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Shoe Insert Market: Smart Shoe Inserts Gaining Ground among Sports Enthusiasts & Professional Athletes: Global Industry Analysis (2014 - 2018) & Market Forecast (2019 - 2027)

From an estimated market size of US$ 36,287.4 Mn in 2019, the value sales of the shoe insert market are expected to reach US$ 53,137.9 Mn by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 4.9%

The global footwear industry is being considered to be a vast and established industry in the global market. Over the years, the industry has witnessed a tremendous rate of transformation in terms of product offerings, which have been varying as per the changing trends and perceptions of customers across the globe, owing to which various shoe manufacturers have been taking steps to cater to the needs of target customers.

Personal hygiene and healthcare are the two main factors that customers take into serious consideration when it comes to buying and wearing any kind of footwear. Shoe inserts are an integral part of any kind of shoes since they provide comfort to users. Hence, customers consider buying shoe inserts that match up to their preference and comfort for daily use.

Various types of shoes inserts have been gaining traction in the global market, which include sports shoe inserts, casual shoe inserts, orthotic as well as safety shoe inserts. Orthotic shoe inserts promote various health benefits to customers.

Rise in the global demand for orthotic shoe inserts

Orthotic shoe inserts are witnessing higher demand in the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Orthotic shoe inserts provide therapy for various types of common foot problems such as heel pain, arch pain or ball of foot pain. Moreover, orthotic shoe inserts help realign the feet and ankles to restore the full function of the feet. The consumers of today seek products that promote health benefits in terms of the food that they consume, their clothes, as well as the type of footwear and shoe inserts.

Convenience is another major factor that consumers seek when it comes to buying these products. Orthotic shoe inserts fulfil the above-mentioned preferences and requirements of consumers, which has led to the high global demand for shoe inserts.  

Performance-enhancing sports shoe inserts are witnessing higher demand among athletes and other sports personnel

Athletes and other sports personnel always seek products that facilitate high performance and, at the same time, incur less tiredness. Sports shoe inserts have been gaining attention among these sports personnel for all the good reasons.

Sports shoe inserts help protect one’s feet, which creates a strong barrier between the foot and the ground. Sports shoe inserts provide arch support, which offers support to athletes to run faster or make any agile turns while playing any sport. Due to these reasons, sports shoe inserts have been witnessing high demand in the world of sports.  

The availability of innovative shoe inserts

IoT (Internet of Things) is being implemented in the manufacture of various types of traditional consumer goods, which include shoe inserts, to promote ease of use. The evolution of shoe inserts has gone above and beyond the convenience of consumers. In 2018, NWTNLabs, one of the key players in the global shoe insert market, launched the RUNVI smart shoe insert that measures and provides various critical parameters to users. The RUNVI shoe insert enables users to track their running technique and the distance covered.

Online platforms are driving the global shoe insert market in terms of value sales

Internet penetration has been surging year-on-year in various parts of the globe. It enables customers to gain easy access to information about the various shoe inserts available in the market. This factor has encouraged various manufacturers of shoe inserts to promote and sell their products through various e-commerce and social media sites.

Multinational players are relatively highly concentrated on a global scale as compared to the local & regional manufacturers of shoe inserts

The global shoe insert market is primarily characterised by the presence of a large number of regional and multinational companies. The detailed profiles of the companies in the shoe insert market have also been included in the global shoe insert market report for the evaluation of their key product offerings, strategies and recent developments.

Some of the key players profiled in the global shoe insert market study include ALINE Systems, Inc.; Implus LLC; Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.; SUPERFEET WORLDWIDE, INC.; Bauerfeind; Foot Science International; Peacocks Medical Group; ARNEPLANT, S.L.; currex GmbH; AF Group; Ottobock Holding; Texon International Group Limited; Sorbothane, Incorporated; Footbalance System Ltd.; RSscan Lab Ltd.; Diafarm Laboratories (Noene); Birkenstock USA, LP; Wiivv Wearables Inc.; Guangzhou  Shunyang SM Co Ltd. and Reckitt Benckiser (Scholl).

Key Segment

Based on product type

  • casual insoles
  • sports insoles
  • orthotic
  • safety insoles
  • pair formats

Based on end user

  • men
  • women
  • kids

Based on base materials

  • polymer
  • plastic
  • rubber
  • carbon fibre
  • silicone

Based on sales channel

  • supermarket/hypermarkets
  • specialty stores
  • franchise stores
  • online stores

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