Rugged Thermal Camera Market

2020 Analysis and Review of Rugged Thermal Camera Market by Application - Security & Surveillance, Monitoring & Inspection, Detection & Measurement, and Others for 2020 - 2030

  • 2020-04-22
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Rugged Thermal Camera Market Pegged at US$ 2 Bn in 2024

Rugged thermal cameras have been around for the past few decades, with the initial iterations being fitted in military equipment in order to detect enemies during nighttime or across smoky battlegrounds. Backed by subsequent advancements, rugged thermal cameras are delivering high-definition thermal images for various industrial, security, and business use cases. In addition, they are playing a helping hand during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by spotting suspected cases. The global value of rugged thermal camera market will exceed US$ 2 Bn in 2024 and will exhibit an astounding CAGR over the forecast period, 2020 - 2030.

Key Research Findings

  • The global rugged thermal cameras will exceed its US$ 2 Bn in 2024.
  • Cooled thermal cameras remain highly preferable; uncooled thermal cameras to falter markedly.
  • Market players eye security and surveillance for meaningful business returns.
  • Government sector continue to be primary end user of rugged thermal cameras.
  • North America remains in the vanguard; Asia Pacific (APAC) to offer potential growth avenues.


Increasing Demand for Perimeter Monitoring Systems to Spur Market Growth

Rugged thermal cameras have become an integral part of automatic target recognition (ATR) and perimeter monitoring systems, given their ability to operate in extreme conditions. Generally, for long range surveillance applications, the images containing the moving target are transmitted to the base station for manual interpretation. In short range surveillance, moving target identification (MTI) systems efficiently recognize if the moving target is a potential enemy target and transmits this information to a firing system. With the help of rugged thermal cameras, the military can assess the potential threat and act in a timely and effective manner.

Rising Adoption for Rugged Thermal Camera in Military Vehicles to Expand Value Pool

Market players are developing long-range, mounted and rugged thermal imagers on vehicles, and multi-sensor thermal-imaging technology for combat vehicles in military sector. These thermal sights aid in rapid identification and threat location for forces and help in their elimination. Moreover, rugged thermal cameras are highly suitable for applications such as thermal scopes, weapon sights and stations, gimbals, UAVs, naval observation, IR sensors, and driver vehicle enhancers (DVEs), for tanks and military vehicles. This rising demand for rugged thermal cameras in military vehicles across the globe is expected to create growth opportunity for manufacturer.

The Rugged Thermal Camera Market in North America to Remain Predominant through 2030

In terms of value, the rugged thermal camera market in North America majorly represented the global market in 2019. The US market is projected to offer the most lucrative opportunity for revenue generation over the forecast period. The market in South Asia & Pacific is expected to register highest annual growth rate, owing to increasing investments for military & defence sector, and growing demand for monitoring and detection applications. Organizations in the region are embracing cooled detection technique that is beneficial in the operation of semiconductor materials used.

The rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has adversely strained the supply chain and manufacturing operations of several rugged thermal camera manufacturers. In the past few years, the rugged thermal cameras market has been growing at a stellar pace worldwide. In addition, nationwide lockdowns and restrictions on transportation & logistics due to the pandemic are leading to production standstill and shortage of staff.

Rugged Thermal Camera Market Structure Analysis

  • Acquisition and product expansion of market players is one of the key strategies followed by the leading rugged thermal camera providers in the market
  • BAE System Inc., Flir Systems, Inc., and Raytheon Technologies Corp are the largest and most experienced in the global rugged thermal camera market.
  • The global rugged thermal camera market is moderately concentrated in size, which remains a key factor for its dynamic competitive nature.

Report Metric


Base Year


Historical Period


Forecast Period


Market Value in 2019

US$ 1.26 Bn

Segments Covered

Technology, Application, End User

Regions Covered

North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia & Pacific, East Asia, and Middle East and Africa

Key Companies

Flir Systems Inc., L3 Technologies Inc., Raytheon Technologies Corp, BAE System Inc., Leonardo S.p.A., SKF, Axis Communications AB, Bosch Security Systems Inc., Fluke Corporation, Xenics, Thermoteknix Systems Ltd., and Opgal.

Growth Drivers

Rising demand for perimeter monitoring systems

Surging adoption in aviation industry

Low prices of infrared imaging (IR) technology

Manufacturers Continue to Profit from Cooled Thermal Cameras

Compared to uncooled thermal cameras, the cooled variants offer images with better quality, as such, are a perfect fit for applications in extreme conditions. Although cooled thermal cameras are relatively cost-prohibitive, their benefits outweigh the drawbacks. While these rugged thermal cameras maintain their positive trend, their uncooled counterparts will fade over the decade ahead. Further, this study outlines that, by 2030, cooled thermal cameras will register revenue over twice that of uncooled thermal imaging cameras. 

APAC’s Market to Lead the Pack

Asian countries such as China, and India have been increasingly spending in their defense sectors, owing to potential rise in territorial disputes. Consequently, this activity has resulted in an imminent domino effect wherein all the other countries in the region are influenced to react and respond. These countries would accent the need for rugged thermal cameras for surveillance & security purposes. Furthermore, the rugged thermal camera market in Asia will represent multibillion-dollar prospect during the latter half of the forecast period.

Unlocking Potential Applications in Maritime Industry

Maritime industry is unleashing the potential of rugged thermal cameras for detecting objects that can damage vessels, and shipping lane traffic buoys. Supported by a combination of thermal and high-definition visible imaging, rugged thermal cameras deliver first responders, professional mariners, and recreational boats safer navigation and enhanced situational awareness. These future-proof rugged thermal cameras detect targets and obstacles in total darkness and heavy seas, enabling safe navigation in demanding conditions. Market players must tap this opportunity to increase their odds of better returns.

Cooled thermal cameras leading value proportion

Uncooled thermal cameras see notable decline

Security and surveillance remains primary application area

Increasing application scope in monitoring and inspection

Surging adoption government sector

Application in industrial sector on gradual rise

How Growth will Unfold

Manufacturers continue to channelize significant portion of their capital investments toward the government sector. Over the coming years, the government sector would be the sole end user to enter the billion-dollar club. Decreased costs of infrared (IR) imaging technology have extended the application radar of rugged thermal cameras to industrial, and commercial sectors, which collectively capture about half of overall market value. Nevertheless, stakeholders would glean substantial returns from the government sector. 

Rugged Thermal Camera Market By End User

* This data is only a representation. Actual data may vary and will be available in report.

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A recent market report published by Future Market Insights on the rugged thermal camera market includes global industry analysis for 2015-2020 and opportunity assessment for 2020-2030, and delivers a comprehensive assessment of the most important market dynamics. After conducting thorough research on the historical and current growth parameters, growth prospects of this market are obtained with maximum precision.

Rugged Thermal Cameras Market Taxonomy

The global rugged thermal camera market is segmented in detail to cover every aspect of the market, and present a complete market intelligence approach to readers.


  • Cooled Thermal Cameras
  • Uncooled Thermal Cameras


  • Security & Surveillance
  • Monitoring & Inspection
  • Detection & Measurement
  • Others

End User

  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

What's Included

The report begins with the executive summary of the rugged thermal camera market, which includes a summary of key findings and statistics of the market. It also includes demand- and supply-side trends pertaining to this market.

Readers can find the definition and a detailed taxonomy of the market in this chapter, which will help them to understand basic information about the market. Along with this, comprehensive information pertaining to storage area network and its properties are provided in this section. This section also highlights rugged thermal camera market report.

The rugged thermal camera market report provides key market trends that are expected to significantly impact market growth during the forecast period. Detailed industry trends are also provided in this section.

This chapter explains the key macroeconomic factors that are expected to influence growth of the market during the forecast period. Along with macroeconomic factors, this section also highlights the value chain, supply chain, forecast factors, and value chain analysis of the market. Moreover, in-depth information about market dynamics and their impact analysis on the market have been provided in the successive section.

Based on technology, the market is segmented into cooled thermal cameras and uncooled thermal cameras. In this chapter, readers can find information about developments and key trends in the rugged thermal camera market.

Based on application, the market is segmented security & surveillance, monitoring & inspection, detection & measurement, and others. In this chapter, readers can find information about developments and key trends in the rugged thermal camera market.

Based on end user, the rugged thermal camera market is segmented into government, commercial, industrial, and residential. In this chapter, readers can find information about developments and key trends in the market.

This chapter explains how the rugged thermal camera market is anticipated to grow across various geographic regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

This chapter includes a detailed analysis on the growth of the North American market, along with a country-wise assessment including the U.S. and Canada. Readers can also find regional trends and market growth based on technology, application, end user, and countries in North America.

This chapter provides the growth scenario of the market in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and the Rest of Latin America. Along with this, assessment of the market across target segments has been provided.

Important growth prospects of the market in several countries such as Germany, the U.K., France, Spain, Italy, BENELUX, Russia and the Rest of Europe are included in this chapter.

This chapter provides the growth scenario of the market in East Asia countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea.

This chapter highlights the growth prospects of the market in South Asia Pacific by focusing on India, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand, and Rest of South Asia Pacific. This section also helps readers understand key factors that are responsible for the growth of the market in Asia Pacific Excluding Japan.

This chapter provides information about how the market is anticipated to grow in major countries in the Middle East & Africa region, such as GCC Countries, Turkey, Northern Africa, South Africa, and Rest of Middle East and Africa during the forecast period.

In this chapter, readers can find a comprehensive list of all the prominent stakeholders in the rugged thermal camera market, along with detailed information about each company, which include the company overview, revenue shares, strategic overview, and recent developments. Some market players featured in the report are Flir Systems, Inc., L3 Technologies, Inc., Raytheon Technologies Corp, BAE System Inc., Leonardo S.p.A., SKF, Axis Communications AB, Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Fluke Corporation, Xenics, Thermoteknix Systems Ltd., and Opgal.

This chapter includes a list of acronyms and assumptions that provide a base to the information and statistics included in the market report.

This chapter helps readers understand the research methodology followed to obtain various conclusions, as well as important qualitative and quantitative information, about the market.

How the research was conducted?

Primary Research

  • C - Level Executives
  • Marketing Directors
  • Sales Heads
  • Sales Executives
  • Technical Advisors
  • Rugged thermal cameras manufacturer
  • Distributors 
  • Industry Experts
  • End Users
  • Current Market Dynamics and Challenges
  • Market Characteristics
  • Market Performance and Growth Quadrants
  • Competition Structure and Market Structure
  • Strategic Growth Initiatives
  • Near-term and Long-term Market Growth Prospects
  • Market Segment Splits and Authenticity
  • Opinions on Market Projections and Validity of Assumptions

Secondary Research

  • Company White Papers
  • Annual Reports and Investor Presentations
  • Research Papers
  • Company Press Releases 
  • Government Websites and Publications

Primary Interview Splits

Primary Interview Splits rugged thermal camera market designation

Primary Interview Splits rugged thermal camera market stakeholder

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