Calcium Chloride Market

Calcium Chloride Market 2018-2028: Burgeoning Need for Improving Drainage Facilities to Drive Innovation

Calcium Chloride Market Overview

Food Packaging Industry and Road Construction Industry to significantly drive revenue growth

Backward Integration to Be the Key Strategy of Calcium Chloride Market Manufacturers

Food industry is expected to create significant manufacturing opportunities for manufacturers in calcium chloride market with growing demand for firmness and shaping of food products in processing and cooking activities. Road construction sector is likely to push the demand and supply of calcium chloride further for dust control purposes. Manufacturers are focusing on the backward incorporation for overcoming instability with regards to availability of the raw materials and prices. This in turn offer them with opportunities to gain competitive edge in the calcium chloride market across the globe.

  • Nedmag Industries:The calcium chloride market player has recently announced that research studies by Transport Research Institute and Swedish National Road found out that calcium chloride can be added to the de-icing salts for reducing negative impact of the de-icing solutions on environment. This, in turn, drives the company closer to perfection and helps in elevating its position in calcium chloride market with growing need to cater to effective environmental and effective contribution of calcium chloride for the purpose of de-icing.
  • Solvay S.A.:The calcium chloride market player has expanded application development center across Bollate in Italy for boosting powertrain and engine fluid handling components advancements of OEMs. In order to maintain those harsh components, demand and supply of calcium chloride is expected of increase at a significant rate as they help in battling with corrosion and protects from future damage.
  • Occidental Petroleum Corporation:The calcium chloride market player enters into an investment agreement with NET Power, LLC for advancing the innovative low-carbon technology. The heavy investment will help in advancement of NET Power, LLC’s natural gas and low-cost electric power system that inherently detains all carbon dioxide and emits no atmospheric emissions. Further, increasing usage of thermochemical energy storage system by the company will stimulate the demand and supply for calcium chloride.

Extreme Weather Conditions in Developed Countries to Drive Calcium Chloride Adoption

Intense cold weather conditions and growing demand from drilling and completion fluids applications is expected to drive the calcium chloride market in Europe and North America. Increasing demand from oil and gas sector for dust control purposes is likely to fuel demand and supply of calcium chloride in Middle East and Africa. US-based companies are indulging in acquisitions for the purpose of expanding their product portfolio. For instance, Possehl Mexico was majorly acquired by MFC Industrial Ltd. that helped the acquirer in expanding its supply chain network across the globe.

Surging Need for Treating Wastewater Effluents to Drive Revenue Growth of Calcium Chloride Market

The hygroscopic nature of calcium chloride drives its usage in industrial and domestic humidification operations. Increasing use of calcium chloride for maintenance and establishment of oil and gas wells with surging need in drilling companies and oilfield services has been contributing notably towards the growth of calcium chloride market. Extensive use in wastewater treatment industry owing to its low-cost source of the calcium ions as well as pH regulations for treating wastewater effluents further drives the calcium chloride market. Calcium chloride is likely to witness growing potential application in agriculture and waste treatment industries owing to surging demand for treating wastewater effluents, thereby offering further growth opportunities for calcium chloride market. However, ill-effects related to calcium chloride such as irregular heartbeat, kidney stones, and coma amongst others is expected to deter the growth of calcium chloride market.

Calcium chloride market research report offers detailed analysis of global market and comprises of thorough historical data, facts and insights as well as statistically supported market data. The global report holds projections with the help of suitable methodologies and a set of assumptions. The calcium chloride market research report offers information and detailed analysis based on the market segments.

In-Depth Analysis on Calcium Chloride Market Research Report Is Inclusive Of:

  • Technological developments
  • Challenges and trends
  • Market sizing
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Market prospects
  • Value chain
  • Competitive landscape
  • Demand and supply

Geographical Landscape Analysis in Calcium Chloride Market Is Based On:

  • North America including (Canada and US)
  • Latin America including (Brazil and Mexico)
  • Western Europe including (Spain, UK, France, Italy and Germany)
  • Eastern Europe including (Russia and Poland)
  • Asia-Pacific including (New Zealand, Australia, ASEAN, India and China)
  • Japan
  • Middle East & Africa including (North Africa, South Africa and GCC Countries)

Calcium chloride market research report covers collation of the first-hand information, quantitative and qualitative assessment by the industry experts and inputs from the industry participants that are concentrated across the value chain. The research report offers detailed study on the parent market as well as governing and macro-economic factors impacting calcium chloride market. The report further maps qualitative impacts of several market aspects on regions and market segments. Rich collection of figures and tables are also offered in calcium chloride market research report, thereby keenly focusing on global and regional market with product sale.

Calcium Chloride Market

Bifurcation of Calcium Chloride Market Is Done By Application and End-Use

Based on application, calcium chloride market is divided into

  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Processing
  • Construction
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Dust Control
  • De-icing
  • Others (food, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

Based on end-use, calcium chloride market is divided into

  • Pharmaceutical grade calcium chloride
  • Food grade calcium chloride
  • Agriculture grade calcium chloride
  • Industrial grade calcium chloride

Report Highlights:

  • Neutral perspective on the global market performance
  • Strategies and product offerings of leading players
  • Latest industry developments and trends
  • Detailed market segmentation
  • Parent market overview
  • Niche and potential segments
  • Regions indicating promising growth
  • Comprehensive competitive landscape
  • All-time market size depending on the value and volume
  • Shifting market scenario

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