Mass Notification Systems Market

2021 Analysis and Review: Mass Notification Systems Market by Component – Hardware, Emergency Notification Platform, and Services for 2021-2031

Mass Notification Systems Market Snapshot

As per latest mass notification systems industry analysis by Future Market Insights (FMI), market revenue will total US$ 8.8 Bn in 2021. Registering impressive growth at 18.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2031, the market valuation is expected to surpass US$ 48.0 Bn by 2031.

Future Market Insights (FMI) reports that global mass notification systems solutions generated revenue of US$ 7.6 Bn in 2020. In terms of value, services are identified as the fastest-growing segment in terms of component. It is estimated to register the highest CAGR of 22.0% over the next ten years.

Detailed Insights Offered in Mass Notification Systems Industry Research:

  • Market Estimates and Forecasts 2016-2031
  • Key Drivers and Restraints Impacting Market Growth
  • Segment-wise, Country-wise, and Region-wise Analysis
  • Competition Mapping and Benchmarking
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Key Product Innovations and Regulatory Climate
  • COVID-19 Impact on Mass Notification Systems Industry and How to Navigate
  • Recommendation on Key Winning Strategies

2016-2020 Mass Notification Systems Demand Analysis Compared to 2021-2031 Market Outlook

Mass notification systems registered soaring growth in 2021 with worldwide revenue up 16.1% year-over-year. A revised report by Future Market Insights (FMI) estimates that mass notification systems revenue will increase at a significant rate, reaching nearly US$ 48.0 Bn by 2031, at a CAGR of 18.5%.

Mass notification systems are intended to communicate real-time information regarding emergencies, including fire, terrorist activities, chemical spills, biological events or natural disasters with residents/peoples and alert them about what to do in response to a threat or emergency. These systems are classified as in-building, wide-area, and distributed recipient systems.

How are Increasing Threat of Terrorism and Other Security-related Concerns Accelerating Growth?

The threat from extreme terrorism has increased in recent years. A series of campus shootings, acts of domestic terrorism, and 9/11 attack have increased the awareness regarding emergency notification systems in various countries.

Due to growing occurrences of terrorist attacks, emergency alert and mass notification systems are increasingly positioned to play vital roles in raising awareness, sharing information and saving lives.

The demand for mass notification systems has increased because of recent crimes and terrorist acts that have affected thousands of people. This factor is estimated to propel the adoption of mass notification systems during the forecast period.

What are the Emerging Technologies Improving Mass Notification Systems?

To counter the rising incidence of disasters across the globe, data and technology implementation has become imperative for improving emergency management departments. Mass notification systems are still operating on legacy systems made for wireline phones, which makes emergency communication and resource coordination more costly and difficult.

Continuous developments and implementation of new technologies are creating greater opportunities to make emergency management systems more intelligent, secure, and effective.

Advent of advanced technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) and their integration in mass notification systems are creating potential opportunities to generate, transmit and read emergency-related data for better decision-making in crises.

Country-wise Insights

How Big is the Opportunity for Mass Notification Systems Adoption in the U.S.?

The U.S. is predicted to remain one of the most significant markets during the forecast period, according to Future Market Insights (FMI). According to the study, the U.S. is projected to account for over 79.6% of the North American market by 2031.

Due to the presence of a large number of U.S.-based users and significant players in the mass notification systems landscape, there is high adoption of mass notification systems technology in the country. U.S. based emergency notification service providers are developing advanced notification apps and software's that enable organizations to send notifications to Millions of people within seconds, from phone, keeping those people safe and informed of critical events. Such factors are responsible for witness significant growth over the coming years.

Why is Demand for Mass Notification Systems Increasing in Germany?   

Demand in Germany is expected to rise at nearly 16.0% CAGR over the forecast period (2021-2031). The mass notification systems market is witnessing high growth rates due to increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters and increasing government initiatives towards public safety. Apart from this, public-private partnerships further help in addressing and ensuring emergency management department threats and effectively serving all parts of communities.

As per the report, Germany is recognized as a primary market, and is anticipated to continue exhibiting high demand for mass notification systems over the coming years.  

How is India Contributing towards Sales of Mass Notification Systems?

By 2031, India will account for over 47.7% of share in South Asia and Pacific. India a rapidly growing industrialization and is expected to offer a favorable market for mass notification systems vendors.

Public security is the primary function of Indian government, which ensures protection of citizens, organizations, persons in their territory, and institutions against threats. Government of India, recognizing the importance of investing in hazard monitoring and mass notification systems to reduce the possibility of personal injury, loss of life, damage to property and the environment and loss of livelihoods.

Category-wise Insights

Which Component of Mass Notification Systems Will Enjoy Higher Demand?

Revenue from mass notification systems services surged 19.3% year-over-year in 2021. Demand for mass notification systems is expected to show sturdy growth, giving the hardware product segment year-over-year growth of 16.4% in 2021, according to Future Market Insights (FMI).

Based on component, demand for mass notification systems emergency notification platform is expected to balloon at 18.6% CAGR, accounting for a market share nearly 44% of the market in 2031. Mass notification systems devices include fire alarms, public address systems, alert beacons, duress systems and others. The use of social media and advanced IP & broadband communication technologies, along with the emergence of connected safety solutions are some major coming trends in the mass notification systems market.

Why Do In-Building Mass Notification Systems Hold Major Market Share?

In-Building mass notification systems are expected to contribute maximum revenue share of more than 43.8% to mass notification systems in 2021. In-Building mass notification systems are installed within the buildings educational campus, government buildings, industrial facilities, warehouses, restaurants, and among other areas. The purpose of these systems is to notify and alert residents or occupants at the time of any emergency situations.

These systems are integrated with existing voice systems, LED signage and local area networks to communicate with each other and deliver information and instructions when there is an emergency.

Why is Demand for Mass Notification Systems Rising from the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Applications?

Among applications segment, the market is segmented as emergency & crisis notification, business continuity and disaster recovery, business communication & operations, and others. Business communication & operations segment is dominating the global mass notification systems market and it is expected to account for 27% of the total market value share by the end of 2021.

Based on applications, as business continuity and disaster recovery segment is expected to grow at 22.8% CAGR and accounting market share nearly 25.8% of the market in 2031. Business continuity and disaster recovery are the practices that support an organization's ability to remain operational after an adverse event. It is necessary to each business to develop and maintain such practices. The mass notification systems help business and industries to communicate with the target audience to share emergency information.

What’s the Market Share of Critical Infrastructures?

Among the end-users industries, the market is segmented as military & defense,   government & public sector, industrial, commercial, event & sports venues, critical infrastructures, and others.

The critical infrastructures industry is set to witness a relatively higher CAGR of 23.8% during the forecast period. Mass notification systems help organizations to communicate rapidly and effectively during crisis to ensure business operations continue uninterrupted when unexpected events or situations arise. Organizations are also leveraging mass notification systems solutions to notify employees about workplace reopening's, postponements due to damages and other urgent matters.

The market share of the mass notification systems market in terms of industries varies in key regions. The above figure shows the view of mass notification systems market share in the key regions including, North America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia & Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. On the basis of industry, the commercial segment holds the largest share of the mass notification systems market due to the increasing adoption of more secured and efficient mass notification solutions and rising implementation of IP-based notification systems.

In addition to this, nowadays, critical infrastructure is expected to witness higher sales in the coming years, owing to increasing demand for mass notification solutions in manufacturing and energy sectors to ensure high level security for people and 

Competitive Landscape

According to the Future Market Insights (FMI)’s industry analysis, Everbridge, IBM Corporation, Omnilert, LLC, Eaton Corporation, Honeywell International Inc., Siemens AG, and American Signal Corporation are identified as key providers and manufacturer of mass notification systems.

The Key players focuses to form new partnership & collaboration to leverage Artificial Intelligence to further advance into the next generation of mass notification systems technology solutions. This strategy can help mass notifications systems companies to serve business customers around the globe by providing mass notification platform and services to make buildings smart, safe, and sustainable.

  • For instance, in May 2018, Johnson Controls and Foxconn Industrial Internet collaborated to transform building data analytics through artificial intelligence and machine learning to advance smart building and smart-city technologies and achieve security and sustainability goals.

The mass notification systems manufacturer and providers are focuses on launching innovative solution and expanding its mass notification systems offerings to deliver enhanced technology as well as offer new and upgraded solutions in new markets.

  • For instance, in March 2018, Honeywell is expanding its line of Fire-Lite addressable fire alarm control panels to give safety professionals more options for designing small to medium-sized fire systems.

Mass Notification Systems Market Report Scope



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Market Analysis

US$ Million for Value

Key Regions Covered

North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia & Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa

Key Countries Covered

US, Canada, Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand, GCC Countries, Turkey, and South Africa

Key Market Segments Covered

Component, Solution, Application,  End-use Industry, and Region

Key Companies Profiled

  • Eaton Corporation Inc.
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Johnson Controls
  • Bosch Limited
  • Siemens
  • Everbridge
  • Motorola Solutions, Inc.
  • AtHoc, Inc.
  • AFA Protective Systems, Inc.
  • Alertus Technologies, LLC
  • American Signal Corporation  

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FAQs Answered in Report

  • What is the global Mass Notification Systems market size?

    The global mass notification systems market was valued at US$ 7.6 Bn in 2020, and is estimated to surge over the next ten years.

  • Which region is expected to showcase significant growth in the Mass Notification Systems industry?

    The market in South Asia & Pacific is projected to expand at the highest CAGR of 26.0% through 2031.

  • Which is the most attractive component of Mass Notification Systems?

    Mass notification systems emergency notification platform is the most attractive segment, with an estimated market share of 43.2%. However, demand for mass notification systems services segment is estimated to surge at a CAGR of 22.2%.

  • What is the market share of leading companies offering Mass Notification Systems?

    Eaton Corporation Inc. is one of the leading companies in this space. 60.0% of market share is currently covered by the top 15 players.

  • In which industries are mass notification systems highly integrated? 

    The critical infrastructures sector is expected to dominate the market generating revenue of US$ 12.2 Bn by 2031, owing to increasing demand for mass notification solutions in manufacturing and energy sectors.

  • What is the sales forecast for Mass Notification Systems?

    The market size of mass notification systems is expected to be valued at US$ 48.0 Bn by 2031.

  • At what rate did the sales of Mass Notification Systems increase in the last five years?

    The market in the last 5 years (2016 – 2020) expanded at a CAGR of 14.9%.

  • What are the key trends impacting growth of Mass Notification Systems?

    The use of social media and advanced IP & broadband communication technologies, along with the emergence of connected safety solutions are some major coming trends in the mass notification systems market.

  • Which are the top 5 countries driving demand for Mass Notification Systems?

    Top 5 countries driving demand for Mass Notification Systems include the U.S., China, India, Germany, and France.

  • What is the North America market outlook for Mass Notification Systems?

    North America is the most attractive market, with the U.S. expected to account for 85.5% share in 2021.

  • What are the key market statistics for China and India in Mass Notification Systems?

    China and India were valued at US$ 641.1 Mn and US$ 334.9 Mn, respectively, in 2020, and are projected to surge at CAGRs of 19.7% and 29.9% through 2031.

Mass Notification Systems Industry Survey by Category

By Component:

  • Mass Notification Systems Hardware
    • Fire Alarms
    •  Public Address Systems
    •  Alert Beacons
    •  Duress Systems
    •  Others
  • Emergency Notification Platform
  • Mass Notification Systems Services
    • Installation & Deployment
    •  Support & Maintenance
    •  Warning System Designing
    •  Emergency Response Services

By Solution:

  • In-Building Mass Notification Systems
  • Wide-Area Mass Notification Systems
  • Distributed Recipient Mass Notification Systems

By Application:

  • Emergency & Crisis Notification
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Business Communication & Operations
  • Others

By Industry:

  • Military & Defense
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Event & Sports Venues
  • Critical Infrastructures
  • Others

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