Soldering Equipment Market

Soldering Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013 - 2017 and Opportunity Assessment; 2018 - 2028

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Soldering Equipment Market

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This Soldering Equipment market study offers a comprehensive analysis of the business models, key strategies, and respective market shares of some of the most prominent players in this landscape. Along with an in-depth commentary on the key influencing factors, market statistics in terms of revenues, segment-wise data, region-wise data, and country-wise data are offered in the full study. This study is one of the most comprehensive documentation that captures all the facets of the evolving Soldering Equipment market.

Market Overview

Soldering dates back to 4000 BC, when it was employed to make handmade tools, among other applications. Today, soldering is used in numerous applications, including plumbing, metalwork, and electronics. Moreover, jewelry components, plumbing components and some other refrigeration components are often being assembled by the silver soldering process. The demand for soldering services is largely dependent on the growth of end use industries where it is implemented. Soldering equipment finds use in numerous end use industries, including communication and networking, consumer electronics, manufacturing, defense and aerospace. The demand for soldering equipment is expected to increase over the forecast period, owing to the anticipated growth of said industries.

Manufacturers are focusing on introducing equipment helpful for the selective soldering process to overcome the drawbacks of hand soldering. Focus on developing small-sized soldering equipment along with the increasing density of the equipment is expected to further drive the growth of the market in the coming years. Selective soldering is becoming a popular alternative in comparison to the conventional hand soldering process owing to its merits such as better user interactions and simplified programming. Attributing to this, manufacturers are emphasizing on increasing investments towards the development of equipment for the selective soldering process. This is expected to further promote the growth of the market in the coming years.

Market Growth Analysis

Disclaimer: This data is only a representation. Actual data may vary and will be available in the report.

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On the other hand, the slow adoption of advanced soldering processes in developing countries across the globe can have a negative impact on the demand for soldering equipment. Moreover, numerous small size players offer services and equipment at relatively low prices. Moreover, counterfeit equipment in the market can further affect the revenue streams of original equipment manufacturers.

Reason for Covering this Title

The overall soldering equipment market is pegged to have positive prospects in developing countries of Asia Pacific, where the manufacturing industry is augmenting at a rapid pace. This is expected to surge the demand for the soldering process, and in turn create opportunities for soldering equipment manufacturers to give a necessary boost to their revenue streams. Furthermore, the demand for specialized soldering equipment is anticipated to rise in Europe and North America. This is expected to further create opportunities for augmentation of the soldering equipment market across the globe.

Expansion in Fabrication and Engineering

The demand for soldering equipment is primarily driven by expansion activities in fabrication and manufacturing, especially through the growth in the construction, automotive, oil & gas and shipbuilding industries. Numerous government initiatives in developing economies encourage foreign investments to expand fabrication and manufacturing activities in respective regions, which is estimated to spur the demand for soldering equipment in the coming years. Moreover, a majority of manufacturers are shifting their manufacturing operations to South Asian countries, which can be attributed to the easy availability of labor, geography and a steadily growing skill base.

Replacement of Conventional Hand Soldering Processes

Conventional hand soldering processes are being replaces by selective soldering. This can be attributed to its merits, such as improved operational efficiency, better customer interface and reduction in the size of the equipment. This is expected to promote the growth of the soldering equipment market in the coming years. Moreover, the demand for soldering equipment is also expected to be driven by increasing use in repair and maintenance work in numerous end use industries. Furthermore, with increasing infrastructure investments across the globe, the demand for soldering services is expected to increase.

Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the global soldering equipment market in the coming years. This can be attributed to the increasing focus of governments towards strengthening the manufacturing facilities in developing countries such as India and China. Moreover, low labor cost and production cost in South Asian countries are expected to drive the demand for soldering equipment in the region. Economic recovery of economies of the Latin America region, such as Mexico and Argentina, is expected to promote the growth of the soldering equipment market in the coming years. Moreover, increasing demand for soldering equipment from European automotive, electronics, and construction industries is anticipated to supplement the growth of the soldering equipment market in the near future.


Global Soldering Equipment Market: Key Participants

Key players in the global soldering equipment market are Ersa GmbH, Pillarhouse international Ltd, RPS Automation LLC, Sorny Roong Industrial Co., Ltd., JBC S.L, SEHO Systems GmbH, Vitronics Soltec Corp, ACE Production Technologies, Inc., Blundell Production Equipment Ltd, JUKI Automation, American Hakko Products, Inc., PACE Europe, Ltd., The Harris Products Group, Taiyo Electric Ind. Co., Ltd., and Florida Cir Tech, Inc.

Global Soldering Equipment Market: Key Developments

  • In 2017, Ersa GmbH introduced twin plot Versaflow Systems with an objective of setting new standards for selective soldering, providing its users a shorter cycle time without compromising on quality
  • In 2017, Ersa GmbH launched VERSAFLOW 4 XL, which enables flexible production for each PCB size combining significant quality and output

Opportunities for Market Participants

The demand for soldering equipment is anticipated to surge in the coming years in numerous countries across the globe, which can be mainly attributed to the increasing investments in manufacturing, automotive, and construction sectors across the globe. This is anticipated to create opportunities for the augmentation of the market in the coming years. Furthermore, increasing government initiatives for infrastructure development across the globe are expected to further boost the demand for soldering equipment in the coming years. This is expected to create opportunities for market players to expand their production base in developing economies in order to give a necessary boost to their revenue stream.

Brief Approach to Research

FMI will follow a modelling-based approach and triangulation methodology to estimate data covered in this report. A detailed analysis of the product type and its end uses are covered in the study. Moreover, the parent market (welding equipment and consumables) is being studied thoroughly in order to derive suitable insights about the soldering equipment market. In depth analysis from both the supply and the demand side is being carried out in order to reach to a suitable market size. Statistics and data are collected at a regional level and consolidated and synthesized at a global level to estimate the overall market sizes.

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Product Definition and Segmentation

Soldering equipment usually consists of a solder material, which is a piece of metal that melts when heated and bonds the work pieces together when cooled. Different types of soldering irons are used for different applications. Moreover, soldering equipment are handy tools in repair and maintenance activities, where they find numerous applications. The soldering equipment market can be segmented on the basis of the following criteria:

By Type of Soldering Iron:

  • Soldering Station
  • Soldering Pencil
  • Soldering System
  • Soldering Guns

By End Use Industry:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare

Key Data Points Covered in the Report

Some of the key data points covered in our report include:

  • An overview of the soldering equipment market, including background and evolution
  • Macroeconomic factors affecting the soldering equipment market and its potential
  • Market dynamics, such as drivers, challenges and trends
  • Technology roadmap involved from inception period to present date
  • Detailed value chain analysis of the soldering equipment market
  • Cost structure of the products and segments covered in the global soldering equipment market
  • In-depth pricing analysis by key product segments, regions and by major soldering equipment market participants
  • Analysis of supply and demand, such as top producing and consuming geographies, imports/exports and overall trade scenario in the global soldering equipment market
  • Analysis of the global soldering equipment market structure, including a tier-wise categorization of key soldering equipment market participants
  • Competitive landscape of the market, including detailed profiles of top players in the soldering equipment market
Frequently Asked Questions

What research methodology is used to develop the Soldering Equipment Market report?
  • FMI utilizes three branched methods to derive market measurements used to compile any report study (data derivation, triangulation and validation).
  • These approaches include accumulating data from both primary and secondary sources
  • Primary research involves interviews with industry operators and FMI's network of contacts spanning the world's value chain of the Soldering Equipment Market. This is supported by a comprehensive literature analysis of information gathered through secondary sources
  • Analysis of several middle market stakeholders for country-wise data

In addition to up-to-date market figures and customized of the Soldering Equipment Market, FMI offer consulting services to help businesses within industry navigate challenges and take well-informed decisions amidst the breakneck competition.

  • Most of the competitors are segregated according to their market share in 'Tier' wise statures.
  • Global market participants are scrutinized and global competition metrics are included with numerous competitor profiles referring to their business background and go-to market strategies.
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