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Caribbean cruises are gaining in popularity as many tourists come to the Caribbean islands to enjoy the sunshine, the pristine beaches and a laid back lifestyle. There are many Caribbean cruises to

Ecotel is a new concept in hospitality that claims to work for environment preservation and protection. Hotels must have to pass a detailed inspection and satisfy standard criteria designed by

The healthcare market is a combination of medical sectors within the economic system that offers services and goods to treat patients with medicinal, curative, palliative, and rehabilitative care.

A theme park is a place where there is an occupancy of many attractive and thrilling rides based on an individual theme or a combination of two. Usually, it includes different type of rides, along

Ethno tourism is a travelling made to explore ethnic populace and gain knowledge of individual culture and customs by visiting and living among local people. Ethno-tourists travel with the aim to

A spa is a place where spring or sea water medicinal baths are given to the patient. Spa services are provided to offer various health treatments, which is also known as balneotherapy. These practices

The global travel agency is a business which operates between the tourism industry and the customer i.e. the traveller. The travel agency markets the pre-packaged travel holidays and tours to

The concept of luxury hotels comes with a provision of high-end experience with a high value proposition. Luxury hotels provide distinct features and advanced facilities to the end-use customers.

A safari is a journey done overland, commonly a trip by visitors to Africa. Earlier, this type of trip was often a big hunt game. Originally, the word safari is an alternative name for the word

Adventure tourism is for tourists who are passionate about travelling and adventure. It is for those who want to imbibe new experiences in their life. Adventure tourism is resilient, attracts high-

The U.K. car rental market is going through a phase of evolution with increasing popularity and innovations diversifying the marketplace. The U.K. car rental market is showing a stable growth as

Global trends and lifestyles always influence travel. It was after World War II people started taking holidays, vacations, and incentive tours. Faith-based tourism is travelling majorly done by

The floating hotels are the hotels that are built on the river bed or on the harbour area of the river; the installation is done on the semi-submersible platform. Floating hotel concept arrived from

The Hajj is an annual journey to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and is the world's largest mass gathering. All the physically and financially able grownup Muslims make Hajj at least once in their lifetime

The "halal" term means permissible according to Islamic laws and teachings. With a rise in the number of well-heeled Muslims, the halal industry has expanded into various lifestyle offerings

Medical tourism is defined as a mobility across international boundaries with the aim to avail medical conduct in some or the other form, depending upon treatment availability in the travellers'

The U.K. cruise industry is one of the largest cruise markets in the world and the biggest in the European region. The demand for cruise tourism and increased number of bookings is expected to drive

Africa’s Alpine Zone. Doesn’t that seem like such a confusing, contradictory title? The Alps are a mountain range in Europe and Africa is another continent entirely! However, an alpine

Boutique hotels are small but stylish hotels, mostly located in a plush and fashionable urban location. The term boutique hotel was first used in the U.S and in U.K to describe small but trendy and

Does the name ‘Middle Kingdom’ ring a bell? If not then that of the world’s most populous country and its second largest economy certainly would! China was the world’s richest

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