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The global travel and tourism landscape is constantly evolving. At Future Market Insights, we continuously track these ever-evolving trends to present a comprehensive, lucid analysis on where the markets are heading.

Well, the short answer is – our travel and tourism market research team comprises seasoned travel junkies! The long answer – well, they have spent years analysing the landscape and can accurately predict upcoming trends at the drop of a hat! But, don’t just take our word for it – schedule a call with one of our travel and tourism analysts and give us an opportunity to explain how we can be your trusted partners in your growth plans and strategies.

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The tourism industry is plagued by several attacks of identity theft, an emerging malice in the society that has a crippling effect on the global economy. The travel industry is highly dependent on

The travel and tourism industry is basking with new ideas and innovations. The global travel industry is skyrocketing and changing its dimension with every passing day. The new era of the travel

India is one the youngest, yet the fastest growing economies of the world. India has a large thriving and vibrant market stuffed with millennial consumers. The newly rolled out open market policies to

The term ‘Indigenous’ comes from the Latin term ‘indigenus’ which literally means ‘sprung from the land’. The word has different terms from one country or one

Tourism is a thriving industry worldwide and is a major source of revenue and foreign currency for many countries, both developed and developing. A few nations might even entirely depend on revenue

Systems such as managed travel distribution are slowly gaining momentum. As the crop of new business travellers is rising around the world the demand for systematic and tailor-made travel plans are

Middle East is considered as a cradle of civilisation and has many attractions to offer to the tourists. The importance of tourism in economic development and job creation cannot be underestimated and

Food trucks have been an integral part of many vibrant societies. These popular mobile food joints populated the US and soon became a very popular window for food shopping. The instant availability,

The fast-paced mobile services of the 21st century have not only changed societal equations, but the invention of faster and convenient mobile services has rattled and redefined the global

River cruises is now a major tourist industry in different parts of the world. In a river cruise, the ship is smaller and carriers fewer people than in an ocean liner. Also, since the river cruiser is

In a country that has the world’s lowest crime rates, the tourism in Singapore is a major industry and contributor to the country’s economy. According to the Travel and Tourism

The marriage of social media and tourism is a success and observers believe that this honeymoon will continue. The influence of social media on tourism has spread like a wildfire and it will continue

Tourism is one of the main pillars of the economies of the South America region. A rich culture and immense diversity, architectural wonders, natural and scenic beauty, lively and colourful cities,

Exotic wildlife with a spectacular island setting, Thailand attracts millions of tourists every year. Tourism is a major economic factor in the Kingdom of Thailand. The retail and hotel industry both

Tourism has become a major global industry and is highly lucrative for any country seeking to earn foreign currency and boost its international appeal. According to WTO Tourism data, international

The term MEA is an English language acronym for the Middle East and Africa. It is home to the ‘Cradle of civilisation’ i.e. both Mesopotamia and Egypt, which are believed to be the world&

User generated content is basically any form of content such as chats, discussion forums, social networking sites, blog, advertisements, audio files that are created by users and made available via

Vietnam’s economy has recently transformed from an agrarian to a service economy and tourism has become one of the important elements of the modern Vietnamese economy. The annual arrivals of

Europe is the most popular tourist destination worldwide for its spectacular scenic beauty, cultural and historical heritage and superb connectivity, both within the continent and with the rest of the

Australia and the South Pacific region is clubbed together in an entity known as Oceania. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Guam, Samoa, Kiribati, French

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