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The fabric of the tourism industry is changing fast with time. Many new streams of tourism are included in the global tourism ecosystem. The popularity of heritage tourism has surged in the last few

Intercity bus, which is also called as long distance bus is a system of public transport in around 14 countries of the globe including the U.S, UK, China, Greece, Norway, Ireland and Germany. It

Itinerary aggregators are basically mobile apps that put all the components of trip plans in the traveller’s hands. The sole objective of itinerary aggregators is to create a master itinerary

As the name suggests, independent lodging facilities are owned and run independently. In simple words, all the hotels or lodges that are not related to a hotel chain are called as independent lodging

Nippon, Nihon, the land of the Rising Sun…Japan is the country synonymous with ancient cultural heritage, Buddhist religious traditions and a fast paced lifestyle replete with world-class

Bicycle tourism typically means independent cycle trips which are done for adventure and pleasure. Bicycle tourism entirely finishes the need of sports or exercise as cycling itself is a great source

Over the past few years, online tools have transformed the travel and tourism industry. Earlier, the collection and collating of information involved massive processes, and it was tough to create

Global outbound travel was driven by Asia in 2015. In terms of individual source markets, China remained Asia’s largest outbound market and nearly four times the next major outbound market in

Global outbound travel was driven by Asia in 2015. In terms of individual source markets, China remained Asia’s largest outbound market and nearly four times the next major outbound market in

Lake vacation is basically spending quality time in those luxurious hotels that are located around the world’s most beautiful lakes. Lake vacation also includes activities like fishing, wine or

Diving – also known as scuba diving is one of the important components of marine tourism. Its training became commercialised and internationalised in the 1930s, however developed in a serious

Food tourism also well-known as culinary tourism or gastronomy tourism, implies travelling from outside the usual environment with the primary objective of exploring food. It has gained increasing

The word ‘hostel’ brings to mind dorm style, small and budget accommodation for people who want to adjust themselves in a cheap stay. However, hostel marketplace is completely opposite of

A museum is a building that houses several ancient objects and artifacts of scientific, historical, artistic, and cultural interest. These artifacts are also exhibited for display to the general

Samsung, LG, Hyundai...all these companies are global behemoths who refuse to settle for second best. They are the perfect representation of their home nation South Korea. While the country may be

Whether for entertainment, primary motivation or secondary activity, golf attracts thousands of travellers every year. Considering this enthusiasm for a sport, many global organisations and tour

Hotel central reservation system has added speed and simplified the entire hotel management scenario. The swell in the use of central reservation systems has reduced the chances of human error and has

Jordan is known for its beauty, historical monuments, sand dunes and its Bedouin culture. However, more than this, Jordan is known for its various adventure activities. Whether it is a sand safari or

The concept of luxury travel varies from individual to individual and completely depends on the personal choices of travellers. In simple words, luxury travel is the delivery of superior services and

The travel trailer is used as an alternative to the tent by the tourists and designed to be towed by a car, SUV or a pickup truck. It provides a more comfortable and protected place to sleep as

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