Citrus Pulp Fiber Market

2020 Analysis and Review: Citrus Pulp Fiber Market by Grade - Food Grade Pulp Fiber and Pharma Grade Pulp Fiber for 2020 - 2030


  • The global citrus pulp fiber market is expected to surpass US$ 37.5 Mn mark in 2020
  •  Citrus pulp fiber is used to enhance the texture of baked goods, meats, dairy, sauces, dressings, beverages and pet food, and treats
  • Free from preservatives, free from chemicals, and natural - all these terms are on the limelight when it comes to describing clean label food products. Consumers are turning towards cleaner and more natural products that won’t have any adverse effect on their health. Citrus pulp fiber has properties which help in cold binding and meat-like texture to meat alternatives like meat-free patties as a result it is in high demand
  • Asia Pacific market for citrus pulp fiber is expected to rise at a CAGR ~10%


Increasing Demand for Organic Citrus Pulp Fiber

Consumers are becoming cautious about the raw material and source of the raw material due to which consumer prefer natural, plant-based, organic and chemical-free food products to maintain their health. Due to which demand for citrus pulp fiber market is rising.


  • Tier one companies are focusing on research and development to increase the sustainability of the food products.
  • Companies are focusing on acquisition and mergers to strengthen their supply chain management and to expand their geographical presence.
  • FMI - Citrus Pulp Fiber Market: Global Industry Analysis 2015-2019 and Opportunity Assessment 2020-2030
  • Base Year - 2015-2019
  • Forecast Period - 2020-2030
  • Citrus Pulp Fiber Market Value in 2020 - US$ 37.5 Mn
  • Regions Covered - North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia Oceania and MEA
  • Key Companies - Fiberstar, Herbafood, Florida Food Products, Cargill, Inc, Quadra Chemicals, Naturex, Compañía Española de Algas Marinas S.A. (CEAMSA), Herbstreith & Fox, Lucid Colloids Ltd, DuPont, Silvateam S.p.A., CP Celco.

Food Grade Citrus Pulp Fiber Accounts for About 60.9% Share

Citrus pulp is widely used in many food products and its applications are not restricted to bakeries, frozen meals, dairy farm products, meats, sauces, and beverages. Citrus pulp fiber is dried to increase its usefulness. Citrus pulp fiber is most preferred for citrus feeds. It is very rich in nutrients and can be mixed with any other citrus feed’s ingredients. Dried Pulp fiber has absorption properties due to which it is advised to be stored in dry places. Dried pulp can be more almost a year and it doesn’t deteriorate like other feeds. Dried citrus pulp is used as the staple energy source for beef cattle.

Citrus Pulp Fiber to Witness High Demand in Developing Economies

North America and Europe account for the maximum share in the citrus pulp fiber market. However, over the forecast, East Asia, South Asia, and LATAM are anticipated to grow speedily within the citrus pulp fiber market. Thanks to urbanization, the lifestyle and feeding habits in Asia Pacific have become more dynamic. The awareness regarding health and wellbeing is rising rapidly within the Asia Pacific thanks to rising demand for nutritious food products among consumers in this region. 

A Natural Solution with Many Benefits

The beverage industry is exhibiting a rise in demand for citrus flavours and the use of citrus ingredients. The key flavours of citrus - orange, lemon, and lime have been used for many years, are commonly known in many food and beverage categories, and are in many ways considered to be essential to the categories in which they are used.

Orange is by and far the most common citrus flavour profile and its uses and appeal are known worldwide, from its consumption as fresh fruit to its use as flavouring in drinks, confections, and other food items. Looking at the use of citrus products, it is safe to conclude that when you think of citrus fruits, you think of something that is pleasant and tastes nice. For example, when it comes to lemon, it is safe, good for you, [and] it makes food taste better. Vitamin C in juice is an additional health benefit, which is accepted by people and boosts the popularity of citrus. 

How Growth will Unfold

Citrus pulp is increasingly used in meat products. For instance, their properties help in preserving water and fat for juicy meatballs and sausages. Citrus pulp also helps in preventing moisture while stuffing meat inside steamed buns or dim sums. Due to their water binding and emulsification properties, citrus pulp is a key ingredient used in baked foods. Hydrocolloids have a wide variety of functional properties in foods, including thickening, gelling, emulsifying, stabilizing, binding, etc.

Some of the leading manufacturers of citrus pulp fibers are focusing on acquisition and mergers to expand their product portfolio. Companies operating in the market are also investing in research and development to produce various unique products of fish meal alternative. Technology is playing major role in the development of citrus pulp fiber products. Major players are focusing on adoption of advanced technologies to boost their production capacity and innovation capability.

For instance,

  • In August 2017, the company signed an agreement to acquire Southern States Cooperative, Inc.’s animal feed business.

The availability of citrus pulp fibers products in stores as well as online retail is improving due to which the awareness of the innovative products of citrus pulp fibers is rising. 


The global citrus pulp fiber market is segmented in detail to cover every aspect of the market and present complete market intelligence to the reader.

By nature

  • Organic
  • Conventional


  • Food
  • Pharma
  • Others


  • Oranges
  • Tangerines/ Mandarins
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon and Lime

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • MEA


  • Water Binder & Fat Replacer
  • Thickening Gums
  • Gelling Gums

By Use

  • Bakery
  • Desserts and Ice-Creams
  • Sauces and Seasonings
  • Meat and Egg Replacement
  • Beverages, Flavorings, and Coatings
  • Snacks and Meals
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Others

By Distribution Channel

  • Supermarket and Hypermarket
  • Convenience Store
  • Department Store
  • Specialty Store
  • Pharmacy/Drug Store
  • Online

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Citrus Pulp Fiber Market