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Baking Paper Market Overview

According to the latest report published by Future Market Insights, the demand for baking papers is anticipated to grow by the increased consumption of bakery & confectionery items across the globe.

As per the future growth projections, the global baking paper market is expected to register growth at a 6% CAGR over the upcoming decade. Based on our survey results sales of baking paper is estimated to reach thousand tons, during the forecasted period between 2021 and 2031.

Baking Paper Market: Market Overview

Baking papers are an essential part of the bakery & confectionery sectors, from the start of the baking process, till the packaging of the finished goods these papers are necessary for the smooth flow of production of snacks and other bakery items. Innovation drive the packaging industry’s key players have come up with these papers to meet the needs of commercial as well as residential bakers.

The baking papers are referred to as parchment paper, and also as greaseproof paper due to their properties such as resistance against the external against moisture. Also, these papers are having excellent external properties even if this paper comes in contact with liquid for days there will be no change in it.

Manufacturers of baking paper are offering bleached baking paper which is mostly white in colour and unbleached baking paper which is brown because the bleached type of baking paper is treated with chlorine and brown baking paper is untreated and chlorine-free. Thus, the future growth indicators unfold a speedy expansion of the baking paper market across the regions.

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What Factors Are Fuelling Demand For Baking Papers Globally?

Adoption of baking papers saves the need for cleaning of baking trays from time to time saves the cost and increases profitability for the commercial bakers, restaurants and other eateries which are engaged in frequent baking.

Thus, the reduced cleaning costs and heat resistance offered is adding to the worldwide popularity of baking papers and indicates positive growth of the global baking paper market.

The introduction of unbleached baking paper is expected to contribute result in a significant rise in demand for the chlorine-free packaging product, the food items packed in it has no risk of any type of harmful contamination or toxic release in the product. Manufacturers focusing on increased production of unbleached baking paper to cater for the growing needs from all parts of the globe.

Increased consumption of ready-to-eat foods and increased usage of baking paper for wrapping, packing and making bags out of it to facilitate easy carrying of food items for the customers.

The high demand for baking paper and on-the-go snacks are the results of changes in the lifestyle of millennials and the rise in sales of baking paper directs expansion of the global baking paper market.

What Limitations Are Hampering Growth of the Global Baking Paper Market?

The cost of baking paper is generally high as compared to other close substitutes such as wax paper and other papers which are used in packaging and storage of bakery & confectionery goods, the high cost of production, as well as selling price, makes it unaffordable for small and medium-size bakery, restaurants and cafeterias looking for low-cost packaging products. Thus, the cost factor limits the potential growth of the global baking paper market.

The bleached baking papers contain toxic dioxin which poses a risk of contamination to the food product packed in it when exposed to the rising temperature and cause harmful effects on the health of the final consumer.

Therefore the health experts are finding out alternatives to the bleached baking paper and declaring it unsafe for packing food & bakery products, thus these factors harm the sales of baking paper across the globe.

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What Rewarding Growth Opportunities Are Offered by Global Baking Paper Market?

International giants engaged in the manufacturing of baking paper are focusing on providing creative packaging such as printed baking paper with brand name and logo, also provide them with packaging which is related as promotional tools for hotels, restaurants and fast-food chains and creates a unique identity of the brand in the consumer’s mind.

By providing customized and printed baking papers to the foodservice industry offering immensely profitable growth opportunities to the key players of the global baking paper market.

The marketers and manufacturers are marketing their baking papers as sustainable, as these baking papers are 100% bio-degradable and do not contribute to the waste and do not have any negative impact on the eco-system.

Therefore, the manufacturers can expand their consumer bases to the environmentally concerned consumers and target developed as well as developing regions of the globe which ensures the future growth of the global baking paper market.

Key Market Players of Baking Paper Market

  • Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP
  • Metsä Tissue Corporation
  • delfortgroup AG
  • McNairn Packaging
  • The Griff Network
  • Nordic Paper
  • Ahlstrom-Munksjö
  • Harwal Group of Companies
  • KRPA PAPER, a.s.
  • Vizille Paper mills
  • Cheever Specialty Paper & Film

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Key Market Players in Asia-Pacific Region of Baking Paper Market

  • Pudumjee Paper Products
  • JK Paper
  • Amol Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd.

What Makes The U.S. Major Market For Baking Paper?

The growing number of fast-food chains in the country to fulfil excessive demand for ready-to-go meals by the young consumers, and the sharp rise witnessed in demand for packaged snacks & bakery products in the retail facilities makes it the largest market for baking papers in the North American region.

Strict regulations regarding the usage of only chemical-free products to be used for food packaging and the presence of key global manufacturers of baking papers in the country complying with rules by offering unbleached bakery papers indicates the expansion of the baking paper market in the country.

Why India and China Are Fastest-Growing Markets For Baking Papers?

Development of the foodservice industry in the country, along with key players trying to penetrate the developing market, further the changing lifestyles and increasing youth population in the country has contributed towards increased demand for fast food items, which propels the demand for baking paper as an effective packaging solution.

Moreover, all the above-mentioned indicators make India a lucrative market for global manufacturing giants to target.

Fast infrastructural development in the country, in addition to the easy availability of raw materials, cheaper labour and access to advanced production technologies makes China, the largest manufacturer of baking paper across the globe. Key manufacturers are trying to expand their production facilities to monetize on the cost benefits offered, also it makes China a major exporter of baking paper. 

What was The Effect of Covid-19 on the Global Baking Paper Market?

Due to the outbreak of a deadly pandemic, the manufacturing activities and supply chains were disrupted due to the lockdown imposed by National Governments. Only the manufacturing and supply of food & beverages and medicinal supplies was permitted under strict observation. 

As a result of lockdown the bakeries, retail outlets, restaurants and hotels were only allowed home deliveries of food & snacks within specific time limits, which harmed the supply and demand of baking paper across the globe.

However, once the pandemic is over the demand for baking paper is expected to witness exponential growth and indicates the development of the global baking paper market.

Global Baking Paper Market Segmentation

Segmentation Based on Product Type:

  • Bleached Baking Paper
  • Unbleached Baking Paper

Segmentation Based on Basis Weight:

  • Less than 40 GSM
  • 40 to 60 GSM
  • 61 to 80 GSM

Segmentation Based on End-Use:

  • Bakery & Confectionary
  • Ready-to-Eat Meals
  • Fresh Produce
  • Others

Segmentation Based on Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • The Middle East and Africa

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