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The global travel and tourism landscape is constantly evolving. At Future Market Insights, we continuously track these ever-evolving trends to present a comprehensive, lucid analysis on where the markets are heading.

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BRICS denotes a grouping of five emerging economies of the world that are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. As these five countries are showing a positive economic outlook and strong

China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. China has been a showstopper in the global economy. The Chinese economy is storming into different global markets with their durable

China is one most dominant economies of the world. As a developing nation, China is spreading its wings in the global market. In the last few years, the country has created a huge market presence

Culinary traveller is a newly developed concept that gives an opportunity to food and wine enthusiasts to visit various new destinations and test a local or regional cuisine. Culinary tourism became

The developing tourism arena is flanked by millions of tourists. These tourists are gutsy and they are ready to extend their horizon of knowledge. The cultural travel segment is one such segment of

Millennial travellers are suave and are always in search of something special during their business or leisure tours. They are smart, well researched, very clear about their priorities and needs and

With the rapid evolution of the travel industry along with a rise in disposable income, a new class of global travellers has emerged who don’t mind to pay more for their travel, but vie for a

The evolution of the internet has redefined destination marketing. Today destination marketing insights are backed by well-knit market data and first-hand customer experience. Destination marketing is

The 300 billion worth wedding industry is fast changing its attire. Potential couples are making a beeline and reaching out for professional help to curate a better and bigger wedding experience. New

The digital travel domain across the world is basking with a slew of new customer friendly initiatives that are cementing their base in the extremely competitive travel and hospitality sector. Digital

Can any other tourist destination truly compete with the wonders of Europe? It offers drop-dead gorgeous scenery, friendly locals, a rich culture, ancient history and of course – spectacular

European cruises can be of two types – European river cruises or cruising the continent’s coastline by a large ocean liner or a cruiser. In both the types, the traveller gets to know about

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the European economy. It is key for the economic development of the region and is bringing in continued prosperity and growth in the European Union. As

Modern day travels are governed by automation. Extreme digitisation has not only moulded the core structure of the travel and tourism industry but it has cemented a thriving future for the fast

A cruise ship is a passenger ship that is used for pleasure trips, where the journey and the ship amenities offered are part of the whole experience. The ship will visit several different destinations

A lively, sunny tropical weather is a major factor driving the tourism industry in the Hawaii islands. In addition, a major factor impacting tourism in the region is the excellent infrastructure

A heritage railway is one of the biggest cultural attractions that any country can showcase with pride to the world. It is a railway line which carries passengers in the same way that they were

The term Himalaya means ‘abode of snow’ in the Sanskrit language. They are the world’s highest mountain range stretching across five countries- Pakistan, India, China, Nepal and

The tourism industry is a major contributor to the economy of Hong Kong. Since 2014, growth of tourists from China has decreased, due to which the Hong Kong tourism industry is facing a slowdown. Also

Hotel channel management is an integral part of the multibillion dollar hospitality industry. The entire process of hotel channel management is benefitting the hotel industry in several ways. The

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