Non Heat Sealable Film Market

Non Heat Sealable Film Market : Global Industry Analysis 2015 - 2019 and Opportunity Assessment 2020 - 2030

Market Overview

Flexible Packaging is one of the best forms of packaging that combines aluminium, plastic and paper. Flexible Packaging manufactures multiple range of products that are often employed with few raw materials and are strong formats in design.

Flexible Packaging products includes pouches, wraps, bags liners etc.  Non heat sealable films are one of the formats that is being manufactured. The technology used for Non heat sealable films is cold-seal packaging.

Non heat sealable films are the ones that have one reverse side printed with retail products information and another film that protects the product from inside by laying a barrier.

Non Heat Sealable Film Market: Dynamics

Non heat sealable films to accelerate the Retail Industries

Non heat sealable films are useful on large scale for food and beverage industry products such as grocery products, cereals, proteins etc. As, Proper sizing of Non heat sealable films can be adjusted in very short span with customized printing of graphics with latest technology printers will increase the production speed for manufacturers of food and beverage industries.

The technology used with Non heat sealable films is very cost-effective and operation efficient.

Non heat sealable films to boost the confectionery goods packaging

Many of the confectionary products like sweets, cereals, etc. manufactures face problems during preserving product during transportation to end users and packaging stage. So, non heat sealable films are used for these products to keep them moisturized and airing them with oxygen whenever required.

The technology that is typically used for non heat sealable films for such products are press cold welding which is designed to protect the product from external damage and enable faster production.

For example: Darrell Lea is an Australian company that manufacturers confectionary products like sweets, pastries, cakes, cereals etc. They have chosen Non heat sealable films for their products with cold seal packaging technology.

Non heat sealable films to have constrains due to alternative packaging format

Alternative for Non Heat Sealable Films are the Heat-sealed films that are basically used in various application such as pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, etc. As, they provide good barrier against moisture, anti-dust, waterproof, and most importantly are used for strong adhesive properties.

But, Non Heat sealable films are typically designed for the long run production of material that are not pressure sensitive and can increase production up to 10x faster when heat seal packaging is not applicable.

Non Heat Sealable Films can be useful for pharmaceutical products such as natural latex rubber gloves, wipes etc.

Non Heat Sealable Film Market: Regional Outlook

Asia-Pacific accounts for a large share of the Non heat sealable film market as compared with other regions due to the growing food industry in the country. In turn, rapid growth in the demand for pharmaceutical packaging is expected to fuel the production of Non heat sealable films.

The Europe demand for Non heat sealable films is led by packaging films from Asia Pacific. These two countries will suit the North America Non Heat Sealable Films market.

Non Heat Sealable Film Market: Key Players

  • Cosmo Films Ltd.
  • Max Speciality Films
  • Toray Plastics Inc.
  • Vacmet 
  • SRF Limited
  • Jindal Films 
  • Web Plastics Company
  • Rowad
  • Polyplex Corporation Ltd.
  • Gulf Pack

COVID-19 Impact on Non Heat Sealable Film Market

The coronavirus impact on Non heat sealable film market will be determined by retail industry as it being primary driver to accelerate Non heat sealable film demand in market. The manufacturers may expect an enormous change in consumer purchasing behaviour during the presence of coronavirus worldwide. This would adversely impact the retail industry worldwide.

Especially, GCC countries are now facing a gloomy trend of economic growth and many other global problems including weak GDP growth, dropping oil prices and regional instability. Several companies may be at risk as governments in countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia are planning to take COVID-19-containment measures.

Experts in the retail sector have reported a massive increase in demand for sectors falling under the 'critical' bracket including packaged goods, customer health and personal well-being, and home care products. Thus, non heat sealable films will have great potential to increase its market in retail sector for estimated years.

Non Heat Sealable Film Market: Segmentation

Globally, the Non Heat Sealable Film Market is divided on the basis of material, thickness Film type, & end-use industry


  • PET
  • BOPP
  • Polyester


  • Less than 12 microns
  • 12-30 microns
  • More than 30 microns

film type :

  • One Side Corona Treated
  • Both Side Corona Treated

End-Use Industry:

  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemicals
  • Others

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Non Heat Sealable Film Market