Automotive Defogger System Market 2018-2028: Quest for Safer Mobility Will Trigger Demand

Automotive Defogger System Market 2018-2028: Quest for Safer Mobility Will Trigger Demand

Market Overview

With increasing number of road accidents occurring due to unclear windshields and foggy windows, the safety concerns during winter commute remain intact. The changing climatic conditions with respect to the temperature tend to make the car windows foggy, while the external humidity content and temperature being relatively higher than the interiors of the vehicle result in moisture being condensed on the vehicle windows.

With clear vision being a critical imperative during a night drive, the demand for automotive defogger system will be sustained over the foreseeable future. Automotive defogger system is at times also referred to as a defroster system and is becoming a key component in the overall automotive infrastructure.

Prominent Regions Raising Significant Demand for Vehicles Equipped with Automotive Defogger Systems

In Europe and North America, where changing weather conditions such as heavy snowfall, monsoon, and winter are observed, the probability of facing visibility obstruction issues while driving is often high, and thus the need for safety becomes a crucial aspect. The automotive defogger system is primarily used to tackle the visibility obstruction caused as a result of fog or defrosting. Owing to climatic conditions in North American and European countries, the sale of vehicles equipped with automotive defogger systems in these regions is expected to rise dramatically. Auto-makers are recognizing the significance of automotive defogger systems in new-aged cars to tackle the prevalence of accidents due to foggy windows.

On the other hand, the Asia Pacific region has witnessed key investments for the purpose of increasing sales with the key automotive defogger system market player Toyoda Gosei eyeing an Asian economy, India as a significant market. Owing to this, the company is taking necessary actions to improve its production network in the country.

Automakers Recognize the Need for Automotive Defogger System to Enhance the Value of their Product Offerings

Major automobile manufacturers and leading vehicle brands are utilizing automotive defogger systems to improve their vehicles and enhance the capabilities of cars, in turn providing a better driving experience. Apart from providing agile and smooth handling the need for providing better visibility is driving the automotive defogger system market on the global front.

Automobile companies including Toyota are seen working on the same grounds as they provide rear automotive defogger systems that help clear frost and fog with the help of electric heating. Although the automatic climate control systems that measure temperature are known for decades, Toyota has revolutionized this technology and brought it into an in-car setup. The new Toyota Smart HVAC Moisture Sensing Auto Defrost is a revolutionary addition that helps the company elevate the performance of its vehicles. Major automakers such as Hyundai and Renault are introducing their new and premium models with pre-fitted automotive defogger systems, which showcases the future opportunities in the automotive defogger system market.

The increasing use of HVAC systems in automobiles is further fostering the growth of the automotive defogger system market. With the increasing innovations brought to automotive components for enhancing the overall mobility experience for customers, the future looks promising for the automotive defogger system market. NXP Semiconductors is amongst the leading players with automotive HVAC control systems that are equipped with LCD and provide control for defogger and defroster.

On the other hand, the defrosting alternatives including the solar-powered nano-scale coating for the process of defrosting frozen car windows is expected to impact the automotive defogger system market as these are relatively cost-effective.

Automotive Defogger System Market Players to Implement Robust Strategies for an Improved Footprint in the Defogger System Landscape

The major players in the automotive defogger system market are bringing in revolutionary innovations for gaining a competitive edge in the global market. An automotive defogger system provider, Hekel Corporation is implementing new product development strategy to grab a hold in the market. Its self-regulating, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) inks and Loctite thermo-formable inks are a revolutionary offering that improves the performance as these are integrated into exterior mirror defrosting in in-cabin applications. These inks help in cold-temperature performance, vehicle camera lens defrosting, and lithium-ion battery heating. Apart from this, automotive defogger system companies such as Dayco Canada Corp is also seen relocating its aftermarket as a part of its development strategy.

Analysis of the Key Segments of the Automotive Defogger System Market

The market for automotive defogger system is divided on the basis of four factors namely, technology, position, sales channel, and vehicle types.

  • Based on the technology, the automotive defogger system market segments include primary defogger systems which make use of HVAC systems for side window and windshield, and secondary defogger systems which use wire grid for warming the mirrors, windshield, and side windows physically.
  • When segmented on the basis of position, the automotive defogger system market is segmented into side glass automotive defogger system, rear automotive defogger system, and front automotive defogger system.
  • The channels in the automotive defogger system market include OEM and after-market.
  • The vehicle type segmentation includes segments such as heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and passenger cars.

The automotive defogger system market research report contains industry-validated data that is backed by statistics, historical data, and facts, providing a deep-rooted analysis of the market. With the help of methodologies and assumptions, the report includes estimations that help in better understanding of the report. According to the market segments including application, regions, and industry, the automotive defogger system market report offers information and analysis of the overall market.

The report on market for automotive defogger system encompasses extensive assessment on:

  • Key Segments of Market for Automotive Defogger System
  • Influencers of Automotive Defogger System Market
  • Valuation of Market for Automotive Defogger System
  • Demand and Supply
  • Automotive Defogger System Market Challenges, Issues, and Trends
  • Automotive defogger system Companies
  • Value Chain
  • Technology

Geographical Evaluation includes:

  • Latin America Automotive Defogger System Market (Mexico, Brazil)
  • North America Automotive Defogger System Market (Canada, U.S.)
  • Eastern Europe Automotive Defogger System Market (Poland, Russia)
  • Western Europe Automotive Defogger System Market (Germany, Italy, France, U.K, Spain)
  • Middle East and Africa Automotive Defogger System Market (GCC Countries, S. Africa, Northern Africa)
  • Japan Automotive Defogger System Market
  • Asia Pacific Automotive Defogger System Market (China, India, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand)

The report on automotive defogger system market comprises of first-hand information obtained by the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market acquired from the participants and experts in industry across the value chain, and the research analysts. The analysis of the market trends of the parent market, governing factors, macro-economic indicators, and the attractiveness of the market as per its segments are all included in the research report. The automotive defogger system market report also traces the impact of the various factors on the regions and market segments.

The report on automotive defogger system market underlines:

  • Thorough outlook of Parent Market
  • Evolving automotive defogger system market Dynamics in the industry
  • Detailed Segmentation of Market
  • Market Size in terms of Value and Volume: Current, Historical and Projected Data
  • Current Developments and Trends in Industry
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Key Players- Strategies Implemented and Products offered
  • Regions and Niche and Potential Segments that exhibit promising growth
  • Market Performance- Unbiased perspective
  • Vital information for Players to help sustain and enhance their presence in the market

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