide the estimated (Y-o-Y) year-on-year growth rate in addition to the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the overall forecast, to better understand the analysis and evaluation of the global yogurt powder market, and to discover justifiable opportunities.

The unique key feature of this report is that, the evaluation of the global yogurt powder market and its relative revenue forecast is carried out in terms of absolute dollar opportunity. This is usually not considered while forecasting overall market value. Absolute dollar opportunity analysis is very crucial in evaluating the intensity of opportunity that a provider can observe to execute, as well as to contrast the potential resources from a sales perspective in the global yogurt powder market.

The yogurt powder market report starts with an elaborate executive summary, the market definition of various segmentations that are included, and their respective shares in the Yogurt Powder market. The report also provides insights regarding the major macroeconomic factors that have a significant effect on the growth of the yogurt powder market. The market report further emphasizes the various dynamic factors that influence the yogurt powder market, which include the drivers, restraints, opportunities, and trends in the global yogurt powder market. The report further underlines the study of the present issues with industrial processing, and opportunities for the Yogurt Powder market. It also includes value chain analysis that provides a comprehensive view of the overall profitability from the raw material supplier to the final end user in the yogurt powder market.

In order to give users a clear view of the global yogurt powder market, we have exhibited a competitive analysis of key market participants and their strategic developments. The competitive dashboard presents a detailed comparison of global manufacturers of yogurt powder on vital parameters such as product portfolio, total revenue, key developments, and key strategies. The study presents the yogurt powder market attractiveness analysis by product type, nature, flavour, application, end user, distribution channel and region.

To analyze the overall market size of yogurt powder, the report on the yogurt powder market considers various preliminary aspects based on secondary research. Furthermore, it highlights quantitative estimation such as market share by product type, nature, flavour, application, end user, distribution channel, and region, and other qualitative data from primary respondents, which have been integrated to arrive at unambiguous and accurate market estimations. The forecast presented in the yogurt powder market report arrives at the total revenue being generated, and the expected revenue contribution in the future by the global yogurt powder market.

Detailed profiles of various companies that manufacture Yogurt Powder are included in the report to evaluate their developmental strategies, product offerings, and recent developments, as they have a significant role in the yogurt powder market. Major market players covered in the yogurt powder market report are Glanbia Nutritionals, Epi Ingrédients, John E. Koerner Company, PreGel AMERICA, Inc., ENKA SÜT A.?., ACE International LLP, Batory Foods, Prolactal GmbH, Bempresa Ltd, C.P. Ingredients Ltd, Kerry Group, Armor Protéines, and Bluegrass Dairy & Food, Inc., Foremost Farms, Grand Custom Ingredients Group, Baltima, Bartex, Almil, Ostmilch, Satro, Molda, BMI, Irish Dairy Board, Ballantyne, Schwarzwaldmilch, and Dr. Suwelack.

Yogurt Powder Market: Segmentation

The subsequent sections analyze the global yogurt powder market on the basis of product type, nature, flavour, application, end user, distribution channel and region.

On the basis of product type, the market for yogurt powder is segmented as-

  • Skimmed Yogurt Powder

  • Semi-Skimmed Yogurt Powder

  • Whole Yogurt Powder

On the basis of nature, the market for yogurt powder is segmented as-

  • Organic

  • Conventional

On the basis of flavour, the market for yogurt powder is segmented as-

  • Regular

  • Flavoured

    • Berries

    • Vanilla

    • Chocolate

    • Peach

    • Mango

    • Banana

    • Apple

    • Others (Passion Fruit, Blends)

On the basis of application, the market for yogurt powder is segmented as-

  • Food Industry

    • Dips and Dressings

    • Fillings

    • Bakery

    • Nutrition and Snack Bar

    • Desserts

    • Frozen Novelties

    • Dry Mixes

    • Others (Meat Products, Cereals)

  • Beverages

  • Cosmetics and Personal Care

On the basis of end user, the market for yogurt powder is segmented as-

  • Household

  • HoReCa

  • Industrial

    • Food & Beverage Processors

    • Cosmetic Manufacturers

On the basis of distribution channel, the market for yogurt powder is segmented as-

  • B2B

  • B2C

    • Store-Based Retail

    • Modern Grocery Retailers

    • Hypermarkets/Supermarkets

    • Convenience Stores

    • Food & Drink Specialty Stores

    • Independent Small Groceries

    • Online Retail

On the basis of region, the market for yogurt powder is segmented as-

  • North America

    • U.S.

    • Canada

  • Latin America

    • Brazil

    • Mexico

    • Rest of Latin America

  • Europe

    • Germany

    • Italy

    • France

    • U.K.

    • Spain


    • Nordic

    • Russia

    • Poland

    • Rest of Europe

  • East Asia

    • China

    • Japan

    • South Korea

  • South Asia

    • India

    • Thailand

    • Indonesia

    • Malaysia

    • Singapore

    • Rest of South Asia

  • Oceania

    • Australia

    • New Zealand

  • Middle East and Africa

    • Turkey

    • GCC Countries

    • South Africa

    • Rest of MEA

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